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A specific platform that match for sustainable products sale with less impact on environment

KissPlanet, a pioneering European company headquartered in Belgium, is passionately committed to offering Simple and Sustainable with Zero Waste & Zero Emissions daily use products. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, the company utilizes recycled cardboard and reuses packaging materials for its deliveries, keeping its operations eco-friendly. With a focus on sustainable alternatives to disposable products, ecological care and cleaning products, and reproducible organic seed products, Kissplanet is leading the way in the market.

Our clients had a unique vision to put sustainability at the core of the business by selling sustainable products with a very unusual delivery process. They developed the world’s first ever delivery process in which customers can easily return bags once they are emptied from the contained products. Customers get credit into their account after returning bags. It required a fully integrated system to efficiently manage processes, from delivery to data management to driving greatest customer experience. Seeking a holistic solution to these challenges, Kissplanet approached Atharva to join them and make a change that wasn’t seen before.


A perfect ecommerce solution

The client initially built its online store on the Prestashop platform. The platform didn’t provide the ideal eCommerce solution. The main challenge the company faced was creating a robust online store that would set it apart in the market. To achieve this, Kissplanet required a tailor-made eCommerce solution that could incorporate better buying experience, after-sales workflows, and enhanced buying experience.

Fully Integrated System to streamline operations

The client required a seamless flow of information starting from pre-sales inquiry managed in CRM, through purchase and inventory management, RMA, accounting, and last but not least, Belgium accounting reporting for sales, VAT, etc. To achieve this, the client required a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that could integrate all business processes, ensuring smooth operations and streamlined processes.

Automated process to manage reusable bag returns

The client needed an automated system that manages the reusable bag returns workflow efficiently with automatic credit deposit on bag returns, automatic reminders, real-time status updates, and many more features to ensure climate care with brilliant customer service.

Converting eCommerce into an ecosystem that helps a brand and customers save the planet


Advanced B2C website that provides loyalty and credit features for reusable bag returns management

Our team began KissPlanet’s revolutionary mission by building a simple, easy-to-navigate eCommerce store with customization in the checkout flow. Our solution also included advanced features such as fast product selection, detailed information about each product, and full mobile responsiveness. We created a custom module in Odoo enterprise version that matched the specific needs of Kissplanet’s sustainable product sales. We added more technical features to the website, including CRM, accounting, and other areas, to streamline operations and provide a seamless customer experience. With the addition of loyalty and credit features, customers could easily manage their reusable bags, earning credits for their eco-friendly actions.

ERP integration and Business Process Automation

After analyzing Kissplanet’s business operations and technology infrastructure, Atharva recognized that implementing a single, integrated ERP system would be a complex and expensive undertaking. Instead, we proposed an orchestrated operating model that could synchronize all the features in the ERP system. Our solution involved integrating all business processes and transactions across the company, enabling greater compliance and governance by adopting a standardized approach. By using a unified dashboard that consolidates all data, managers could easily monitor and evaluate business performance, leading to improved decision-making and better outcomes.

Custom modules creation in odoo enterprise

We provided a complete integration of Odoo Sales, Accounting, and Website modules to streamline the client’s business operations. With the integration of CRM, Pipeline Management, Leads Acquisition, and Sales, the sales team could assign and track leads efficiently, analyze their performance and optimize their everyday work. The addition of Warehouse Management, Shipping, and Barcodes modules streamlined the inventory processes. The client now has a fully integrated system that optimizes their business processes and improves their overall efficiency.

Advanced barcode app

Atharva provided an advanced barcode application, specifically designed to handle numerous sales and inventory entries and to make it easier for employees to choose lot-based products. With the new app in place, Kissplanet’s employees can easily manage inventory, check product availability, and track sales. This not only makes their processes more efficient, but it also reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that their inventory and sales data is accurate.

One of the key features of the advanced barcode app is the ability to assign reusable bags during the delivery warehouse process. This ensures that Kissplanet can manage their reusable bag returns more effectively, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Modules and Features

  • Automatic Price List Generation

    We created a unique solution for automated price list creation based on margin, product expiry date, and various other factors for different customer groups leaving no room for KissPlanet’s manual updating process.

  • Bundle Product Management

    To manage bundle products we created a system that allows the client to sell multiple products as a single package at an attractive price. This reduces the pricing complexity and simplifies the sales process.

  • Customized Product Return Flow

    we created custom logic to streamline the product return flow. The solution assigns returnable reusable bags to bulk products and adds deposit and return credit to the customer’s account after successful return of the bags. Automated reminder processes are also integrated to ensure timely returns.

  • Simplified Accounting Reports

    We provided a single report for multiple taxes applied on a single bulk product to ease the accounting reports. This helps in quick tax report submission in a matter of minutes.

  • Other Advance Features:

    We built various advanced features to enhance the overall customer experience and boost KissPlanet’s zero-waste product sales.

    • Subscription orders
    • Out of stock notification
    • Loyalty discounts
    • Advance product search
    • Reminders and Push Notifications
    • Advertise tags

Migrating to Odoo 14

We started upgrading KissPlanet with the launch of Odoo 14. Migrating from version 12 to 14 was not an easy feat. We encountered various technical challenges that needed to be overcome to ensure a seamless transition. One of the primary concerns was updating the code parts to meet the latest standards and optimize performance. To achieve this, we conducted a thorough analysis of the existing codebase and identified areas that required improvement. We then implemented new features and updated the codebase to ensure that it met the latest standards and provided enhanced speed and functionality.

Technology Stack


Odoo 14 Enterprise





“Our main challenge was to understand this new unique business process and then convert into a simplified user friendly process.”


Odoo ERP Manager | Atharva System

Better experience starts
with better service

Rudi Collin
Rudi Collin


Result / Outcome

Growing Customers Growing Plants

Growing Customers Growing Plants

Changing shopping patterns with climate-change focus

The KissPlanet and it’s distinctive shopping experiences are loved by people across the Belgium. It inspires people for adopting KissPlanet’s sustainable daily use alternatives and to change shopping patterns with climate-change focus.

Greening the Planet with little steps

As a result of the reusable bag program, the client has planted 2695 trees so far, with the count increasing every day. This initiative has contributed significantly to reducing carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Continuous Updation since last 3 years

Our team of experts has been working closely with the client to understand their evolving business needs and make necessary changes to the system. These updates have not only improved the performance but created a significant impact to our clients’ vision.

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