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iOS Application Development

We help you leverage the immense outreach of iOS users, currently over 1 Billion. A leading iOS Application Development agency comprising the most experienced and talented individuals, Atharva is a one-stop destination for an organization’s iOS Application needs. Our team of designers and developers come together to develop an application that is highly efficient and at the same time, visually appealing to the end-user.

With nearly a decade of experience, Atharva’s passionate team of iOS developers has established a benchmark in this industry by delivering innovative applications to a wide range of industries and has consistently used a distinctive approach.

iPhone Application Development

Our iOS Application Development Process relies on a highly customizable and professional approach. We use transparency as one of the primary rules in our communication concept with our clients. That means that we send regular reports of the project to the clients. That’s how we keep our clients informed about the work.

Our iOS App development service relies on most up-to-date technologies enhanced with the global quality control ethics and best practices.

iPad Application Development

One of the most premium tablets available in today’s market, the iPad is one of Apple’s most popular offerings since its introduction in 2010. Atharva System has kept pace with this rapidly evolving product and crafted truly unique experiences for customers looking to foray into iPad Application Development services. Our offerings for this product are aimed to create an ideal blend of design and performance and find use in industries like Finance, Real Estate, Medicine, Pharma, to name a few.

By working in close consultation with our clients and other stakeholders of the application, we, at Atharva System deliver applications that exactly meets your requirements and some.

Android Application Development

With Atharva’s bespoke Android Application Development services, we work alongside organizations to realize their business objectives and competitive ambitions. The perfect vehicle for a business to transcend geographical barriers and reaching customers directly, businesses are investing heavily in Android Applications to reach out to customers from all over the world.

The experienced clique of developers at Atharva strives to develop applications that not only meet a business’ requirements and objectives but goes a step beyond to set it truly apart from its competitors.

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Ruby on Rails Development

Even though Ruby on Rails is a comparatively recent technology, the framework has gained prominence quickly, owing to its innovative principles like Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) and Convention over Configuration (COC), leading to a much more optimized coding procedure that boosts performance while reducing the time required for the development.

Because of its open-source nature, the technology also helps organizations to optimize costs. With a deep understanding of Ruby on Rails, Atharva System has a proven track record when it comes to curating high-performance, secure, and dynamic applications for enterprises that provide hassle-free User Experience.


One of the most important aspects of any web or mobile-based application is the experience it imparts to an end-user. Not only should the UI/UX design focus on visual appeal but also functionalities and useful features that simplify the operational experience for users. The talented team of developers and designers come together to develop impactful UI/UX designs that deliver pleasant designs and user-friendly, robust, and secure applications!

While our team of designers visualize, our developers deploy their new-age technologies and proven approaches to provide winning front end modules!

PHP Web Development

One of the most commonly used frameworks for websites and web-based applications across the world, PHP is an inhouse specialization for Atharva’s seasoned professionals who have a track record of creating complex business applications with simplified logic and efficient performance across industrial domains.

Right from identifying the requirements to testing the last line of the PHP based application, Atharva’s developers simplify them to provide organizations with highly optimized business applications.

HTML5 Development

We are experts in creating wonderful ideas for successful businesses for our clients, by connecting creativity and technology to the modern applications in order to get much more attractive and alive with HTML5 Development Services.

By providing an interactive and unique experience, we build the best sites and web pages via HTML5 Development markup language.

Cloud Services and Migration

One of the most sought-after technologies that significantly optimizes data storage as well as database operations, Cloud is an inhouse speciality at Atharva System! Whether it is working alongside our clients to understand their objectives and identifying the right platform, or developing robust cloud-based applications, or lastly, designing a cloud-based architecture and lastly carrying out a smooth migration from your existing database to one that is cloud-based.

serve customers anywhere, anytime, with a customized ecommerce platform


With a focus on consumer experience as well as simplified operations and acute insights for business owners, organizations can sell their products across the world with Atharva’s eCommerce Solutions!

High-end UX & Visual Design
High-end UX & Visual Design
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Integration
Easy and Clean Navigation System
Easy and Clean Navigation System
Faster Service Assurance
Faster Service Assurance
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Custom Magento Web Developement Service

Custom Magento Web Developement Service

Magento continues to be one of the most popular Web Development frameworks for eCommerce enterprises. From identifying the right extensions for an organization’s eCommerce store to making significant customizations that truly differentiate a user’s shopping experience, we have a successful record of developing successful Magento based online shopping portals.

Open Source Customization

Open Source Customization

With a wide range of open source technologies available, it is imperative for organizations to customize them so that they can leverage an application’s true potential while setting itself apart. We, at Atharva, develop as well as maintain user-friendly websites and applications that realize business objectives.

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