Deliver High-Quality Applications with Heroku

Are you searching for a flexible, user-friendly platform that simplifies your modern applications' deployment, management, and scaling? Look no further than Heroku! This container-based cloud Platform as a Service is a preferred choice among businesses worldwide.

From consulting, design, engineering, to proven optimization strategies, we set up high-available Heroku infrastructure for your database, applications, and cost-effective alternatives, leading to productive operations and enhanced user experience. At Atharva, we help small startups to large-scale enterprises to access the extensive capabilities of Heroku Cloud and bring their products and services to market with speed, efficiency, and resilience.

Our Offerings

Consulting & Cost Optimization

Make your app flourish meeting current demands, while remaining adaptable to future challenges by combining performance and cost optimization strategy.

App Development

Build high-quality and resilient app on Heroku’s scalable architecture. Weaving seamlessly with add-ons and automated deployment, we ensure a flawless app performance.

Application Migration

Seamlessly migrate your current applications to Heroku to leverage its managed services, scalability, and effortless deployment. Benefit from necessary upgrades while keeping your app fully authentic.

Managed Database

Make your data highly available and durable in Heroku’s resilient and safe environment. We provide Heroku’s range of managed database services with effective scaling and cost management.

DevOps & CICD

Our team provides you with efficient Heroku Cloud set up for DevOps and CICD automation, making it easy for your teams to deliver high-quality software and new releases faster.

Performance Tuning

Elevate the responsiveness and user experience of your Heroku-hosted apps through proactive monitoring and fine-tuning of all the key-measures.

Monitoring & Analytics

Set up robust monitoring solutions that track key metrics in real time, providing you with a comprehensive view of your application's health and responsiveness.

Custom Add-ons

Our team will select and implement the right add-ons from Heroku’s rich marketplace of add-ons and integrations to extend your application's quality and capabilities.

Security & Compliance

Create a reliable Heroku foundation for your app’s long-run success. We put the best tools and practices in action to proactively maintain security, privacy, and compliance.

Why Atharva for Heroku

We strive to foster a culture of innovation in your digital transformation initiatives.

Decade of Experience
Decade of Experience

We continuously refine our approach to help businesses to navigate the change with confidence.

Cloud Excellence
Cloud Excellence

Highest standards of practices in leveraging cloud computing technologies to achieve optimal business outcomes.

Innovation at Our Core
Innovation at Our Core

At our core, we drive innovation. Infused with creativity, our solutions help our clients seize new opportunities.

Contributing to the Green Future

As sustainability becomes a growing concern, we help companies leverage the power of the cloud to achieve carbon reduction goals and drive responsible innovation. Techies are joining hands to make the planet greener and breathable again. Are you willing?

Case Studies

Online Grocery Store that put sustainability at the core
Springer Solar
ERP Solution for Australia’s Change Makers
White Wolf Nutrition
Taking White Wolf Nutrition to the Next Level
Highly secure and satisfying Privacy Management SAAS

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