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September 21, 2022

When we talk about Odoo themes, we cannot overlook its benefits to businesses. If you want to run a successful business, managing in-house activities efficiently is a must-have. To do so, software like Odoo lets you take care of all the business operations irrespective of your business size.

Whether you an enterprise or a start-up, it is important to work on the pain points of in-house operations. You need to ensure that your business website which helps you manage customers is in good health.

Most companies look out at ERP and web development as two separate projects. This idea doesn’t work and results in mismanagement and a financial burden on their pocket. Many businesses find it difficult to run their business smoothly.

How Odoo theme helps business websites perform better and make them conversion friendly?

A lot of e-commerce websites comprise main components like front end back end and everything else. Well, it is easy to optimize the backend for your website the way you want to. You can display offers and discounts for the customers. Still, you will be shocked to know that a bounced visitor leaves your website immediately. This happens because of the theme of your website.

Certainly, themes are an integral part of any website. The themes interpret the pattern of the website through button styles, color palettes, animations, transitions, etc.

Recently, the theme has been the backbone to decide the number of customers coming to any e-commerce website

Benefits of integrating Odoo themes

Well, choosing Odoo themes over conventional themes is always beneficial for businesses. Here is why


When you check out themes for e-commerce websites, you may not always find themes having all the elements you need. A lot of plug-ins are must-haves. Hence, Odoo themes tend to be the ideal solution to offer plenty of built-in integrations of well-known e-commerce and required plug-ins. You will find a lot of themes having built-in Magento and Shopify in them whereas others will come with options to embed them without any hassles.

You will find integrations playing a pivotal role as your business expands. In such cases, you would never want to live with a website builder that conflicts with new integrations.

Also, the loading and response time of your website is affected to a greater extent due to the tons of dead plug-ins. Here, Odoo themes, ensure that plug-ins are tested by a lot of developers.


When you opt for Odoo themes, you will find the elements presented in modular form. Modularity allows the developer to choose the desired modules they need to integrate into the website and in which areas. The modularity feature doesn’t restrict developers to fixed locations and odd modules already selected for them.

Odoo themes bring amazing modularity through the drag & drop facility. It helps add or delete modules as needed from your website within no time.

Undoubtedly, the modularity feature offered by Odoo themes offers higher flexibility, and liberty adaptability as compared to conventional website builders. Get the liberty of choosing what you wish to integrate into your website rather than restricting yourself to choosing from available elements.

Response Time

None of us want to get stuck while surfing or shopping online due to low website response times. It happens with multiple websites often. This is simply because the developer picks the theme that was built without giving importance to response time.

Low website response time affects the business. Well, you can eliminate such situations with your website, by choosing highly customizable Odoo themes. To make your website responsive, you don’t have to depend on extra add-ons. This is because most of the Odoo themes are optimized for speed by default. In case you want to increase the speed, you get the option to delete/edit the resources that make the website slower. Here, you are not limited to theme builders to use the available elements only.


As far as convenience is concerned with customizations, Odoo themes offer that post or during installation. For experienced developers, the HTML page can be edited. In case it is not possible for you, you can build a custom theme through a theme template or can customize the theme within the custom addons folder. You will get plenty of options for customizations with the Odoo theme. You will find a transparent code base with Odoo themes for flawless customizations in your project. Discover powerful features and a range of tools available for elegant website design. The freedom to customize without any limitations makes Odoo themes the one-stop solution for all your needs.

Steady Branding

Branding is an integral part of any business, especially a hybrid or e-commerce model. Branding is the perfect concept that changes the way how visitors get to know about your brand. Your brand can seem to be professional when your website theme and branding complement each other. Steady branding helps depict the genuineness of your brand.

You can select from different color palettes for a brand website. Odoo themes allow you to upload the logo of your company. It helps fetch the color palette automatically for your brand. Also, Odoo themes ensure that the company branding is the same for all employees and customers. This identical and matching presentation can help win the hearts of people and stay in their minds for them to keep visiting your brand repeatedly.

  • Odoo themes help you explore the way to freedom, elegance, flexibility, and adaptable websites for businesses of all sizes
  • Odoo ERP is ruling the business world and helping companies manage their in-house operations seamlessly.

Alan – Explore Fully Responsive and Fastest loading Odoo Theme

Alan is an amazing, flexible theme in the Odoo theme store. The theme caters to the needs of all business types and websites. It has a structured code with a modular feature that allows you to build plenty of layouts to match your business vision.

Some of the elegant features of theme Alan that contribute to your brand’s success are:

  • Brand-Specific Theme
  • Faster page load times
  • Rich Build-in Snippets for product slider
  • Custom Theme for Niche market
  • Superfast Build-up Option
  • Escalate Store UX
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Offline Mode Availability
  • Seamless Installation
  • No App Store Permission

Theme Alan offers completeness and competitiveness to your e-commerce business. You can scale your business, meet the requirements for business expansion and get a future-ready e-commerce website ready to give a competitive edge to others.

The feature-packed theme Alan has all the elements that offer faster loading speed, swift operations, and seamless transactions to get you high conversion rates. The theme also helps you rank higher in search engine results and get found online. Gain online visibility along with organized in-house operations with theme Alan to offer a delightful experience to your customers. Atharva System, an Odoo-ready Partner for Odoo service helps you integrate Theme Alan for better business management and launch a market-ready e-commerce website.

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