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BI implementation for Leading Strata Manager

Strata Solutions Provider

The client is an Australian strata solutions provider. As part of their strata related services, they are affiliated with some of the top businesses in the industry to help make the entire process of being a lot owner part of a body corporate or owner corporation as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Business Idea and Challenges

"The team provided the client with the necessary analytical help and leveraged technology. Analytical capabilities in the solution allow the client to quickly adapt to changes in business and market and to change processes as needed."



  • Consolidating and ensuring data quality
  • Privacy and security of data
  • Monitoring the finance department with MIS
  • Data is unfortunately gathered from manual Excel-based reports, which are not interactive, time consuming, inaccurate, and do not provide any data security
  • An organizational culture that is performance-driven is necessary
The Objective

The Objective

Client data was spread across multiple systems including Finance, Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Cash Flow, and overall organizational performance. In order to improve finance and corporate performance management, they implemented an agile analytics platform. Billing, Accounting, and lots management systems were all deployed for the client. It was important to develop an analytics platform that could handle all of these applications and provide reports and data sharing capabilities.

The Solution

The Solution

An integration platform for planning/budgeting as well as traditional business intelligence capabilities had been the primary objective. The Board BI solution was deemed the best fit for the client’s expectations and budget following extensive research and evaluation.

Data from various applications was processed by our team using APIs, JSON files, SQL, etc. By utilizing this staging database as a source, our team was able to create appropriate cubes to satisfy all requirements.

Training was provided on data source connectivity, multidimensional cube architecture, and best practices.

Initial deployments of key objects included


Company Accounts Reports,P&L Report,Balance Sheet,Cash Flow Statement,Income Variance Report,Insurance Variance Report.

Budgeting and Planning

Business-specific modules designed to support budgeting and planning. Developed procedures for budget planning with minimal manual intervention for 24 months.
Budgeting and Planning

Business operations-related Reports

The client needed quick access to accurate facts and figures to make decisions on a daily basis. A centralized system was needed to consolidate data from different sources. Enhance overall business operations by strengthening managerial decisions.

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