13 Signs your Business Website Need a Revamp

November 23, 2020
Signs your Business Website Need a Revamp

The virtual landscape progresses every second. Online businesses need to realize that the key to success is being dynamic. A once successful website does not mean that it could carry the business for the later years.

Every business needs to adjust its working mechanism based on the trends, design, features, and elements according to the current market. 

Why Regular Maintenance is Important 

Regular maintenance cannot be ignored as they are a daily part of the website and help with many benefits like: 

  • The website will rank higher on search results.
  • Share a story with the target audience which is updated and fresh. 
  • Develop a strong brand image in front of the targeted audience. 
  • Reduce the bounce rate by giving to attention-seeker elements. 

Below we have filtered out some aspects that are cutting off your potential clients and require immediate attention. 

The 13 indicators your business site need a quick update 

1. Your website is loading slow

If your website is taking forever to load, it means that optimization of your business website’s speed hasn’t been carried forward properly. 

It is very important to optimize the website loading speed so that your website can rank higher in the search engines.

You are very probable to drive away more than half of your prospects if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load. 

website is loading slow

Also, the search engine developers would not recommend such websites in the visitor’s query. This is because they want to respect user experiences. 

The reasons behind the slow loading speed of your website!

  • Your website might contain big and monotonous flash elements occupying large space. 
  • It also could be due to large-sized media files, videos, and images. 

If this happens to you too then you must reorganize the components of your website by hiring a Web Development Company or a web developer. Tell your designers to cut down the areas occupying more space.

This could be done by either getting image compressing tools or hands-on images or even using the software. This shrinks the file size to a minimum and offers extreme quality. 

2. Poor Perception leading to Decline in Sales

In clothing, there are fashion trends in website designs and customers are invested in a site based on the degree to which it meets their standards.

The site is evolved by combining new social trends, proven effectiveness, and unique technology options. Starting a website can be exhilarating. 

There is majorly inaccurate service, product, staff, and contact information in outdated websites. Your site’s viewers will compare your site to your competitors and you will eventually come out as the loser. 

When a potential client or employee views your outdated website, there can be several negative reactions imbued in their mind. This includes: 

  • You will go out of business.
  • There will be horrendous customer support. 
  • Your company is not up to the mark. 
  • Your company is technologically backward. 
  • There will be no security for my data. 

Any one of the above points will lead a potential client to click away from your site which would lead to losing a sale.

This problem can be avoided if you build a well-streamlined and updated site that is engaging, convenient, and accurate to use.

This could make you rich and build up a better reputation for your organization. 

3. Low website ranking

Potential clients need to view your site, however, old sites are ranked below the new ones which make them inaccessible to the viewers.

Via spiders or Google bots, the search engines search for websites and implement new ones into the database. 

The websites that are well-structured grant these bots to find all the important data and showcase it to the public. Sites designed poorly can block pages or information that means they are not implemented in a search.

You will deal with fewer problems according to the newness of the site and it will also rank higher. 

It is crucial or updates your pages from time to time to keep your site relevant and also keep it in high rankings. 

4. Incompatibility to mobile devices

Do you know today more than half of the users prefer to resolve their queries on tablets or smartphones? There is a high chance of your business failing if your business website is not mobile responsive.

This would lead to the inability of the users and search bots to find your website. 

Incompatibility to mobile devices

Signals your website is not responsive:

  • The font of every text is microscopic. 
  • It takes hours to load your website from a mobile. 
  • The pictures are small enough to understand and relate to the text. 
  • Risky data security 
  • Monotonous checkout process
  • Incomplete placement of information 

Ideal mobile responsive website’s outlook

  • Web experience and mobile experience are miles apart. It takes a certain amount of optimization to fit a website in such a way that it can be viewed from any mobile device. 
  • It loads quickly.
  • Without violating the UX, a responsive website can fit in all the small types of screen sizes of various smart devices.  
  • It is voice-search optimized.
  • The internal functioning is smooth and so is the placement of infographics displaying information. 

The responsive test software of Google allows us to evaluate the compatibility of a website with mobile devices. It also shows the components where the website is not performing and needs attention to attract search engines and users.  

If you do not have a responsive website, likely, users will never be attracted to your website. It is time that businesses revolve around mobile responsiveness practices and tackles the problems of losing the potential customer base.  

5. Older technology restricting your reach

An older website restricts your ability to engage your target audience. It is unable to support the elements that are expected by the viewers like:

  • Client login to view an online profile, history, etc.
  • Fast checkout process
  • Online quotes
  • Well-written databases for statistics and reports
  • Newsletters, blogs, vlogs
  • Social media links

Your site should be convenient and offer legitimate information to an engaging audience. Although people would be loyal to the brand, the fundamental relationship is person to person.

You need to build blogs, customer conveniences, social media links, and newsletters to develop positive experiences that honor loyalty and rise in sales. 

6. Facing Security Threats

Cybercrime is trending highly right now and can occur in many forms. If your site is old and has no maintenance with outdated security measures brimming in it, a breach could occur.

There is an annual loss of 7.7 million dollars due to breaching and the majority of the attacks are insinuated by an organized syndicate. 

Never assume that your company is too small to be at risk. Most of the hackers have a keen eye for birth dates, credit card or banking information, addresses, and social security number instead of money. 

There are chances of your business being targeted if you have employees and customers especially if it is convenient to breach your system.

By updating your security measures in your website upgrade, you can easily protect your stored data from hackers. 

7. Conventional Coding is Sucking 

Another problem is that your website is built on an old earlier version of HTML codes. To access even a pinch of data you need to get permission from a webmaster.

It then interferes with your whole website’s codes for any edits. This is the reason your website is not having updated and new and relevant content and images.  

If you are stuck due to this problem, you can easily resolve it. The modernized and updated search engines and users are the answer.

They won’t require much time for your website to add fresh content or make changes. 

It is not that the original codes are slow, it is just that its competitors are pretty smarter and faster.

In a fraction of a moment, someone from any corner of the world would have posted fresh content chunks to their website. Many users might even have gotten new inquiries from their website. 

How to fix this Issue

Your website requires some serious assistance from the web developers of a Web Development Company.

They can transfer your website to other popular CMS like Magento or WordPress. There you can modify, publish, or edit content easily independent of the webmasters. 

Your web specialists can include multiple tailored widgets and plugins if you need extra features and functionalities. This can make the site’s performance to a higher level. 

8. Your website is not instrumental in your bringing sales 

The website is the best marketing funnel for any business. It can help implement decent potential and convertible leads.  However, a website’s design, elements, and layouts should be precise. 

Although, it appears that your website layout is quite staggered. It may not have any alignment, spacing, or finishing. You are using old java and flash components. You are neither inter-linking nor having any call-to-action options.  

Your website might have a high chance of failure if your sales number has reached a bare minimum. Compare your elements with those of the smart competitors and introspect what you are lacking in.

Also, think of various elements that can increase the shine of your business more than your competitors. 

9. Your website is detrimental to great user experience

If a website is tough to surf or revolve around then it is a total naysay for online visitors. You can forever lose your potential clients if it is not easily navigable and offers easy navigation for buyers to buy and search for products. 

Your website should be well-organized and intuitive to use. The instructions provided to the customer from reading the information to buying the product must be crystal clear. 

Your users will be even more frustrated if the checkout method is too long or difficult or the CTA option is not visible to them.

If these are the problems that your users are facing daily, then maybe it is time to revamp your website. 

Examine your website using various browsers and devices. Analyze how to make the process easier for visitors. After that, put forward your desires in how to restructure and navigate easily to your revamp artists. 

10. Your website does not complement your brand identity

The visitors or consumers cannot relate with you deeply if your website does not reflect your brand perfectly and is missing particular elements. 

Your website should integrate particular elements that can become your identity. This would reflect your flair or style.  This will make you unique from the rest of the competitors. 

You need some serious redesign of your brand story on your website if it is about ideal texts, media, information, and fonts. 

Build your unique logo with different colors that would reflect your business. 

Pick a font or color gradient which would represent your brand style which could be recognized without any effort.  

You can build some brand patterns, signs, and also a creative mascot. 

Also, re-structure your website first if you are planning to improve or enhance the brand quality and identity. 

11. You are getting increased bounce rates

You would notice that the traffic of your website all of a sudden has become way too chaotic and a mess. 

You are watching even your loyal viewers and clients are staying away from your website because they found a better business. 

increased bounce rates

Any new visitor is not staying there for too long. Visitors are moving away with light speed. 

This could mean that the visitors are not satisfied with the answers your website is providing them.   

Possible Causes of reducing users

  • Maybe it is too difficult to connect with your website. 
  • The information on your website is complex and scattered.  
  • The layout or design of your website is very dull and monotonous. 
  • The normal audience finds your home pages hard to decrypt.
  • Very gaudy or loud images, multimedia, or fonts. 
  • No vision to take the next possible step. 

If these are some of the problems your website is facing then you need to implement some serious upgrades to your website by a good Website Redesign Company that can showcase the peak brilliance of your website. 

Additionally, implement a particular analytics software to your website to get notified occasionally on sources, bounce rate reasons, traffic speed, demographics, and much more. 

12. Your business website is lacking many engaging factors

In case your website is based on old methods, chances are it is quite backward when it comes to customer engagement. The audience nowadays is eager to scroll through a website that is fun to read through.

There needs to be engaging features and elements that users from diverse backgrounds demand majorly. 

Hence, you need to redesign your website with some catchy elements if it is simply about dull and boring information here and there. These may include:

  • There must be social platform links across the site. It will increase the scalability of the content on the social media platform. 
  • Additionally, you can add other elements that can foretell your USP. 
  • Blogs, videos, and newsletters to keep the viewers informed and engaged about everything that is going on. 
  • Intuitive, quick, and convenient checkout method. 
  • Conveniently accessible and operable login profile to stay with your website. 

13. Your website is invisible compared to your competitors

Examine your website and compare it with your major competitors. The gaps that are present in your business, the merits, and the criticism you get from people who say it is difficult to navigate your website. 

If people have issues regarding the above points it is time to go for a complete transformation of your website.  

In case your website is old and lacks any engaging elements that do not resonate with the user’s desires, then you will never witness a decent business. 

The viable option – redesign or refresh?

You may only need a refresh if your website is just fine with its present status and gaining enough customers each day.

However, you might want to redesign your ‘old-fashioned’ website to a new one in case you are taking some serious losses in the above ways. 

There is no such website that could last forever. Based on the progressing interests of the audience, every website needs to go through some necessary updates and even edits.

There is no such day in a website’s life cycle when you can call it the perfect website. Regular updates, upgrades, maintenance and supports are everlasting. 


The websites that cannot implement such changes are often seen lagging in the present online business ecosystem.

The above points mentioned are the warning signs for a website and its admins who are ambiguous about the thought of restructuring their website.

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