Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

In today’s day and age, when a lot of raw data inundates the market, it is crucial for businesses to identify meaningful information from it in order to make more informed and powerful decisions. With expertise in providing cutting-edge business intelligence solutions, Atharva System leverages innovative data analytical capabilities to process the raw data available and unravelling important information.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence


Having worked across organizations that range from startups to large-scale enterprises across a wide industrial domain, Atharva has developed a strong market presence when it comes to bespoke business intelligence solutions. Our team of developers delve deep into research and identify the key parameters that must be tracked and analysed in order to make better business decisions that are backed by data. Upon understanding the database requirements, we develop customized models in order to efficiently collect, store, and lastly, process the data to attain the desired results. We provide a wide range of BI Services that include

  • BI consultancy

    With a strong understanding of various businesses, we help clients design a roadmap as well as architecture for data processing and analytics. Further, depending on their requirements, we also identify the best technologies and platforms to see through the project.

  • Data collection and validation

    One of the most important foundations for a successful BI Solution is to identify sources of data that provide accuracy, and then applying techniques that eliminate undesired data. Our developers have gained significant expertise when it comes to data collection, warehousing, as well as applying techniques for cleansing such that our solution uses only meaningful data that is free from outliers.

  • Dashboard and reporting modules development

    Once our clients, with our help, have zeroed down on a direction, we develop interactive dashboards and reporting modules that make it significantly easier for clients to access the insights generated through graphs and tables.

  • Data migration

    Data Migration is a necessary step that needs to be undertaken before a BI solution functions properly. Our talented team of database professionals carry out seamless data migration services while ensuring data consistency, minimal loss of data, and complete security. Further, we also assist our clients in upgrading database infrastructure and migration required during that time.

  • BI maintenance and support

    Given that this technology is rather nascent, it is likely that end-users might take some time to adapt it. To ensure that they do not face any problems while operating it, we provide maintenance and support services even after the solution is deployed in the client environment.

Business Intelligence


Our developers have delivered some of the most exceptional Business Inteligence based projects over the last 10 years, across a wide industrial domain. Some of the most notable projects using this framework we have crafted in the recent part.


Requirement Gathering

High knowledge and experience in Business Intelligence



Our projects are evaluated to make sure they are with the highest quality


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Select Dedicated Resource



Our work is planned carefully and intentionally to be perfect



Just the best projects can make a way to their realization



We deliver all the project on time

hire dedicated Business Intelligence developer

hire dedicated Business Intelligence developer

Hire our Business Intelligence developers, and they will do the job efficiently according to your business requirements. Atharva System offer flexible hiring of developers that can provide flexible solutions for our clients’ requirements.

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"Atharva System is the leading service provider in Ruby on Rails from India. They are very professional and understood my requirements very quickly. Projects are carried out quickly and we can make as much corrections as necessary. It’s always a pleasure working together. I will work with them again."

Anderson Saraiva, United Kingdom

Anderson Saraiva
United Kingdom

"We're very happy with the TickTock theme, that is pretty and has unique features in which make it unbeatable. The customer service from Atharva also has been awesome, beyond the expectations. We think all these things together, plus the OpenERP features, make the Odoo the best system in the industry."

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