Which Reasons behind the Growing Popularity of VueJS?

July 22, 2021
Which Reasons behind the Growing Popularity of VueJS?

VueJS is popular for its flexibility, approach-ability, and progressive framework for web development. The VueJS developers have experience in web development.

It is one of the best JavaScript frameworks for any type of client project. The projects benefit from the progressive deployment capacity of this framework.

Whether you need a new application or change an existing application to the new framework, VueJS works perfectly.

Top Reason for the growth of VueJS

One of the most popular frameworks these days is VueJS. This framework helps to get many things to move.

It doesn’t just help with the creation of Single Page Apps, but it does much more.

ReactJS is similar to Node.JS as they both use virtual DOM. These frameworks make composable and responsive view components.

It focuses on the main library with the concerns of global-state supervision looked after by the companion routing and libraries.

Comparing AngularJS and ReactJS with VueJS

It has the best properties of ReactJS and AngularJS. ReactJS uses a component based approach; it uses one-way data flow for the component’s hierarchy, performance, understanding the significance of the proper app management, and virtual rendering ability.

Similar to AngularJS, it has similar templates with a two-way binding and good syntax.

How AngularJS has shaped VueJS?

There are many projects that work on AngularJS. The best property of AngularJS is that it helps to build a lightweight product.

The best concepts within AngularJS have helped to build VueJS development services which are a perfect framework for the frontend.

The syntax of this framework is similar to AngularJS. Many frameworks apart from VueJS are also inspired by AngularJS.

The reason behind the popularity of AngularJS is that it has got many things right.

Thus, a lot of JS frameworks in their early stages of development have been borrowed from AngularJS. It attempts to provide improvements over the shortcomings of AngularJS.

  • Complexity – VueJS is much simpler when it comes to design and API. Web developers can thus build simple applications with this Framework.
  • Flexibility/ Modularity – In comparison with this framework, AngularJS is extremely opinionated in terms of the structuring of applications. VueJS, on the other hand, is flexible and a modular replacement to other frameworks. For developers, who do not like coding large parts of the application interface, this framework offers a web-pack template. This does not restrict access to advanced features like CSS extraction, hot module reloading, and linting.
  • Runtime Performance – It has a huge edge when it comes to runtime performance. It abstains from dirty checking and AngularJS is very slow. When it comes under many watchers there is scope to change and it forces the watchers to re-evaluate their options.
  • Directives or Components – This framework makes a profound distinction between directives or components roles. Directives include DOM manipulations but components are autonomous elements and have their own data logic and view. The components in AngularJS are a subset of directives. ReactJS and VueJS have similar scopes.
  • Optimization – It tracks the dependencies of components during render. Thus, these systems understand exactly what components need to be re-rendered during state changes. Each of the components calls for a component update and this avoids fore-warnings of the nested component.
  • JSX or Templates – In ReactJS, the components need JSX within the render functions which help to express the UI and XML-like syntax. This then encompasses JavaScript. In this framework, default user experience is offered using templates. This is a simple alternative to JSX. Every valid HTML is also a valid VueJS template. It supports render functions and JSX but VueJS developers choose the template approach.
  • CSS with Component-scope – The default method within this framework styling provides complete access to style tags in the single-file components. This also provides complete access to CSS in the file as the rest of the component code. In ReactJS, the styling is done using CSS-in-JS solutions. This also presents fresh styling that is component-oriented and this is not similar to the usual process of CSS authoring.

The growing demand for VueJS in the development community

The growing demand for VueJS in the development community

Being an open-source JavaScript framework, this has a place in developing interactive web interfaces. This framework concentrates on the view layer and offers functionality for the view layer.

It is also used to build robust single-page web apps. VueJS employs JavaScript ES5/ES6 and the core library for VueJS is provided by Laravel.

What is Virtual DOM?

This framework uses virtual DOM which is a replica of the principal DOM element. It engages all the changes which are intended for DOM. This exists in the form of JavaScript data structures.

These changes are made to JavaScript data structures and are compared with the unique data structure. Only final changes that reflect in real DOM are visible to users.

This method is ingenious, less expensive and these changes are usually made at a faster rate.

It has a data binding feature that helps to manipulate and assign values to the HTML attributes.

It helps to change style and assign classes using a binding directive which is called v-bind and is available with VueJS.

Understanding CSS Transitions/ Animations

Custom VueJS development offers many solutions that help to apply a transition to the HTML elements. This is useful when these elements are updated; added or removed from DOM.

VueJS has a built-in transition component that wraps an element that is responsible for the returning transition effect.

Developers can add 3rd party animation libraries without much effort and this makes the user experience interactive.

Template – VueJS development offers HTML base templates. It binds DOM with VueJS instance data. It also compiles these templates into the virtual DOM Render functions.

Developers use the templates of render functions and this can replace templates within render functions.

The 3 main ways of having the components to make use of the reactive nature of VueJS are Methods, Watchers, and Computed Properties.

  • Methods – They come to use when the user wants to alter the state of a component. It is also used when the event has occurred which isn’t related necessarily to instance data that is being mutated. Methods take arguments and don’t keep a track of the dependencies. A method creates a side effect within a component. Methods activate every time a component is reloaded.
  • Watchers – Watchers look after the handling of data changes that makes these codes faster and simple. Changing data uses it and one example in the form of input elements. Developers do not need to add additional events for this purpose. 
  • Computed Properties – The need for a computed property arises when a property changes that is dependent on another property that changes. The properties typically depend on another data property. If any change is made to dependent properties, it triggers logic for the computed property. These properties are cached-based properties that are based on their dependencies. This will rerun if the dependency changes.

Assessment of VueJS against other Frameworks

This is the reason VueJS Development Services is quite popular in the web development industry. VueJS Development has become a growing sensation in the international development community.

Developers use it due to its myriad advantages over the other JS frameworks. It is not as popular as AngularJS but it has its own place in the developers’ lobby due to its many benefits.

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Which Reasons behind the Growing Popularity of VueJS?
Which Reasons behind the Growing Popularity of VueJS?

VueJS is popular for its flexibility, approach-ability, and progressive framework for web development. The VueJS developers have experience in web Read more

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