Power BI Development – Transforming BI

Make faster data decisions simplifying your view of every department with Microsoft Power BI Services.

Power BI Development – Transforming BI

What Is Microsoft Power BI?

What is Microsoft Power BI?

It is a group of software, connectors, and apps that work in harmony to help you develop, share, and use business insights. It can serve you and your company the best way possible. This technology acts as a lifeline for enterprises with its scalable and affordable offerings. It produces electronic data scattered across different departments.

Enterprise Benefits of Power BI Development

BI is the core part of the effort to be competitive, agile, and powerful. When a firm grows, it becomes tough to organize and manage data regularly generated. This is where this technology comes into play. It places an analytical method in place to study data to help a brand find useful data, suggest the best results and improve decision making.

Enterprise Benefits of Power BI Development
Actionable Insight into company Data

Actionable Insight into company Data

Today there is no trend of generating reports manually and sharing them with departments and teams. This is done by this technology. It collects information and data from systems, offering an extensive vista of customer service, inventory, sales, invoices, and much more. With ready access to KPIs, dashboards, and real-time data, you can keep track of change and can quickly make the right enterprise decisions.

Develop Custom Content

Develop Custom Content

These tools help companies develop and post contents and information like reports, dashboards, and datasets within their team or all company shareholders. Having custom reports help every user have a personalized view of crucial company information. This helps make their regular working better and well-informed. It helps grow your business faster with all user data in place.

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Until recently in companies, employees and partners make decisions based on incomplete or half-baked data. But now with these tools, you can easily interact with stakeholders. You can ensure everyone has the right data with them for making the right decision. This not only boosts productivity but also increases revenue generation. Creating a better world of business.

Reduce Decision-Making Cycle

Reduce Decision-Making Cycle

With business intelligence and inbuilt apps, publishing and sharing of interactive reports have become easier. It can help decision-makers to have the right information anytime anywhere they need it. This has cut down their decision-making process thus aiding to the bottom line. It not only reduces efforts but also increases the ROI.

Standardize KPIs

Standardize KPIs

Measurable goals and tracking progress correctly is always the best way for a business to function. This can help achieve your company goals also. With extensive reports, you can assign suitable responsibilities to specific KPIs. Also, align company functions you’re your enterprise goals to achieve milestones quickly. Streamline the KPIs for better and faster growth.

All Data in One Place

All Data in One Place

Access your data from anywhere anytime irrespective of its type and place of storage. It includes Excel sheets, streaming data, cloud services, and other in-house databases. Establishing this technology offers a complete overview of the crucial information for your enterprise. With smartphones of any platform, i.e. iOS, Windows, and Android, you can access your data anywhere cutting duplicate content.

Our Power BI Development Expertise

Our Microsoft Power BI services deliver 360 degrees solutions. We use these tools like data management, dashboards, reporting system, custom views, updated analytics – all from a single terminal. Our experts have years of experience in deploying these specific services on-premise or on the cloud. You get the best Power BI consulting solutions for the best results.


Power BI Consulting

Our technical knowledge and experience in the Microsoft system can help you achieve your business goals faster. You get better outputs in data management, reporting, modeling, and evaluation. Our Microsoft Power BI development services help you get information based on the stored data in the company. We deliver reports and tailor-made dashboards.


Custom Visualization

We integrate new settings in the admin section to offer you better control of the data of your company so that you can use custom visuals. With this added setting, your company users can only view and use reports having authorized custom visuals. The visuals that are not certified to view will not be processed.


Power Business Intelligence Integration

Gain necessary information into business using data evaluation and self-serve business intelligence analytics. Our Consulting Solutions offer integration of systems, dashboards, and KPI reports. It improves productivity with the best business solutions. Our experts integrate your app or services with business intelligence using API for faster results. Make the most of our Microsoft Power BI services.


Dashboard Development

With tailor-made dashboards, you can make quick and well-informed business decisions. It is a visual valuation system, and dashboards are the delivery platform. We develop customized dashboards as per your specific business needs or design specialized executive dashboards also. Our experts at Atharva can design visualizations that you can save and reuse endlessly. It offers employees an easy way to generate data.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We are a trusted Microsoft Cloud Associate and also one of the leading business intelligence consulting services providers across the globe.

We have been in this domain for years and have earned a great rapport amongst our clients. Our full-cycle services, dedicated experts and flexible timeline makes us what we are.

Technical Expertise

Full-Cycle Services

Dedicated Team

Security & Confidentiality

Flexible Time Zones

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Why Opt for Power BI services?

It is a user-friendly interface that makes it better than the other tools. You can integrate data and generate reports which are fairly quick to get insights in a lesser time.

How small the Power BI project can be that you work on?

We focus on solving big business problems. Especially, the business development and functional efficiency-based challenges faced by many industries across the world.

The size of the project doesn’t matter if we find the right and like-minded companies. It would be a pleasure to work for you.

We have done consultations projects of all sizes. Many small smaller consulting projects have impacted the growth of the company immensely.

I have an in-house team. Can you collaborate with them to offer the solutions?

Our processes & tools are designed to collectively work with the in-house teams & other vendors-squads of our customers. This collaboration will be smooth and effective.

Why should I hire a dedicated Power BI team from you?

There are many benefits of hiring a dedicated and skilled azure developer:

You get an opportunity to collaborate with dedicated and talented azure developers.

It guarantees quality assurance and risk minimization.

You get full control over the entire development process.

You will get a dedicated Scrum Project Manager to manage your project and team, without any additional costs. Finally, these dedicated developers work as an extension of your team.

How do you execute your onboarding and replacement method?

After careful understanding, given your project requirement, we assign a skilled and veteran Microsoft BI programmer to manage your project under a well-structured IT setup. For this, you can conduct as many interviews as you wish, before finally hiring a developer of your choice.

If the expertise of a hired developer is not as per your expectations and if you wish to add more talents or replace the existing one, then we will help you right away. We focus on offering customer satisfaction with a 100% client success rate.

Will I get dedicated resources?

Yes. A dedicated squad of Power BI team will manage your project. Our expert team of Power BI experts helps businesses grow by offering valuable and reliable services as per your requirements.

Are my data and confidentiality protected?

Security of our client’s data is our priority. We never compromise with it. We secure your confidentiality by having a strong password management policy, firewall protection, and antivirus.

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