Why Ruby on Rails is the Ideal Backend Technology

The importance of backend development is more profound than ever. Websites today offer a number of features not possible in the past, with the backend more advanced as well. An effective development tool for improving the backend of your app or site is Ruby on Rails. Rails’ provides the infrastructure for developers to work within a framework. Developers can simplify mundane tasks that otherwise take considerable time. With an emphasis on convention rather than configuration, Ruby on Rails development reduces the time required to complete the project. However, that’s not the only reason you should start searching for a Ruby on Rails developer. Here’s an overview of why Ruby on Rails is the ideal backend technology:

Capable Developers

The average ROR development company is highly capable. Engineers using this framework prefer working responsibly rather than taking an aggressive approach. This steady method reduces the risk of facing compatibility issues or with the features you include in your app. The only catch is that you need to hire Ruby on Rails Developer with experience of working on a project similar to yours.

Efficient Tooling

The tools available on Rails are wide-ranging, enabling you to keep adding features to the app, but without increasing the time required. Rails offers a structure that developers can use for creating the app, reducing the need to incorporate repetitive elements.

High-Quality Coding

PHP and NodeJS might be popular choices for developers, but the quality of coding for Ruby, the programming language, is considerably better. Efficient and clean coding leads to a smooth and quick-functioning app.

Wide Range of Resources

The Ruby on Rails library incorporates modules and codes from third parties, and they are easily accessible through Ruby Gems. The Ruby on Rails development company you work with can save time on development by sourcing data from the third-party libraries. Your app will be up and running much more quickly than if you use some other platform for development.

Intensive Testing

A key aspect of Ruby on Rails development is a focus on testing. A majority of developers employ test automation to check their work for bugs and issues, and fix them accordingly. As a result, the final product is of the finest quality possible. This approach contributes significantly to the high-quality resources available in Ruby libraries.

Future-Proof Technology

A number of coding schools today, including Steer and CodeCademy, are introducing Ruby on Rails to up and coming developers. You can safely assume that a large number of developers in the future will have complete command over the language and write their code using Ruby. Moreover, the number of capable developers in the ROR community will continue to increase.


As mentioned, Ruby on Rails development is more time-efficient than other programming platforms. The focus of developers using ROR is on convention. Moreover, the setup of the tool is object-oriented, with resources easily accessible. Developers need only extract the data they require to complete the programming. In addition, the structure and best practices for each development project on Ruby on Rails remains consistent. Hence, developers can easily work on multiple projects simultaneously.


The reason why developers can save time on creating apps and sites by opting for Ruby on Rails is because the effort required is minimal. Ruby is a highly readable language, with self-documenting on offer. Therefore, the Ruby on Rails developer does not have to write the documentation for the code distinctly. This factor also enables multiple developers to work on the same project. Also, if, for some reason, you have to replace the Ruby on Rails developer midway through a project, you can conveniently find a substitute.


While this factor doesn’t count for much on the surface, the popularity of Ruby on Rails in Silicon Valley indicates its efficacy and quality. Usually, any technology that receives a warm reception in the Valley gains global acceptance. Even leading brands, such as Etsy and Shopify, are on ROR. So, as you can see, there are several reasons why Ruby on Rails development is the most suitable option for tightening the backend of your app or site. That said, there are a couple of issues you might encounter, such as:

  • A slow runtime speed, as most developers claim the tool is slow compared to other platforms
  • A slow boot speed, depending on the elements that developers keep adding to the code
  • Lack of documentation for existing resources, which can hamper the developer’s ability to understand the concepts

These potential drawbacks are minor, and in no way outweigh the benefits you enjoy with Ruby on Rails development. Therefore, you should definitely consider searching for a developer familiar with the ins and outs of ROR so you can create a site or app that is user-friendly and offers superior performance.



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