Redis Database Development Company

Redis Database Development Company

Redis is a key-value database with the ability to store a high-level data. Additionally, Redis is the most popular key-value store because of its performance to solve the most complex problems that other databases have difficulties to perform. Redis is an open source data store, and its operations can be implemented on the server and minimize the clients’ work.

Redis Database Development Company

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When it comes to Redis Database Development Solutions, Atharva System is a multifaceted Database Development Company. Right from migration to developing full-fledged applications from scratch, our developers love to develop challenging Redis assignments.

  • Redis Application Development

    We provide Redis developed databases and apps as per your preferred requirements. We create mobile apps for both iOS and Android systems with sole intentions to design them well. If you want a highly scalable data store, we will provide you with the best apps.

  • eCommerce App Development

    We provide simple and versatile eCommerce App developing services to our clients. Some of these services include caching, personalization, location-based recommendations, and messaging as well. Its blazing fast speed, versatility, and simplicity will turn you into our potential customers.

  • IoT Application Development

    We deliver highly functional developed IoT apps for our clients that also have a strong database for enhanced user experience. Our developers integrate cloud computing and IoT for the creating new and valuable features for our clients.

  • Expert Redis Consultation

    We offer related consultation services also. We have a team of expert mentors with years of cumulative coaching delivering experiences and training. You can also outsource your projects for best results.

  • Redis Database Migration

    Our expert developers offer advanced database migration services that not only allow your information to store in the system but also saves it in the cloud. We provide unmatched security and stability of your data while migrating it to somewhere else.

  • Redis Support and Maintenance

    We provide 24/7 support to our clients and focus on every back-end aspect of your website. We also focus on your overall app performance. Our expert developers answer your queries throughout the process of hiring.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Get critical enterprise-level solutions to your website so that you can manage the enterprise-level challenges with related features and functionalities. We also support multiple data types in a single database platform so that it can handle big data applications just as easily.

  • Data Replication

    To ensure high availability, we offer data replication that can help you save big chunks of information in multiple shards. This is done by replicating your details to a slave shard and syncing it with the master shard. Hence, this makes the information more encrypted.

  • Multi-layered Security

    Only you gain access to Redis ports so that no outsider can access it. For additional security, we have added a protected mode that allows Redis to reply queries from loopback interfaces and other clients that connect from other addresses.

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Our developers have delivered some of the most exceptional Redis based projects over the last 10 years, across a wide industrial domain. Some of the most notable projects using this framework we have crafted in the recent part.


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High knowledge and experience in Redis Database Development



Our projects are evaluated to make sure they are with the highest quality


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Select Dedicated Resource



Our work is planned carefully and intentionally to be perfect



Just the best projects can make a way to their realization



We deliver all the project on time

hire dedicated Redis developer

hire dedicated Redis developer

Hire Redis developers, and they will do the job efficiently according to your business requirements. Atharva System offers flexible hiring of developers that can provide flexible redis solutions to our clients’ requirements.

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Anderson Saraiva, United Kingdom

Anderson Saraiva
United Kingdom

"We're very happy with the TickTock theme, that is pretty and has unique features in which make it unbeatable. The customer service from Atharva also has been awesome, beyond the expectations. We think all these things together, plus the OpenERP features, make the Odoo the best system in the industry."

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