Things to know about Pub/Sub – Usage, Benefits, and Future

October 26, 2020
Pub/Sub – Usage, Benefits, and Future

What Is Pub/Sub?

It is a pattern that offers a platform for sending and receiving messages between the publishers and subscribers. 

The uses of Pub/Sub are many like message-orientation, event destroyer, or delivery to stream analytics pipelines. 

Pub/Sub provides the user with high message storage service and as well as real-time message delivery that consists of consistent performance and high availability. Pub/Sub is utilized around the world in all Google Cloud regions. 

Using the Publish-Subscribe Template 

The best example of this system is chatbots. Participants in this chat conversation can register with chat rooms that have a particular Pub/Sub-theme. 

The message that the user sends to the chat room is displayed on the chat room’s theme through the chat app. The users that are subscribed to this topic get the notification. 

Many would assume that since the chat app does not talk directly a much complex solution is required. However, this is not true.

Personal chats also are organized over a certain topic just like any public conversation. These two chat apps in a personal chat display a tentative topic. An already defined logic names the topic like merging user ids. 

Working of Publish-Subscribe Structure 

Software design patterns developed by reusing the particular interconnections of the components. These modules are known as a UML design diagram and are considered as lasses or objects.

If you look at the latest architectural systems, the components are larger and distribute self-executing processes across the distributed systems.

To understand the benefits of this system, you should begin from the general pattern. Here a communication system is used which follows its growth across the distributed system. 

Enter Pub/Sub

It is quite burdening for developers to maintain shared data of addresses by programming modules. The system will break eventually from this as the complexity will increase. 

Minimizing the shared data is the best way to tackle this burden and ease it. To acquire this, you can inspect the module designs in a way that they perform tasks and communicate through a common forum. 

This common forum functions as a data pipe or a channel. The modules can both retrieve the messages posted by other modules from it or post messages to it. 

Context – Pub/Sub for Dynamic Scaling

The Pub/Sub process was used to increase the progress of information systems. In the early days of the internet or the pre-Internet period, the systems were statically classified.

However, dynamic scaling was required in the systems when the mobile app and IoT devices were used. These internet and web-based applications influenced the systems immensely.  

Nowadays, systems are spread around the world that work at Internet-level in geographically distributed data centers. Their servers organize short-time application modules to handle the traffic.

Today’s data volume, latency, seasonal traffic, and network data corruption has added more complex layers to information systems. 

Benefits of Using Pub/Sub Systems

All users get benefits when developing an information system using the Pub/Subsystem. The simplistic Pub/Sub pattern also helps and simplifies the development method in many ways. 

Benefits of Using Pub/Sub Systems

Below are mentioned the primary viewpoints of software architects, developers, and testers. 

Software Architects

  • Weak Coupling across System Elements: This pattern weakens the interaction and business logic which is the cause of the separation of components. Such components consolidate the system and maintain the code. 
  • Enhanced System-based Workflow: The software developers are easily able to increase and refactor the system as the Publish-Subscribe system is simple. 
  • Enables Enhanced & Faster Integration: This pattern allows different elements of a mechanism to integrate quicker compared to the other alternatives due to its agnostic communication protocol habit. 
  • Makes Scalability Simpler: Pub/Sub offers smooth functionality as there is always a chance for breaking the communication and business logic into separate divisions. Architects can redevise the middleware’s theme without having to worry about the breakage of business logic.

Software Testers

  • Better Debugging: The topics transmit to subscribers from publishers via this system. It is convenient to search topics for decoding integration problems across modules. 
  • Well-defined Testing Processes: It creates testing modular as business logic is not integrated with the middleware.  
  • Enhanced Unit Testing Structure: A component, in this publishing pattern, at unit test views only the heading and messages about that specific topic. It has no concern about external topics at all. You can, hence, create a cliché stub. This stub functions as an outer element that sends notifications on a particular trigger. It is copied for all elements which instead of having separate pieces for each element, build unit testing frameworks.

Software Developers

  • Cross-language Software Development: This pattern makes language-neutral development language. The app is divided into smaller and logical components. A feasible programming language is used for the programming of parts. This publishing system is responsible for the interaction between the parts. Pub/Sub, hence, weaves the elements into a single functioning tool. 
  • Clear Business Reasoning: The middleware transmits the message that does not require any additional code, hence, makes it easier for the developer. This way, the codebase is converted into a simple and user-friendly component. 
  • Software Development: Based on the system’s logic, Pub/Sub helps developers to separate the system into different components. Better codes can be written in isolation of elements. 
  • Enhances Responsiveness: Communications are out of sync in this software pattern. The publisher is not blocked on message delivery. After publishing the message, the publisher resumes its task. The only time when the subscriber is interrupted is when it gets a new message on the said topic.

Some renowned Messaging Tools drove by Publish-Subscribe System

Due to Pub/Sub being a normal guideline, it does not state the in-depth deployment of the middleware.  

Below are some of the options that use Pub/Sub’s subscribing rules and topic-driven publishing: 

  • PushPin: This app is ideal for delivering real-time notification since it is a free source and real-time notification tool. It uses predefined protocols i.e. WebSocket to send out messages. This system is also employed in a distinguished system. It is also great for low output apps.
  • RabbitMQ: This is a notification line up that follows the Publishing process diligently. We can, however, utilize it at a fan-out or a message transaction between two components or more parts of the app.  
  • Apache Kafka: This is a robust and popular messaging app that consists of the generic subscribing and publishing features. It is also programmed to have a message history. The messages can be replayed from time to time. 

Other protocols including MQTT, are based on this publishing system. It is an ISO system to message across IoT devices. Yet another popular free-source MQTT broker is Mosquito. 

Scenarios Where Pub/Subsystem is avoided

There are trade-offs and restrictions for every design system. Below are some situations where Pub/Sub is avoided:

  • Unfit for Basic Systems: This pattern is quite unfit for simpler systems that are not likely to scale perfectly. Always think twice to induce Pub/Sub in situations where automatic scaling is not required, just the static system will do. 
  • Unfit for Media Streaming: There are different requirements of smooth transmission on the user’s side when it comes to video and audio streaming. The right option for media streaming is in-sync end-to-end interaction between two endpoints. Pub/Sub cannot carry video telephony or VoIP load on the internet. You can, however, deploy Pub/Sub to make calls.  
  • Not Suitable for Occasional/Background Works: It is an out-of-sync method to send information. Hence, it is a big no for mechanisms that function as occasional background functions like cron works that are started again after some time.

Pub/Sub on Demand

All parts are weaved through a series of subscribers and publishers that are associated with the topics. Based on the level and load, there can either be a single or various layers of topics.

A group of middleware hence manages the entire topic series formed by this system. 

Pub/Sub on Demand

It is very important to select the right infrastructure for middleware implementation regardless of the Pub/Sub features.

It can, otherwise, act as a hurdle and stop scaling the reliability of the framework. There are different options to select from a certain middleware infrastructure besides the scale and reliability: 

  • Flow: It is a major option for developing real-time apps in the flow of message transfer. The latency should not be highly impacted by the inclusion of a message broke to the current infrastructure. 
  • Bandwidth: You also need to deploy the maximum transmitted data load which is manageable by middleware. The middleware divides heavier loads into simpler ones and introduces computing overhead and latency. 
  • Message Management: You would need to interrogate if the middleware follows the series of published notifications thus retaining its integrity based on application requirements.


This is how this publishing and subscription system works and used by the media and other industries for easy communication.

This is the right messaging and communication system for those industries that are into publishing or have a load of communication.

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