5 Best Odoo Themes for Ecommerce Websites

Best Odoo Ecommerce Themes

Over the past few years, the number of online stores increased significantly. And the number will continue to rise in the future as well, leading to cutthroat competition. Store owners have to realize the importance of design and user experience when selecting the right platform to host their store on. Odoo is fast emerging as a viable option for setting up online businesses. The platform offers a wide variety of themes you can choose from. The catch is that the theme should differ in design and layout to other stores, especially on the same platform.

However, this step is easier said than done. You cannot possibly browse through thousands of stores before selecting a theme. After all, there is always the chance of a store having a theme with the same color scheme as yours. So, rather than focusing on what others are doing, though that might prove a viable tactic to get some ideas, you should aim to choose an Odoo ecommerce website theme that looks visually captivating. At the same time, the theme should not hinder the functionality of your store. Online consumers are unforgiving when it comes to loading times. They don’t wait more than a few seconds!

Selecting the Best Odoo Theme

Regardless of whether you are planning to set up a store on Odoo, or already have one, your choice of theme will directly affect your chances of success. Often, store owners simply head over to the Odoo App Store and start checking out the different themes available over there. In most cases, users don’t check beyond the free themes on offer. However, this approach can backfire. You need customization pieces, which is only possible when you opt for a premium theme. The money you spend on the theme will pay for itself in the long run, in terms of enabling you to reduce bounce rate.

Another common mistake users make is just checking out the preview of the themes. They only take a cursory glance at the appearance of the theme, which doesn’t give them an in-depth understanding of how the theme will function for the end user. Moreover, it is impossible to figure out how rich or heavy a theme will prove unless you actually use a site based on it. Therefore, your choice of theme has to be spot-on or otherwise you might end up with a theme that drives away potential customers rather than enabling you to convert them into customers.

Opt for Best Odoo E-Commerce Themes

You can reduce the hassle involved in selecting the right theme by opting for build in feature Odoo ecommerce website themes. These themes offer you a great design along with high functionality, ensuring optimal loading time and look and feel for your store. You can rest assured that your customers will have no reasons to complain when you deploy one of the following themes:

Theme Alan

Alan is the fastest Odoo theme for odoo Version 14, 13 and lesser that is suitable for Community and Enterprise. The multipurpose theme runs on bootstrap base, and works perfectly for every business. You can be as creative as you want with the theme, with a number of customization options for the layout. Moreover, the drag and drop snippets make it incredibly convenient for you to alter the look and feel of the theme to suit your requirements. You can also provide visitors with an overview of your products using this theme.

Odoo Theme Alan

Theme Laze

Laze is a top theme on Odoo for many reasons, including the fact that it enables you to enhance the front-end design of your store. The responsive theme incorporates HTML5, making it easy to use and user-friendly to boot. The clear and clean design of the theme merges with the wide range of snippets to offer a seamless experience to your customers.

Theme Laze


Incorporate as many features and snippets as you want in Stoneware multipurpose theme without compromising the speed of your site. The eye-catching layout and design ensures that your website manages to retain the attention of visitors, giving you a great chance of converting them into leads and customers.



Explore your imagination and creativity to create the design you want for your store with Glamour. This bootstrap-based theme is fully customizable, with modular code organized in a manner to make using it easy for odoo developers. The appearance is gorgeous and the design flexible. You can add a number of features to your ecommerce store using this odoo ecommerce theme.


Tick Tock

Last, but not the least, Tick Tock is a top-of-the-line build in feature Odoo ecommerce theme. Like the options mentioned above, this theme is fully customizable and suitable for all types of ecommerce stores. The standout feature is the responsive design, making your store compatible with all smart devices, regardless of the screen size. You also have a library of snippets to choose from.

Tick Tock


These are some of the most popular Odoo website themes that you can utilize in your next e-commerce project. Contact us for custom odoo ecommerce theme development.

Here you can check detailed video about how to install odoo theme.

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