Build Solid Analytics with Tableau Consulting

Get Actionable Insights with Tableau Consulting, Visualization, Reporting, Analytics, And Dashboard

Build Solid Analytics with Tableau Consulting

What is Tableau?

What is Tableau?
Tableau is a powerful visualization system used by Business Intelligence Segments. Using this, companies can interpret raw information in a very easy-to-understand format. This technology creates information that every single person can understand in a company. Novice users can create customized dashboards. Information reading is fast with this tool.

Benefits of Tableau Development

Tableau services offer extensive benefits for companies big or small alike. With great information imagination, the company can speed up its operations. Through fast, interactive dashboards, this tool allows fast development and mining of information. With impressive simplicity and ease of learning, it has offered fast connections built across a range of data sources.

Benefits of Tableau Development
  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Tableau offers the ability to access information and get a complete view of its operations. Companies can get a view of the organization and identify areas of opportunity and lacking. You can use this high-performing BI platform to interact among departments. It will help operate your business faster and get better ways to perform different functions.

  • Collaboration of data

    Collaboration of data

    You can connect with various information sources. It includes SAP, HADOOP, and DB tools to improve data evaluation quality. It also creates a centralized and informative dashboard that grants access to the required information for any user. They can get and use the necessary information from anywhere anytime for better business functioning.

  • Real time analysis

    Real time analysis

    Using Tableau services, it is possible to understand and share information about businesses. It allows you to work with your data imaginary and in an interactive way. From your system, you can access your information in the format of your choice. It also allows you to interact with your graphs, reports, and dashboards in real-time.

  • Mobile-Friendly


    You can easily use this tool using your smartphone as there is a mobile app available. Both IOS and Android users can use tableau tools anywhere. Adding mobility this tool allows you to store your statistics as a ready reference. It also can support full functionality that is available for online or desktop versions.

  • Multiple Information Supply

    Multiple Information Supply

    You can gain access to various information about your business functioning without any hassle. You can get all the data under a single platform. Any of your business partners or employees can access any assigned data across the business. It is readily anywhere anytime for better business decisions and strategies.

  • Data Blending

    Data Blending

    It is a process of combining data from many sources. This process brings invaluable information from other data sources and shows it with data from the primary data source. This helps businesses to gain the right access to multiple data in one centralized platform for improved decisions for the best results.

Our Tableau Development Expertise

If you cannot visualize the right picture of your business, it would not be possible to understand if you are concentrating on priorities. With Tableau consulting solutions from our specialists, you can have a clear picture of your data. It is managed and displayed on one screen and not scattered across different and long spreadsheets.

  • Tableau Server and Desktop

    Tableau Server and Desktop

    Get Tableau-server services for collaborative decision-making. Tableau Desktop offers a quick way to study, visualize and share information. You can create and share data and perform advanced data evaluation. Also connect to data sources, design templates, and integrate dashboards. We offer a desktop tool from Tableau for which you need to get access to Tableau Desktop Professional Edition.

  • Data Integration Service

    Data Integration Service

    Business requires a digital transformation strategy with the right data integration. We are experts in offering updated data platforms using the Tableau data integration platform. Whether you want to migrate to a new system or deploy Tableau tools, you get all in a single platform performed by industry experts. Avail of our services and watch out for the results.

  • Workflow Implementation

    Workflow Implementation

    We offer business analytics workflows of Tableau. Its workflow integration is simple. You can easily check your everyday work. You receive a notification when anything new or noticeable happens in Tableau. We can implement the workflow of your choice and requirement using this tool for improved performance.

  • BI Infrastructure Consulting

    BI Infrastructure Consulting

    We create and optimize your BI infrastructure for generating an optimum return on investment. The right infrastructure is the core of any business. The better and smooth its functioning is, the better the results are. We can offer crisp and powerful business intelligence solutions for improved business performance. Use our tableau consulting solutions for great ROI.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

We are one of the Tableau consulting solution providers. Having years of experience and a specialist team of subject matter experts, Atharva System brings to you the most suitable custom BI services. Here are some of our expertise and specialties:

Technical Expertise

Dedicated Team

Flexible Time Preference

Full-Cycle Services

Security & Confidentiality

Free Consultation

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What is Tableau used for?

It is the fastest growing and strong software used in the space of Business Intelligence. Many industries have been extensively using this tool for data visualization, evaluation, and reporting.

Can I use Tableau for free?

Yes, this service is free that enables you to publish your information and visualizations over the web. For other services of this software, you can pay a nominal amount.

Do I need to have programming knowledge to use Tableau?

No, to use this technology, you do not need any programming or coding understanding or experience. It is a BI software created for all of us and it requires the knowledge of some easy formulas and some logic that are easy to learn.

How do you assure us about our data security?

We have installed highly secure firewalls for our in-house purpose and take full precautions to keep your data secure from outside. In addition, we also sign NDA with you to protect your crucial data.

Do we have a data analysis system in place? Can I still can use Tableau for visualization?

Yes, you can. Although it is a data analysis tool you can integrate your current system with this tool for visualization. You can get a better idea and you can streamline your system when you share more details of the ETL method with us.

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