Integrate Alexa Voice Assistant into your Business with Atharva

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Integrate Alexa Voice Assistant into your Business with Atharva

Let Your Users Connect With Your Business Through Alexa Voice Assistants Services

The audio assistant is taking over all businesses at this moment and the leading global businesses devices are built-in with Alexa audio assistant services. These services let your customers directly talk with Alexa (App) through a speaker. It is a great service that turns any device into a smart device. Customers ask the app for assistance with everyday tasks and the app-connected devices help a business greatly.

Integrate Alexa into Your Business

Integrate Alexa into Your Business

Many industries benefit from our Alexa voice assistant services and we have created audio networks that add value to your business. With this app, you can change the way your businesses work. Our business consultants are leaders in creating string audio assistant businesses.

  • A truly immersive experience
  • Using audio technology integrated with your business
  • Deepest experience and broadest reach
  • Huge commitment towards voice assistant services

Voice Assistants (Alexa) Solutions

Industry-Specific Voice Assistants

As per the specific industry, we generate industry workflows, catalog management, supply chain management, CRM applications, catalog management, and invoicing.

Custom Voice Assistants Development

We develop custom Alexa services Software Solutions that add value to your business. It also aids the functioning of the business workflow, project, day-to-day working, and data management.

Built-In Features

This voice assistant service consists of many built-in features which enable the users to get results by setting reminders for different search inputs that range from music, weather, news, and other information or forecast information of the area.

Echo Communication

We also provide services related to echo communication which enables superior interaction between the different Alexa Echo Devices. The interaction is possible when an echo device provides a command to the next echo device and this also requires Alexa drop-in service.


Our voice assistant services can also be synced with your Amazon speakers. Further, these Amazon speakers can be optimized to pair with Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio, Amazon Music Unlimited, SiriusXM, and TuneIn along with Apple Music.

Support and Maintenance for Audio Apps

With Alexa, you also get round-the-clock support and superior maintenance for your voice-based systems and it also provides superior solutions for unified functioning and offers the most superior user experiences.

Industry-wide Alexa Voice Assistant Services

Our audio assistant services are trending in all major sectors and many new companies from different industries are implementing these services. At Atharva, our experts help clients from many industries to accelerate their audio assistant journey.

eCommerce Industry

eCommerce Industry

Alexa is making life simpler for the consumers in the retail sector. We help our customers with this technology so that they can benefit from the audio assistants and spend less screen time. They can do much more through voice support and this has made such audio assistants like Amazon Alexa popular in the retail sector. This app is becoming the new consumer channel and many more clients conduct sales through these voice-assistant devices.

Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

Such audio assistants like Amazon Alexa have made their presence felt in operating interfaces of advanced automobiles with the integration of voice command technology. It helps the consumers to ask for directions, search nearby landmarks and do much more with a spoken command. As companies are investing huge sums of money in these services, we enable these companies to utilize voice control technology and skills and benefit from the technology for better customer support.



Many educational institutions are now integrating audio control technology in their day-to-day operations. This includes providing setting schedules and calendars for lectures. This technology is now becoming a part of many higher education institutes that are leveraging this app and other audio command technology. Our team helps many companies in the educational sector to use spoken command technology to improve their functions.



The hospitality industry has been investing in many advanced technologies and tools that enhance the experience of their guests. We provide advanced audio command technology to be integrated into various services for our hospitality clients. As Alexa and audio command services are being introduced in the hospitality industry, hotels are now integrating audio UI into their software system. Such a system is placed in different locations on the premises and it helps in providing better customer service.



The audio services are becoming a game-changer in the healthcare sector. The technology streamlines communication between all stakeholders including the doctors, patients, and staff. It helps to increase accountability and with voice activation, an improved communication system is guaranteed. Our team provides advanced voice assistant services in this industry and with this app, you can track all these activities, medication dosage, and much more.

Adding Value with Voice Assistant Services

How we do it

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Adding Value with Voice Assistant Services

Types of Voice Assistants

At Atharva, we offer Alexa Services to enable the betterment of your business at market levels and multiple ecosystems.

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