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Popular Odoo Themes for E-Commerce Businesses Highly Demanded By Clients and Partners

by Dharmdip, 06 February 2019 12:43:12 PM



Odoo Theme for ecommerce business

Odoo is an eCommerce development platform which is currently at the top charts of developers and clients. Within a short period of time, Odoo has become a favorite platform of everyone because it's ERP suite which covers a wide range of things including accounting, inventory, sales, marketing and several other things that makes the business processes much simpler and faster. Apart from the features, the flexibility of the platform also enables in faster integrations and e-commerce store development compared to other platforms in the market. There are different types of themes in Odoo and each of these themes play a major role in loading or supporting the features and functionalities required for personalized experience. So, among all the themes available in the market, here we have listed the most popular odoo themes that will be useful for your business.

#1. Alan Odoo Theme

In order to leverage the complete capabilities of odoo e-commerce capabilities, choosing Alan Odoo Theme will be a perfect choice. It is a powerful theme that gives the complete control to the user to modify and change as per their requirements. With the strong base of bootstrap the amazing features and functionalities available in Alan theme is simply matchless. Built with standard coding and modular based layout, the theme can give the desired results. Some of the amazing features of the theme is highly flexible designs, mega menu, drag and drop of snippets, HTML builder, header footer options, list and grid view, etc. There is much more to the unending list of features in Alan. It is multi-purpose and responsive theme that is highly demanded by Odoo V12 designers and developers.

Alan Odoo Theme

#2. Laze Odoo Theme

If you check the bestselling odoo theme in the market then you will find Laze on top of the list. There are several ecommerce stores online which are built on Laze Odoo Themes. The appealing theme, flexibility to modify as per requirements and ability to offer the desired results to each e-commerce store as per their business requirements makes it a popular choice in the market. It built on HTML5 using Bootstrap 4 to support responsive feature and fit all smart devices. With the help of this theme, you can design a powerful as well as elegant environment that is beautiful to look and scalable to cater. There are many amazing features in Laze like product slider, brand slider, sorting features ad much more.

Laze Odoo Theme

#3. Stoneware Odoo Theme

If you are looking for highly professional and bestselling Odoo V12 themes that has the capability to support small to large e-commerce, offer personalized experience, loaded with features & functionalities, and responsive then choose Stoneware Odoo theme. It is also built on HTML5 using Bootstrap 4 which makes it responsive and powerful both. This theme has additional snippets which makes it easily customizable and highly flexible for e-commerce. The designing of the stoneware theme looks simple but features and functionality wise it is matchless. You get a wide range of options including product sliders, brand sliders, sorting options and eye-catching design too!

Stoneware Odoo Theme

#4. The TickTock Odoo Theme

Any theme in the market that is able to appeal more will be popular is the simple message. TickTock Odoo theme is among the same family which will win your attention in a single look. The more you explore you more you get interested in the theme. With endless list of features and amazing functionalities to suit the interest and taste of the e-commerce store owners in the current market, TickTock leads the Odoo V12 themes today. Built using HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap, TickTock offers a collection of snippets suitable for e-commerce stores. TickTock is a clean and clear professional theme that is loved by clients and partners.

TickTock Odoo Theme

#5. Glamour Odoo Theme

E-Commerce store need powerful theme that can support multiple features without any glitches. The flawless performance is one of the beauty of stable theme and base on which it is built. Glamour is a professional and powerful theme that offers highly demanded features for the current e-commerce market. With the help of advanced features, flexibility and powerful base of the Glamour theme, customizing the e-commerce store becomes much simpler and faster. Leverage the interesting feature like advanced mega menu, drag and drop of snippets, store description options, listing and gridding options, product loader and product quick view. There are many such features that makes it an ideal theme for ecommerce.

Glamour Odoo Theme


Although you might many more themes online for Odoo V12 themes, but these are some of the best of the best that we have listed based on the reviews and suggestions of the experts who are doing odoo development and developing e-commerce platforms since more than a decade. If you have to suggest any theme or have any query to ask, get in touch with us.