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Master Your Industry  Challenges With Custom  ERP Solutions

Master Your Industry Challenges With Custom ERP Solutions

From small to medium businesses, we are relentlessly
committed to adding value to all kinds of industries and helping
them achieve goals. Our solutions support your unique business
idea and ensure you continue to improve the pace for ROI growth.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • SAP ERP Consulting and Implementation
  • ERP Consulting
  • Cloud Migration
  • Customized Solution
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Create An Adaptive,
Agile and Resilient Culture
With Mobility Solutions

Atharva offers tailored mobility solutions for your business. We work
to identify your organization and further deliver effective mobility
solutions to ensure your people get the right tools to remain over the
edge. We carry a profound experience in enterprise mobility solutions
managing a gamut of devices for various iconic brands. We aim to
drive productivity, enhance operations, make better user experiences,
and help you gain higher productivity.

Add value to your business and customers with mobility solutions

Enterprise Mobility

We are the foremost in giving end-to-end management service for virtually all
end-user mobile devices including
operating systems and ownership models.

Business App

Improve your business functionality with
the latest software solutions and enhance
your business productivity with impactful
automation and optimization.

Consumer App

Add value to your business by fulfilling all
your customer requirements with intuitive
content and impactful user experiences
leading to strengthening relationships.


Deliver real-time and immersive user
experiences to your customers. Provide
enriching interaction with physical and
digital elements by building intuitive


Help your users access world-class
online shopping experiences with in-app
purchasing, mobile banking, and virtual
marketplace apps that can create an

IoT App

Create apps to embrace smart technologies
that help all kinds of industries in developing
products for healthcare, automotive, and
wearable industries building smart devices.

Beacon Technologies

Revolutionize businesses with enhanced
IoT smart devices that help boost your sales
with efficient customer interactions
leading to frequent purchases.

User Experience

We handcraft engaging UI/UX designs
that meets with your business vision and
goals. Our user-centric UI solutions have
increased traffic and kept hold of the
target audience.


Avail the widest range of features that we
deliver to gain productivity spike, enhanced
operations speed, task accuracy, increased
awareness, and outstanding wireless

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Helping Industries

Helping Industries
Since the Dawn of the
Digital Era

Bring a profound and revolutionary transformation to your business.
We use the smartest and shifting digital technologies that can optimize
your business processes, enhance your company’s productivity and
improve client experiences at all platforms. With our universal service
portfolio, we have gained great satisfaction from our customers and have
created comfortable interactions between client and company.

  • Web Solutions

    With the evolving web world, our approach improves in creating all solutions that fit your needs.

  • Mobility Solutions

    Our solutions are sustainable, safe and generate innovation nurturing the new mobility era.

  • Ecommerce

    Drive your online sales platform with custom and real-time eCommerce digital solutions.

  • Product Development

    Deliver innovative products to your customers with the latest development methodologies and tools.

  • Software Development

    Automate your business processes with bespoke and popular software development services.

  • Trending Technology

    Adopt the most trending technologies for your business to get maximum traffic at digital platforms.

  • UI/UX

    Create feature-rich, highly engaging, and intuitive UI/UX designs for websites and social media platforms.

  • Quality Assurance

    Manage and monitor complex technology landscape and mitigate your client’s business and technical risks.

  • Cloud Consulting

    Generate optimal client outcomes and win fresh new business deals with our trusted cloud consulting services.

Win The Trust of
Clients With Futuristic
Ecommerce Solutions

Give your customers a personalized journey of digital online
shopping experiences from any corner of the world. Keep up
with the emerging trends and remain at the front line to attract
more customers.

  • Payment Solutions
  • Ecommerce ERP
  • AI-Powered Customer Service
  • SaaS-based Ecommerce Set up
  • M-Commerce
  • IoT Based Ecommerce
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Grow Your Sales Streamlining Into Best CRM Solutions

We build easy-to-use CRM software solutions with a solid
technology stack that enables seamless flow of your business
processes with great safety and security. From small to medium
enterprises we offer custom solutions for all.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Management
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Optimize Productivity and
Process Workflows with
High-end IoT Services

Our predominance in providing IoT services is in helping enterprises
establish a reliable, efficient, and secure connection with devices.
With our expertise, we transform data into intelligence via innovative
IoT service models.

Connected Appliances

Provide efficient remote monitoring
and security management services for
the homes with effective surveillance
procedures in and around the home.

Smart Home Security Systems

We offer virtually everything you need
for maximum protection, including
world-class customer service and versatile
and simplified operating systems.

Autonomous Farming Equipment

Our autonomous farming technology will
address the growing concerns of your
business thereby bringing in higher yields
all around the year.

Wearable Health

Help your customers track health data
and gain control with various features
like screening, diagnosis, pre-post
treatment assistance and much more.

Smart Factory

Build smart factory workflows with our
comprehensive solution designed for
data acquisition, communications,
controlling, and cloud management.

Wireless Inventory

We develop the trendiest solution that
helps you in inventory management including traceability, productivity, theft, and so much more.

Biometric Cybersecurity

Experience complete safety online with
unmatchable AI-driven protection against
hackers, ransomware, viruses, and

Shipping Container and
Logistics Tracking

Track your container’s current location
in real-time with our latest tracking
systems enabling you to know where your
sea cargo is located in the world.

Workspace Voice Assistants

Evolve your workspace ambiance with
advanced voice assistants that can interact with other IoT devices to perform specified office tasks.

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Get Trusted Cloud
Services Your Way With
The Best Security

Our newest approach towards providing cloud services is
giving you the most trusted, simple, and effective storage
as a service. We make sure to give all the benefits at optimal
costs and put your data to work with 24/7 availability and
maximum security.

Get Trusted Cloud  Services Your Way With  The Best Security
  • Cloud Strategy

    We obtain every single need of your
    organization with tailor-fit cloud
    strategies ensuring scalability,
    mobility, and flexibility.

  • Cloud Migration

    Our proven methodologies and practices help our clients to perform hassle-free transformation from on-premise to cloud migration.

  • Cloud Management

    Automate your business workflows
    and manage your asset inventory
    along with high security and
    quality configuration.

  • Cloud Optimization

    Manage the resource consumption with automated operations while you adhere to all the cloud governance standards with our service.

  • Cloud Security

    Safeguard your hybrid and multi-
    cloud environment with premier
    cloud security services embedded
    with a programmatic approach.

  • Modernization

    Run applications under great security across any cloud by creating a coordinated cloud modernization strategy for your business.

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Inspire, Entertain, and
Engage Users Adding
Life to Imaginations

Being one of the creative lead technology companies, our team at Atharva believes in creating immersive and thoughtful solutions that can add value to the lives of the users. Our approach is agile aswe produce next-generation experiences for top-notch brands across the globe.

Create immersive  learning, buying, and  fun experiences


Improve your customer engagement with
the brands and boost their involvement.
We are helping businesses to guide their
customers to locate items faster physically
and virtually.



We build safe and secure AR/VR
environments for students. Our AR-based
interfaces are creating an impact on
medical equipment production and



We simulate the education labs, develop
AR/VR tutorials, arrange virtual trips, and
organize recreations of historical reasons
for the students of various levels.



We deploy interactive guides that facilitate
training employees. We test and maintain
equipment, develop solid prototypes to
check the quality of new components.


Real Estate

Our powerful AR/VR technologies are well
-advanced in creating virtual tours near and
around the buildings with 3D interactive
objects bringing real-time experiences.



Provide immersive tourism experiences
filled with fun and interaction opportunities
to your tourists by augmenting physical



With a team of creative experts, we create
interactive 3D models of various products
and holograms that are surely equipped
with audio, buttons, and video.



We create AR/VR empowered training
programs along with VR to live streaming
embedded with Big Data and IoT to give
unique and lasting fan experiences.

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Get Instant Insights and
Rapid Data Discovery

Speed up the data preparations and develop automated data workflows in tune with your business needs. Empower your business by exploring and transforming data in the fastest time. Our data engineering expertise helps you build solutions, assess data, and define newer business possibilities.

Put data at the core of your business and grow fast
  • Power BI

    Get deeper data insights to connect and visualize any data with a unified and scalable platform.

  • Tableau

    Build your data analytics from the scratch and enable mapping out your analytics strategy.

  • ELK

    Obtain the benefits of real-time log analytics with our ELK development services.

  • Microsoft Services

    Enable your business applications to perform with end-to-end expertise and accuracy via Microsoft data solutions.

  • Business Intelligence

    Create data-driven decision-making with our BI consulting, support, implementation, and automation services.

  • Data Analytics

    Bring sustainable growth in your business workflows by putting data at the core of the business.

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Learning Activities
Simplified With Custom
LMS Services

Track, explore and measure all kinds of training in one place.
Roll out efficient training modules with our latest cloud technologies across multiple devices anytime and anywhere.

  • AI-based Solutions
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Streaming Videos
  • Reporting & Dashboard
  • Gamification & Learning
  • Offline Capability
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Adapt With New Market
Trends Via Intelligent
SAP Services

At Atharva, we practice SAP to help enterprises accelerate in
managing business areas such as finances, logistics, and
human resources. With the implementation and optimization
of SAP platforms, we help our customers reduce costs, and
skillfully integrate with customer-centric systems.

  • ERP and Finance
  • SAP ERP Implementation
  • SAP HANA Consultancy
  • CRM and Customer Experience
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Support and Maintenance
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Why us

We are among the topmost industry leaders providing universal technology solutions that
have created revolutionary transformations for our diverse business clients.

  • Maximizing Efficiency

    With an efficient team of curious minds, we ensure to automate your processes to release the resources to concentrate on service delivery.

  • Transparency

    All our clients can have continuous access to our development process. From start to finish, we give them comprehensive reports and working build.

  • Business Continuity

    We give you the space to work closely with our team and enables you to shape up your idea into a resilient and value-added digital product

  • Build Relationships

    The key to developing successful partnerships is our belief in trust and communication and understanding the deeper visions of our clients

  • Seamless Delivery

    Our project delivery happens right on time whilst complying with the highest quality standards. We perform tasks with agility and a design thinking process.

  • Stellar Support

    We provide you with holistic support after the product launch. Backed up with quality assurance professionals, we test your solution against multiple parameters.

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