Data Analytics Services with Innovative Approach

Explore a new world of smart business with data analytics technology

Data Analytics Services with Innovative Approach

Benefits of Data Analytics Service to Businesses

A huge chunk of data provides information about your customers if you understand them well. It can improve their marketing campaigns, their content, and profits as well. There are many data benefits. The right information system and processes can do the magic. While unrefined information is capable of performing well, it is better to evaluate data to get benefits from the information. Make the most of data to grow business.

Benefits of Data Analytics Service to Businesses
Personalize the Customer Experience

Personalize the Customer Experience

Data analytics solutions help companies in offering personalized services to their customers, thus developing better bonding with them. Know about your consumer’s preferences and much more.

Mitigating Risk & Fraud

Mitigating Risk & Fraud

It reduces risks like employee theft, legal liability, employee safety, uncollected receivables, etc. Reduce risk and fraud that you cannot even see and gaze using information learning using analytics.

Business Decision-making

Business Decision-making

Businesses can use data analytics consulting services to make the best business decisions and reduce revenue losses. It also helps you know how your brand should cope up with this change.

Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

Studying various customers’ behaviors can help understand their buying and web browsing behavior. It improves day-to-day functioning like customers’ expectations to keep them loyal.



You can automate almost 70% of the time spent on business functioning. Reduce time to process invoices and customer support service etc. Automate your business for improved ROI.

Increase sales and loyalty

Increase sales and loyalty

With automated social media campaigns, email systems, and behavioral analysis, improve sales. You better understand your audiences using website analytics, social platforms, and market research.

Benefits of Data Analytics Service to Businesses

Our Data Analytics Services Expertise

Use our data evaluation service to get new approaches and develop the right strategies for your business growth. Our expertise can help you develop meaningful business views. Being a leading data analytics consulting company, you get all business analytics under one platform. Make the best use of our expertise to grow your business.

Modern Data Architecture

Data Architecture

Atharva develops and deploys the latest information systems to help businesses in successfully implementing these new systems and technology tools. Our modern data architecture experts are deployed on-site as your business team members. They quickly build, test, and customize your cloud data system with the best change management values.

Advanced Analytics and ML

Advanced Analytics and ML

Machine Learning (ML) can change a large volume of information into great results, thus bringing sales and revenue while cutting costs. It can be done successfully when mixing with advanced analytics. We offer the right platform and technologies to upload information, prepare it, and ensure its best quality.

Cloud Migration & Cloud Re-engineering

Cloud Migration & Cloud Re-engineering

We redefine the cloud by re-engineering existing apps using an advanced program, and an information conversion system. It creates business logic from inbuilt systems. Fast transformation of your legacy system to a contemporary platform improves your business value. Cloud migration and cloud reengineering can be of business value.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

Our BI & evaluation services help companies to know the latest trends and define future ones. It also helps evaluate and fight risks. We use updated technologies to create BI and information analytics tools. It improves ROI by developing information about your customers, partners, their priorities, market trends, and brands.

Data Evaluation Tools & Method

You can collect, manage, and study data to get the right information. It simplifies your business functioning through many methods and tools. Here are the most promising ones:







Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We have a range of data analytics solutions to make your business future-ready and most efficient. Our technical know-how and years of industry experience help us serve you the best way. Here are the reasons that will make you use our services as your technology partner.

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Executive Summary Power BI

Executive Summary

Manufacturing Power BI


Shipments Analysis Power BI

Shipments Analysis

ABC-XYZ Inventory Analysis Power BI

ABC-XYZ Inventory Analysis

ABC Inventory Analysis Power BI

ABC Inventory Analysis

Retail Sales Analytics Power BI

Retail Sales Analytics

Airport Analysis Power BI

Airport Analysis

Income Tax Analysis Power BI

Income Tax Analysis

India-Europe Trade Power BI

India-Europe Trade

Coal Mines of India Power BI

Coal Mines of India

Clinical Trials Power BI

Clinical Trials

Mental Health Crisis Report Tableau

Mental Health Crisis Report

Website Log Analytics ELK

Website Log Analytics

Team Performance Analysis Dashboard Power BI

Team Performance Analysis Dashboard

Solar Energy Dashboard Power BI

Solar Energy Dashboard

US Advertising Spending Dashboard Power BI

US Advertising Spending Dashboard

Requisition Overview Analysis Power BI

Requisition Overview Analysis

Digital Marketing Analytics Power BI

Digital Marketing Analytics

Wind Energy Report Tableau

Wind Energy Report

Financial Advisor Performance Analysis Tableau

Financial Advisor Performance Analysis

Tweet Analysis Power BI

Tweet Analysis

Insurance Claim Analysis Power BI

Insurance Claim Analysis

Help Desk Analysis Power BI

Help Desk Analysis

Financial Reporting Power BI

Financial Reporting

Enrollment Analysis Power BI

Enrollment Analysis

Executive View Tableau

Executive View

Successor Analytics Power BI

Successor Analytics

Cryptocurrency Analysis Power BI

Cryptocurrency Analysis

Music Analytics Power BI

Music Analytics

Sales Analytics Power BI

Sales Analytics

Financial Complaint Analysis Tableau

Financial Complaint Analysis

Mutual Fund Trends Analysis Tableau

Mutual Fund Trends Analysis

Furniture Bank Analysis Tableau

Furniture Bank Analysis

Security Log Analytics ELK

Security Log Analytics

Billboard Analytics Power BI

Billboard Analytics

Hotel & Occupancy Analytics Power BI

Hotel & Occupancy Analytics

Nifty 500 Stock Analytics Power BI

Nifty 500 Stock Analytics

World Economy Analysis Power BI

World Economy Analysis

Retail Store Revenue Analysis ELK

Retail Store Revenue Analysis

Call Center Analysis Tableau

Call Center Analysis

Passenger Car Sales Analysis Power BI

Passenger Car Sales Analysis

Human Resource Analytics Power BI

Human Resource Analytics

Eatries Analytics Power BI

Eatries Analytics

Movie/TV Show Analysis Power BI

Movie/TV Show Analysis

IPL Analysis Power BI

IPL Analysis

Apache Access Log Analysis ELK

Apache Access Log Analysis

Crunchbase Aquisition Analysis Tablueau

Crunchbase Aquisition Analysis

Travel Analysis ELK

Travel Analysis

Healthcare Analytics Power BI

Healthcare Analytics

Ride Share Statistics Tableau

Ride Share Statistics

Olympic Athlets Analytics ELK

Olympic Athlets Analytics

Application  Performance Monitor ELK

Application Performance Monitor

Dairy Farming Analytics Power BI

Dairy Farming Analytics

App Store App Usage  Analysis ELK

App Store App Usage Analysis

Bank Executive Summary Power BI

Bank Executive Summary

Online Order Analytics Power BI

Online Order Analytics

Agriculture Analytics Power BI

Agriculture Analytics

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