Embrace Marketing Automation with Odoo for better business management

September 14, 2022

With the automation process, the tasks are simplified using various tools. One such automation platform that offers higher flexibility and convenience is Odoo.

Marketing Automation is a process that involves managing a lot of repetitive tasks. These tasks are done automatically. With the automation process, the tasks are simplified using various tools.

Online tools can help your business perform repetitive tasks effortlessly to save time and operational costs. Marketing automation helps businesses save time spent on repetitive tasks and invest time in other vital tasks.

With the help of an automation tool, you can perform a task automatically. The main objective of using this tool is to complete various business operations effectively. One such automation platform that offers higher flexibility and convenience is Odoo.

How does Odoo help automate operations?

Odoo brought in an efficient marketing automation tool to organize the sales & marketing departments of an organization. This tool can contribute to the marketing channels of various domains and business enterprises.

Odoo – A complete business management solution

Who are the stakeholders of Odoo?

Almost any business vertical that is into the marketing process can utilize Marketing Automation ERP. You can use the ERP to eliminate errors through effective online tools.

Why opt for Odoo for your business?

Odoo- A open source software is one of the best marketing automation ERPs. It is a feature-packed software to cater to the needs of different business verticals. Odoo includes a series of apps & modules like sales, CRM, project management, and human resource management, etc.

You will find a lot of apps that suit individual business needs. These apps can be installed by businesses for better management.

How small businesses can leverage Odoo Marketing Automation?

Odoo marketing automation can be integrated without any hassles to work with other modules of Odoo. You can link it to Odoo sales, purchase, and PLM modules to initiate seamless business operations.

Benefits of Odoo Marketing Automation ERP

1. Automates marketing process

Odoo marketing automation helps automate a lot of marketing tasks. You can filter out the marketing leads and manage them easily through Odoo software. Automating the process helps you see a significant enhancement in business activities with regular follow-ups and interactions with customers.

When it comes to creating campaign emails & documentation, you may spend a lot of time doing it manually. Automation helps you perform these tasks flawlessly.

  • It aids customer mode
  • Manage marketing tasks easily
  • Enhance relations with government authorities
  • Utilize technology to the fullest for organized business management.

2. Automate Workflow management

To run a successful business, you need to have an organized workflow for better coordination. Odoo Marketing automation allows an investor to incorporate internal & external marketing tasks. Odoo ERP helps:

  • Prepare budget & plan the operations
  • Raise request and generate quotation
  • Prepare marketing calendar to plan operations
  • Integrate Odoo module with marketing and asset management

3. Enhance Customer Relationship Management

With Odoo, you get an automated function for updating contact as well as email marketing. This function helps the investor to enhance his business.

Template management with templates to manage letters and quotations makes operations swift and convenient. You can also improve customer relationships by allotting sales personnel to communicate with multiple clients. You will also find the software useful for campaign content delivery.

4. Marketing intelligence

Odoo ERP helps you integrate marketing-centric features for marketing automation. It helps:

  • Review your marketing plans automatically on web pages and social media pages.
  • Assess the performance of social media campaigns and email alerts through a single click.
  • Enhance marketing campaigns and produce impressive emails through marketing intelligence features.
  • Investors to set a target conveniently

Using the Trigger feature in Odoo software can help you trigger almost any action to streamline your workflow like

  • After starting your marketing campaign, you can trigger the immediate f the customers. For example, a new customer creates a first sale, places an order, etc. You can trigger your response to customer’s actions like automate triggers to welcome the customers on board, email opened, clicked or redo the actions for several emails/actions
  • Oddo helps you send an email to customers one hour after the campaign starts. cally sends a different mail to all the customers who opened the very first email. One hour later 2nd email is sent and so on.

5. Campaign Management

Odoo marketing for marketing Automation helps increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Odoo ERP helps manage campaigns via email, websites, social media platforms other channels. With the help of the campaign feature, you can set the target, review the performance of a campaign and add documents.

  • It helps you get the reports of the declined campaigns.
  • You can get details of bounced mails with a single click
  • Get the details of clicked and opened mails by the customers
  • Get the details of replies to emails with ease

5. Auto-generated messages for the sales team

With campaign features, you can auto-generate messages for your sales team. You can enable different options like message details, activity filter, and expiry duration.

6. Review Campaign Status

Odoo ERP helps you get a clear idea of several marketing campaigns. You can get insights to:

  • New campaigns
  • Ongoing campaigns
  • Completed campaigns

7. Link Statistics

Odoo allows the user to know about link statistics faster. You can find the number of clicks for each link along with other information automatically. It will allow you to work on the link form to improve and also enhance business.

8. Report Generation

Odoo ERP lets you create reports with graphical representation to get information on various activities. These activities comprise of

  • Performance of the catalog
  • Performance of the sales team
  • You can also track performance for a specific period effortlessly. Also, you will get a graphic analysis of the active campaigns, and completed ones.


An organized workflow that helps save time and overall operational costs is the key to success for any business. Odoo ERP makes it possible for you to focus on better management of business operations.

Say goodbye to worries related to marketing activities with Odoo. Automate everything to grab more business opportunities. Improve workflow to improve business. Atharva System, an Odoo-ready Partner for Odoo service offers comprehensive support for Odoo ERP implementation and management. Get your Odoo ERP software to automate the marketing process to witness a boost in conversions.

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