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Keep your app and software up to date with authentic and simplified maintenance services

Next-Gen Maintenance and Support Services Driven by Business Outcomes

Get support and maintenance services that are aimed to improve your applications. These services are available and relevant to the ever-evolving needs of the business. Atharva delivers a full range of support and maintenance services for different types of applications with different complexity.


Trust Atharva to build winning Maintenance and Support services for seamless business functioning.

Maintaining Detailed Information for Self Service

Atharva provides detailed guiding materials for the users. We also provide product and technical information with manuals and FAQs. Our team provides a huge knowledge base with options for convenient search for you to keep your system updated.

Solving Usage Issues

We help users on receiving and getting requests via phone, video calls, chat, and email anytime. We prioritize support requests and solve basic user issues, escalating unsolved issues, and provide issues related to status updates. All these are just to keep your app run unaffected.

Fixing Infrastructural Issues

Our team resolves software configuration incidents, administers app environment and user accounts with software installations. Our team also resolves app-related issues at a minimum turnaround time. Atharva provides holistic solutions to fix technical issues related to the application.

Resolving Code-related issues

Our team also resolves issues for custom applications and we fix complex issues through the introduction of changes to code and database. We also serve platform-based applications for making it work fast and in coordination with your business needs.


Our team also helps you to connect the personalized pitch for crucial integration and app enhancements. It is crucial to include a digital commerce system for content management systems. We help you integrate any new app or system to add to the overall functioning of your business.

Ensuring Quality

We help you with your custom applications, developing new application features, adding software integrations, and app re-architecting. For the platform-based applications, we help to introduce new app customizations and personalize the content that is relevant to the visitors.

QA & Testing

We ensure the quality of your application for undisrupted functioning by fixing defects and bugs. We also help introduce new app features and integrations along with manual and automated testing, UI testing, functional testing, integration testing, and security testing.

Performance Management

We ensure application scalability by selecting and configuring appropriate tools for app performance and monitoring to detect unfavorable trends. We also ensure app performance testing. It is the most vital process to keep your tools, apps, and systems running well and aiding in the overall functioning of your business.

Security Management

We ensure the safety of your business and customer data with 24/7 security monitoring. We help with scheduled app vulnerability and misconfiguration diagnostics. Our team at Atharva also ensures penetration testing, detailed vulnerability reports, and fixing the vulnerabilities that are discovered.

Case Studies


A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

Case Study

Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

Case Study
Premium Bikeshop

Online Bike & Instruments Shop Development

Case Study

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Atharva is the topmost app maintenance and support services organization. We offer customizable and flexible services with integrated features and add-on services.

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Our Proud Partners

“Their support has improved site performance and cut loading time by two-thirds. Atharva System commits to thoroughly understanding business goals before planning development. They respond to issues quickly and are committed to what’s best for the client.”

Rudi Collin

Co-Founder | Belgium

“Atharva Systems has a team of experts that help in concept development. Their new product engineering/development process is smooth. They work well in the prototyping stage and bring ideas to life. They have a unique ability to connect with the ideas of the clients, and they turn ideas into reality. Our skilled team creates products that offer high value.”

Anderson Saraiva

CEO | United Kingdom

Why Atharva

Why Atharva

You can benefit from our custom app maintenance and support solutions. We have expertise in in-app support solutions and 24X7 customer support.

Optimized Support

We provide optimized support to our customers with reduced costs. We also have a smart matrix for issue escalation. Our team also has pipelines for smooth application evolution.

Optimized Maintenance Costs

We have a ready-to-sell resource consumption optimization system. Our app performance monitoring matrix ensures proactive resolution of any type of app performance issues.

Comprehensive Suite

We have clear KPIs with our customers and we build strong support and maintenance services. We also track the fulfillment of the KPIs internally and we report the results at proper intervals.

Transparent Maintenance

Our team provides clear reports for support and maintenance activities at a fixed schedule. Our report includes service level reports and incident reports, support team performance, workload reports.

Continuous Evolution

We have app maintenance services that ensure that your apps stay compliant with initial requirements and evolve with the client’s business needs. We help bring even more value.

Data Security

We offer string support and maintenance services and our team consists of committed professionals. We rely on ISO-certified information for the security management system and we perform in-house security monitoring.

Want to Get Effective Maintenance and Support

Want to Get Effective
Maintenance and Support

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