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WebRTC Development - The Right Tool For The New Era

API Development for Real-Time Audio and Video by WebRTC

Beat your competitors and create creative and robust communication tools with real-time web apps‎ using our WebRTC development services. Atharva has a team with over 10 years of experience in WebRTC development services. We provide WebRTC services that offer rich peer-to-peer video and voice chat apps through technology and multiple real-time technologies.

WebRTC Features and Services

Creates encrypted and secure video communications apps to help you share confidential files.

Video Chat Apps

It is an HTML specification that allows instant communication between the users directly within and it doesn’t need third-party plugins. The best feature provided by this project is real-time audio and video communication peer-to-peer. We help to create superior video chat apps with it.

Conference Chat Apps

Our WebRTC development company also develops conference chat apps that use the exciting new technology to create superior conference chat apps and web applications which support voice, video, and data communication. It helps you build a full-featured conference chat app without downloading any software.

Audio Processing Apps

With this technology, our developers help you create robust audio processing apps that are completely secure and work in real-time. These apps ensure real-time communication and we provide the best WebRTC solutions to create audio processing apps. It makes your professional communication better and seamless.

Test Chats

Our development services allow for quick and secure access to test chat apps and media devices through our hardware technology. Our chat apps instantiate connections between various peers through signaling. This enables the streaming of media data flawlessly and faster.

Screen Sharing

Our developers at Atharva provide an established WebRTC connection through screen sharing. You get access to the screen of the user and this makes secure screen sharing possible. You can request access to the user’s camera through the various interfaces. This will help you connect with your peers and stakeholders easily.

Mobile Support

With this technology, the users get real-time capabilities for communication between devices and it also provides mobile support for video, audio, and generic data to be shared between peers. It allows developers to create robust voice- and video communication thus offering you a better communication environment.

Real-Time Messaging

Our team of developers provides robust instant messaging apps and creates a secure interface through this technology. We help you in integrating the API for custom instant messaging between peers. You can connect with your peers any time anywhere for real-time messaging.

P2P Data Exchange

Our superior solutions include P2P data exchange services while adding a layer of privacy and security. Using this project, we create real-time solutions to generate data transfer between interfaces at a fast pace. Using this service you can share music, e-books, files, and videos all instantly.

P2P File Transfer

With our P2P file transfer services through this technology, you get the exchange of communication and file transfer from any device. We help you to generate safe data transfer channels in real-time. This service allows you to search for and download files to your computers from anywhere anytime safely.

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Hire our WebRTC Application developers, and they will do the job efficiently according to your business requirements. Atharva System offer flexible hiring of developers that can provide flexible solutions for our clients’ requirements.

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“Thank you very much for the support and help your team has offered. It has been a real pleasure to work with professionals and the finest brains. The only delay in work that we experienced was due to our own lack of management of our projects, not yours actually. Job well done! Kudos to you guys and I hope we will continue to grow together.”

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Why Use WebRTC Application Development

Why Use WebRTC Application Development

It offers many benefits including scalable audio apps, video chat apps, and real-time communication apps that are fast and secure.

Supports Multiple Devices

As this project has APIs from W3C, it enables data to flow between two or more browsers that are WebRTC-enabled. You can establish instant audio and video connections between WebRTC devices and other media servers.

Secure Audio and Video Connections

It facilitates audio and video encryption and authentication due to the Secure RTP protocol. It ensures the security and privacy of communication and data transfer even with open Wi-Fi networks.

High-Quality Audio and Video Calling

It has a high-fidelity audio Opus codec which ensures robust audio communication while excellent video streaming is ensured with VP8 codec. These codecs assure interoperability without additional codecs.

Adapting to specific Network Conditions

This technology adapts to your network conditions. Considering your bandwidth it avoids congestion. It also adjusts the communication quality and delivers the best audio or video streams.


With this project, the audio and video systems use SIP, XMPP, Jingle, and PSTN. It also supports other standard protocols which are a fit for WebRTC-based devices.

Fast Apps Development

With this technology, you don’t need specific knowledge of the technology to develop apps. Also, the audio and video apps developed can be customized as per your business needs.

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