Complete Guide to Finding the Right Magento Developer

June 15, 2020
Guide to Finding the Right Magento Developer

What is Magento?

Magento is a complex eCommerce platform that has an open-source content management system.

In comparison with other eCommerce platforms such as OpenCart and Shopify, when it comes to SEO, modifications, user capabilities, customization, automation of orders, and shipments, coupons, product types, upsell, gift codes, and many more, Magento is far more capable than the others. 

Although Magento development might be having so many options, the complexity varies as well. This makes Magento a little difficult to set up and operate than the others.

But, it is straightforward when someone is using it which starts up eCommerce development for a business. This platform can be the best set-up by an expert.

Which points to consider before hire Magento Developer?

1. Know your aim

You should first know what kind of theme you need that Magento Development can provide to your website. Build a detailed plan and write all your requirements.

You need not have the quintessential information about Magento, the basics would suffice and you can understand your needs, difficulties, and sweet points of your store. 

You need to have a clear mind while deciding upon topics such as the time tables, priorities, and budget.

The developer you are looking to hire will take the job if he/she finds out you are well informed about your topic. 

The key to success is to stay updated along the Magento development process.

2. Get in touch with Potential Magento Partners

You need to further your reach in finding the best Magento partners and ask for recommendations from your friends and colleagues that you can trust or even someone from the industry.

If your colleagues don’t provide you with any information, try to aim for the third party like your accountants, hosting agencies, or even your acquaintances in personal life.

Try to find a connection through your friends to someone who can provide you with decent information about a professional Magento developer.

Try to spread your wings on social media sites such as LinkedIn where you can find professionals for any job in the world. 

Some of the popular Linkedin Magento groups such as “Magento Developers” and “Magento Universe” can provide you with some professionals that are looking for the job you are trying to provide them.

3. Search for Certified Magento Developers

The Magento Corporation grants the developers certification who wish to test their skills in real-life. Hence, it helps the customer to get Magento developers as well. 

Magento Certification Exams are especially for those professionals who don’t want to stay in the competition with Magento credential rather prove something else and work for individual customers. This proves their determination to work as a developer. 

Different kinds of certifications can vary according to the type of professionalism within the Magento platform. 

For instance, the greatest capability that a Magento Solution Specialist is capable of is to set up business objectives making use of Magento functionality and make use of native features by understanding the general business and eCommerce.

Other kinds of certifications comprise of certified end developer, Developer plus, social learning group certification, Magento certified developer, and a moderator kit.

4. Verify the facts

The reason why Magento has such a variety of certifications is because of its involvement in not one but several aspects of eCommerce such as PHP programming, dropshipping, usability, business logic, design and implementation, content marketing, and many others.

Do not be fooled if someone claims to be an expert in all these fields. Enquire him before hiring him. It’s either that they are bluffing or expecting something of very low standards. 

The only way to include all the aspects of Magento enterprise is if you hire a team a whole Magento developing team where one candidate is specializing in at least one aspect. 

But make sure to get permission from all the other agencies as these companies can vary in price, quality, size, and availability before making your decision.

5. Look for customer reviews

Getting opinions from the general mass can be both helpful and devastating as the individual reviewing the developer might not understand the difference between an exceptional site and an average one. 

So the reasons may vary from writing an excellent review which was because the developer was a decent person to a negative review which is because the customer is never satisfied with what they have. 

The only way you can judge the developer is by seeing the portfolio for yourself. When it comes to terminology, always pay attention to words like user flows, ease of use, internal links, and accessibility of information.

6. Develop a long-term relationship 

Many people consider the websites and e-stores as a self-regulating structure. The fact that the sale processes can become automated and does not need the developer’s much interference may be true.

But you would still refer to the websites and online stores despite the ill attacks and viruses that can attack your sales processes.

You will find updates and license renewals for extensions and themes also with new ideas and features. 

Keep in mind that a learning curve is necessary whenever a new developer is on-board. Your programmer needs to be available at all times and especially during problem-solving.

7. Look for Influencers

For a big budget, you can always look for well-renowned influencers in the field that you are looking for.

These people are popular and well-reputed. These people are also spoken at international conferences. Or people who post topics and articles on social media or their blogs. 

8. Determine Budget, Timeline, and Skillset

After you have decided on your goal, you should look for resources with the right skills for doing the job. Note down the time and quotes required to do their job.

This will help the customer to recognize whether the single Magento developer can deliver the project in time. You can hire a team with many skill sets also to adjust the timeline.

Hence, after considering all the above things, the timeline and skill-set will determine the budget.


A good Magento developer is not easy to find. But once you do, it becomes the stepping stone to create a successful web store people can find online every day. 

You need to work with someone you can trust. Whether it is a Magento Development Company or a young student, or someone you are well acquainted with.

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Guide to Finding the Right Magento Developer
Complete Guide to Finding the Right Magento Developer

What is Magento? Magento is a complex eCommerce platform that has an open-source content management system. In comparison with other Read more

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