Why Is Ruby on Rails Software Still a Good Choice in 2024?

February 9, 2024
Ruby on Rails Software
“When the need to develop powerful web applications strikes you, Ruby on Rails has stood strong ever since 2004. But is it still a reliable choice for developing robust web applications?”

Well, you cannot go wrong with Ruby on Rails with experts on board and implementing the best development practices. According to reports, Ruby on Rails ranked second for web development framework with 26% of the market share. Choose Ruby on Rails software development company to make the most value from the numbers and paves the way for efficient web development.

2024 is here but Ruby on Rails’ impressive ecosystem and great libraries never disappoints for web development. This is what makes it an ideal choice for web development. With Ruby on Rails development company to the rescue, you can capitalize on developing top notch and scalable applications that align with your brand.

Despite the emergence of new technologies, Ruby on Rails (RoR) stands tall as a dependable and efficient choice for Ruby on Rails programmer to develop web applications. Continue reading to know why Ruby on Rails still is a popular choice for web development in 2024.

Why Do Businesses Choose Rails?

The advantages above explain why businesses today embrace Ruby on Rails for critical web projects and products. Beyond fast initial development, Rails offers long-term cost savings compared to other technologies.

Hiring Rails developers is relatively easy, given the large community. Rails handles everything from simple prototypes to high-traffic e-commerce platforms. It remains a versatile choice for all kinds of web applications.

Popular Uses of Ruby on Rails

Some popular uses of Ruby on Rails include:

  • Back-end API development for mobile apps
  • E-commerce platforms and products
  • Web automation and DevOps tools
  • Main web application development
  • Static site generator back-ends

Benefits of Ruby on Rails for New Product Development

High-Security Level

Ruby on Rails helps maximize the security risks associated with common vulnerabilities such as cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, clickjacking, and SQL injection. However, if you are using RoR, you will require a mature or professional team with expertise who can handle everything.


Ruby on Rails uses a straightforward syntax that allows developers to accomplish complex tasks with less code. The framework is designed for programmer happiness, enabling cleaner code maintenance and easier onboarding of new team members. Rails code is simple yet powerful. Benefits of Choosing Ruby on Rails development company like Atharva simplify the development process and gains a competitive edge in the market.

Strong Community

One of Rails’ greatest assets is its strong open-source community. The core team and thousands of contributors continuously improve the framework by solving problems, adding features, and evolving the technology. For developers, this means abundant information and assistance are available within the active Rails community.

Saves Time and Money

Rails is optimized for rapid web development. It enables businesses to build sites and applications quickly, bringing products to market faster. Less development time means lower costs. Rails also simplify maintenance and updates over time, reducing long-term costs.

Keeps Things Organized

The Ruby on Rails folder structure and conventions bake organization right into Rails projects. The code stays tidy and structured. This organization facilitates updating code and adding new features down the road.

Handles Complex Projects

While ideal for startups, Rails scales up to serve the needs of large, complex web apps. Its organization and abstractions allow it to tackle intricate projects with many moving parts. Giants like Airbnb, GitHub, Shopify, and Basecamp rely on Ruby on Rails. Therefore, it is essential to choose Ruby on Rails development company like Atharva and scale growth in the market.

Helps You Learn About More Tech

Acquiring knowledge of Rails is like unlocking the vast realm of technology. Using Rails also introduces you to other essential web development components, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are web fundamentals. You also get knowledge of databases and internet functionality. This indicates that learning Rails is a great idea if you want to work in technology.

Although you can learn many other things, Rails is the first thing you learn. Even for those with extensive experience in technology, there’s always more to learn and experiment with, such as with Rails.

Why Ruby on Rails Remains A Top Choice for Web Development 2024?

Given its continued strengths, Ruby on Rails is likely to remain a leading web framework in 2024 and beyond. Let’s look at why it stands the test of time.

Productivity and Convention Over Configuration

Rails emphasizes sensible defaults and conventions over manual configuration. This allows developers to concentrate their energy on solving unique problems rather than boilerplate. Rails get out of the way so programmers can deliver value quickly.

Mature Ecosystem

After nearly 20 years of growth, rails offers a mature ecosystem of stable libraries and tools. Developers benefit from numerous reusable gems and plugins, which speed up their work. These solutions have been rigorously tested and refined over years of real-world use by the community, which ensures their reliability and effectiveness.

Performance and Scalability

Advanced features like Action Cable and Active Record optimizations make Rails suitable for large and demanding workloads today. Performance issues plaguing earlier versions have been rectified. Rails now readily scales to handle medium to large web applications.

Organized Codebase

Rails enforce an organized folder and file structure, resulting in consistent codebases. This improves readability and makes it easier for teams to collaborate. New developers can quickly become productive on Rails projects.

Database Abstraction with ActiveRecord

ActiveRecord provides a database abstraction layer that enables developers to interface with databases using Ruby objects instead of SQL. This simplifies data access and app development. Given data’s central importance, ActiveRecord remains a key advantage.

Security Focus

Rails emphasizes security with built-in protections against vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting, & cross-site request forgery. The Rails core team and community also rapidly address emerging threats.

Cost and Time Savings

Convention over configuration, abundant integrations, and rapid prototyping capabilities reduce the custom code businesses need to write. This results in faster and cheaper development compared to alternatives.

Robust Testing Culture

From its beginning, Rails has emphasized the importance of automated testing and test-driven development. This testing focus results in more stable and bug-free application code.

Accessible for Beginners

Rails is user-friendly for beginners while offering advanced capabilities for experts. With a large community, it provides ample learning resources for newcomers to web development and Ruby.

Flexibility and Customization

While providing convention and structure, Rails offers flexibility when needed. Developers can customize and extend core classes and features as business requirements evolve.


Rails integrates well with today’s web development ecosystems. It works smoothly with JavaScript frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue through APIs. Rails also connect readily with mobile apps by providing back-end API services.

Count on Atharva For Ruby on Rails Software Development Up!

Atharva is a promising name in the web development market with years of specialization, offering Ruby on Rails development services without compromising the end budget. We have a team of top-class developers and resources to give wings to development ideas. By making the best use of Ruby on Rails libraries and features, Atharva offers best-in-class development services that continue to scale and align with your business objectives.

As a top development company, Atharva continues to gain attention in bringing top-notch development to the table. Contact us today and head high with an efficient software development process.

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