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Streamlining the Sales and Supply Chain of White Wolf Nutritions’ rapidly growing product line

White Wolf Nutrition is a leading provider of natural nutrition supplements, made from clean and pure ingredients, dedicated to promoting health and well-being. Established in 2016 in NSW, Australia, the company has gained a global reputation for producing high-quality, all-natural proteins and supplements that taste great.

As White Wolf Nutrition continues to innovate its product range, it recognized the need for a new and refreshing eStore that could help it reach a wider global audience. With its wide range of products, the company also wanted to streamline its inventory management and order fulfillment processes to enhance efficiency. Additionally, the company aimed to expand its reach to wholesalers. To achieve these objectives, White Wolf Nutrition turned to Atharva. With Atharva, White Wolf Nutrition wanted to leverage the latest technology to streamline sales and supplychain, improving overall operational efficiency and customer service.


The company needed digital disruption to distinguish itself in a fast-paced food and nutrition market

White Wolf Nutrition faced stiff competition from larger, more established brands that had greater brand recognition and marketing resources. The company needed to find a way to differentiate itself and stand out in a crowded market.

One of the biggest challenges White Wolf Nutrition faced was managing its rapidly growing product line. The manual inventory management system was time-consuming and prone to errors, making it difficult to fulfill customer orders efficiently. This affected the company’s ability to deliver products quickly and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

The other big challenge was to reach larger groups of customers in a highly competitive market. To address these challenges, White Wolf Nutrition set out to create a unique eStore that would provide a positive customer experience. This included easy navigation and education about its nutritional products. By providing customers with an informative and user-friendly platform, the company aimed to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Additionally, the company had limited resources to invest in expanding its wholesale business, so it needed to find a cost-effective way to reach new customers and grow its sales.

Helping White Wolf to create a sustainable value chain


Building a Strong Brand Identity and Marketing Strategy

We developed a custom webstore for White Wolf Nutritions that reflects their brand and product offerings. The new design features more colors, custom designs, video blocks & animated product images, and improved navigation to enhance the customer experience. We increased its products’ accessibility with a responsive design that would look great on all devices and included high-quality product images and clear call-to-actions to encourage customers to make purchases.

As part of White Wolf Nutrition’s marketing strategy, we created a blog page on their website and utilized Shopify’s Wholesale Channel to provide wholesale customers with exclusive access to custom pricing and discounts. This helped the company to increase sales and attract new customers. Additionally, we configured the website to include various Shopify features and tools, including SEO optimization, inventory management system, custom pricing, shipping calculator, and email marketing tools. These improvements helped to increase sales and attract new customers to the site.

Solving White Wolf Nutrition’s inventory and fulfillment challenges

We integrated White Wolf Nutrition’s website with their backend systems, including inventory management, order processing, and shipping. This involved creating custom APIs and middleware to enable real-time data sharing between the systems. By implementing this system, the company was able to track its inventory levels in real-time and automatically update its online store when products were out of stock. We also established automated workflows and notifications to ensure efficient and accurate order processing.

In addition, we integrated White Wolf Nutrition’s Shopify store with a third-party fulfillment provider. This automation streamlined the order fulfillment process, reducing the time and effort required to fulfill customer orders.

Technology Stack


Liquid Template


HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery



Valuable feedback from the Co-Founder

“It has been a game changer for my business. I love how easy it is to manage my products and orders on my website. I have been able to add so many new features and functionalities to my website with just a few clicks.”

Result / Outcome

A Popular Brand across Several Countries

A Popular Brand across  Several Countries

White Wolf Nutrition has established a strong presence in the nutrition and health-conscious market segment

Since the launch of its new eStore, White Wolf Nutrition experienced a significant boost in sales, reaching more customers and wholesalers around the world. The company’s products have garnered a devoted following among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and health-conscious individuals. As a result, White Wolf Nutrition has achieved exponential growth and has become a renowned brand across several countries.

Simplified processes, faster customer service, accelerated growth

White Wolf Nutrition made substantial improvements to its inventory management and order fulfillment processes. Our solutions helped White Wolf Nutrition effectively reduced errors, increased efficiency, and maintained high levels of customer satisfaction. With simplified operations and faster order fulfillment, the company saw a surge in sales and continued growth in competitive health and wellness industry.

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