Custom Web Development Services

A customized web design and development service that fits your business goals. Captivate your visitors and let your voice be heard.

Robust and customized web development services

Atharva has 8+ years of experience in building scalable and interactive business-ready tailor-made web solutions. Our team creates profitable web products that inspire creativity and increase ROI. Our custom web Development Services are the product of our expert with over 8+ Years of Business-Centric excellence.

Bespoke Web Development Services

Atharva provides tailor-made and winning site-building and support services for improved business functioning

Responsive Design

Our team ensures that the site that is suitable for the client is responsive and works on every device. This ensures that no customer walks away. We create a responsive website that responds to the behavior and environment of the user. These services are also based on the platform, screen size, and orientation.

E-commerce Services

You can enhance your potential to sell. Get more customers by building the potential to sell. Get your store online to acquire more customers, stability, and profits with Atharva solutions. We offer scalable and highly functional e-commerce solutions to our valued clients.

Portal Development Service

We offer tailor-made site building services that include front-end as well as back-end building. Our team of experienced developers enhances an existing application for your business, and they can architect enterprise applications.

Third-Party Integration

Our team helps you get real-time access to all the third-party systems. Our integration services ensure seamless operations of a website. We help you keep track of your site and its success through the analysis of your site. Your business can work effectively integrating all the systems crucial to your business.

Application Enhancements

The team at Atharva helps you match with the personalized and crucial integration. We also assist with app enhancements which are crucial, and it also includes a digital commerce system. Our CMS also helps with application enhancements function.

Progressive Web Apps

We develop progressive apps that enhance the app experience. We build custom apps that respond faster than a native application. A business offers app content that visitors browse even when the internet connectivity is not very strong.

QA & Testing

We enhance the quality of your portal and app for undisrupted functioning. We do it by fixing defects. We also help introduce new app features and integrations along with manual and automated testing, UI testing, functional testing, integration testing, and security testing.

Performance Management

Our team ensures the scalability of your app by selecting the appropriate tools and configuring them for better app performance. Our team also monitors and detects unfavorable trends. We also ensure app performance testing for offering you the most suitable system management.

Support & Maintenance

As a part of our custom web development services we provide support and maintenance. Our maintenance process enables our users to review all site pages and even optimize to provide you with the best opportunity to gain incremental traffic.

Case Studies


A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

Case Study

Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

Case Study
Premium Bikeshop

Online Bike & Instruments Shop Development

Case Study

Hire Dedicated Custom Web Developer

Hire our Custom Web developers, and they will do the job efficiently according to your business requirements. Atharva System offer flexible hiring of developers that can provide flexible solutions for our clients’ requirements.

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“By augmenting the internal team’s development capabilities, Atharva System allowed the company to take on multiple projects at once. This increased flexibility also helped grow the company. The team faced challenges head-on, regardless of whether they were familiar with a project’s given tech stack.”

Michael Lang

CEO | Georgia

“You can expect a responsive team that meets deadlines on hiring them. We had aggressive timelines, and they managed to achieve all of them. I am completely satisfied with their productivity and most importantly their organized approach.”

Corentin Legris

Co-Founder | California

Why Custom Web Development

Why Custom Web Development

Online presence is of the essence when it comes to the right projections of your business today! Custom web solutions make it possible.

Higher Flexibility & better Customization

Choosing this service ensures a higher level of flexibility and the use of website templates ensures a better level of changes.


One of the key factors in web development is the page loading time. Custom site development services increase the overall performance of a website.

Better User

The aesthetics of a website plays an important role to drive traffic and boost sales. Web design helps to create a high-quality user experience.

Custom Functionality

Tailor-made website templates ensure higher functionality and we offer web design services that create unique results for your business or another process.


In the case of a strict budget, bespoke web building services provide better results through the use of website templates to fulfill your needs and get the desired outcome.

SEO Security

Many website templates are custom created to improve the look and make your website geared towards SEO. Such custom websites rank higher in search engine rankings.

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