Top Reasons to Choose Angular JS for Front End Development

June 3, 2021
Top Reasons to Choose Angular JS for Front End Development

JavaScript (JS) is one of the most prominent scripting languages that employ a JS framework. Web designers and developers have many options available for but the task is to choose the right frameworks.

The decision to choose the right framework depends on the type of business or the type of website you want to design. One of the most employed JS frameworks is AngularJS.

What is AngularJS? 

It is one of the best JS frameworks. It was launched by Google and is a client-side framework. This open-source framework helps developers to combat challenges with a single-page web application.

These applications consist of shell pages with multiple views. Its library is syndicated with other libraries. It encompasses HTML vocabulary for app and web development.

What Attributes of AngularJS?

This framework is a JavaScript framework that you can add to an HTML page with <script> tag.

It extends the attributes of HTML attributes with Directives. It binds the data to HTML and you can distribute it as a JavaScript file. You can add it to the web page with the <script> tag.

The biggest benefit of this framework is that it lets you extend the HTML vocabulary for applications. HTML is useful as it is great to declare static documents.

Thus, AngularJS lets you extend the vocabulary environment and creates applications that are readable, expressive, and you can develop quickly. 

What are the benefits of AngularJS development?

  • AngularJS has an inbuilt dependency and injection subsystem
  • It helps in creating good user interfaces
  • It has angular libraries with great template building
  • It has angular data binding and has simple routing
  • It allows the creation of a customized document object model (DOM)
  • It synchronizes data between model view and components view
  • It is an extension to HTML syntax and generates reusable components
  • It has a huge support community

Many companies use AngularJS Development Services to create the best quality products. These companies create great websites and apps using AngularJS development services.

It uses the unit testing process to help in the injection of sample data. This data is then injected into the controller.

This helps in creating individual test pages that you can test one after the other. These pages then interact with various components and you can test later.

Why Choose AngularJS Development?

The tech giant Google is the founder of AngularJS. This is one of the major reasons why it is the most secure framework that is used by the developer at a widespread level.

Thus, it is widely used for web development projects. The web toolkit that was developed by Google was later used in developing this framework.

Thus many developers begin using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript as their front-end and back-end development language.

It has many plugins and frameworks for designers and developers. 

Why Choose AngularJS Development?

Below are the top reasons for developers to use AngularJS:

  1. Ease of Usage – It helps in decreasing the quantity of code to be written. It saves the efforts and time of developers. Thus, developers get the extra time that they can use to implement applications. It also supports the MVC architecture. Developers can thus work on directives and web development with spending minimal time on nominal coding.
  2. Use of Modest MVC Architecture – This framework employs MVC architecture. This is a huge benefit for developers as AngularJS Framework creates quicker web applications. Developers are capable of making robust and interactive web applications. It needs lesser efforts in web development as it ensures automatic data synchronization. Developers implement MVC architecture by adding applications into components. 
  3. Huge Community Support – Since it was formed by Google, it has great community support for developers. The community consists of developers who solve development-related issues on the front-end. The Front end development services are thus better with the help of this huge community. These communities help the developers to find solutions to the problems and issues in the development process. 
  4. Declarative Coding Paradigm – The declarative coding paradigm within AngularJS helps to create accessible patterns. Thus, the code becomes simpler to support and even read. This code includes the essential steps in getting the desired outcome.
  5. Two-way Data Binding – It has a unique feature of two-way data binding. This makes sure that the changes that are made in the user interface reflect the in-app interface. Its Development Tool helps developers to save development time and simplifies the app modification process. The important patterns get updated in case of user actions, browser events, and module changes. Developers do not need to save the DOM elements links and can use them immediately. It doesn’t need low-level constructions.
  6. The facility of Directives – AngularJS uses HTML as a pattern language and it is amplified using directives. Such directives permeate code information and developers work on the custom HTML directives. This is useful in the case where inbuilt directives are difficult. This makes the developers efficient as the directives can make the developers concentrate on logic development. This can then be reused to improve the readability of the code.
  7. Follow the POJO Model – AngularJS employs objects that are Plain Old JavaScript Objects. This model helps the developers as they don’t need any additional functions related to getter and setter. POJO offers all the necessary JavaScript functionalities for object manipulation.
  8. Supports Single-Page Applications – AngularJS supports multiple SPA features and this leads to highly productive outcomes. This simplifies the development and management process of online forms for the developer’s community. A developer who uses AngularJS in a single-page application gets more authority as compared to the ability to validate.
  9. Innate Testing Module – The testing model is a critical and inevitable process in the web development process. AngularJS has a unit testing setup that helps in saving time for developers. AngularJS is great for web development and through the proper usage and running of this setup; developers can get information about the web development plans.
  10. Higher Productivity – AngularJS has a robust and smart framework that saves the time of the developer. The customized IDE with AngularJS is better and they allow developers to find instant errors. This results in quick web development. AngularJS developers can make views as per their requirements. This can be done as the framework has many templates. These templates create quick user interfaces. One such interface is the Common Line Interface which lets developers make quick applications and attach components in a better manner. The speed ensures better web development services.

As per the above features, the Front end development services by AngularJS framework stand out. These services are all equally useful for the developer’s community.

A Front-end development company uses this popular framework and this helps them to stand the test of time.

AngularJS development services have helped the web development communities.

Therefore, they have their prominence in the web development industry.


Angularjs development services provide the developers the option to develop superior client-side applications. The applications, thus written, are cross-browser compliant.

A professional Angular development services company automatically handles the AngularJS framework to create high-performance, large scale and easy-to-maintain applications within a small time frame.

All product and company names are trademarks™, registered® or copyright© trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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