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What is Low-Code/No-Code Development

With the rise of low code/no code development, you can now build applications without relying on programmers
for every line of code.

Low code simplifies software development by providing a visual interface for drag-and-drop components,
minimizing hand-coding. It allows for custom code integration when needed. No code takes this further, relying
solely on visual tools without any manual coding or scripting required.

While Low-code/No-code doesn’t entirely replace traditional coding, it’s poised to revolutionize software
development with its ability to accelerate build times significantly.

3 Reasons - Driving Factors Behind Low-Code/No-Code Adoption



In today's fast-paced market, innovation demands swift market entry. This necessity has fueled the rapid adoption of low-code and no-code development platforms.



Visual development environments in these platforms accelerate development cycles and decrease the total cost of ownership by reducing the necessity for coding maintenance.


Rapid Evolution

With low-code/no-code, companies can swiftly adapt their applications to changing market needs and experiment with new ideas faster.

Speed-to-market with Atharva

With LCNC platforms, innovation is within reach, empowering individuals to craft their ideas effortlessly.

However, our intervention is pivotal. With extensive experience across diverse industries, we efficiently leverage LCNC platforms to rapidly launch solutions that work in today’s competitive market.

Our Offerings

Mobile App Development

We create a variety of mobile apps using low-code/no-code platforms, ranging from simple utility apps to complex business applications.

Web App

Craft scalable and responsive web applications tailored to your unique requirements with low-code/no-code technology.


Whether it's a single-brand store or a bustling marketplace, our LCNC solutions empower businesses to build eCommerce at speed.

Dashboards &

Leverage the power of LCNC tools like Tableau and PowerBI for custom data visualization and analytics solutions with ML capabilities.

CRM Solutions

Enhance customer relationship management with our bespoke CRM solutions, integrating automation and personalized interactions to nurture leads and boost retention.

Enterprise App Development

With LCNC, we empower you to develop innovative applications and deliver them to market faster than your competitors.

Rapid Prototyping
& MVPs

Accelerate product development cycles with rapid prototyping and MVPs with powerful LCNC tools like Bubble, OutSystems, and Mendix.

Chatbots & AI-Powered Applications

Integrate intelligent chatbots and AI-powered applications into your systems with our low-code/no-code development.

IoT (Internet of Things) Applications

Whether it's for industrial automation, smart buildings, healthcare, or consumer electronics, we offer LCNC development for innovative IoT apps.

The Low-code /No-code revolution has been gaining momentum across various industries.

Industry-wide Solutions

Our solutions cater to the unique needs of each industry, providing tailored solutions that drive efficiency and innovation.

Enterprise Tools
& Software

We rapidly prototype, iterate, and deploy customized tools and software to enhance operations across your enterprise.

Workflow Automation Apps

Using LCNC development, we help you build more accessible and flexible apps for your teams to be more productive and innovative.

Healthcare Solutions

Leverage LCNC development for quick solutions in patient care, administrative tasks, or to meet urgent healthcare demands.

Marketplaces & Directory Website

Easily build dynamic marketplace and directory websites, providing users with feature-rich, user-friendly platforms for an amazing experience.

Educational Platforms

With LCNC, we offer a diverse range of educational platforms, from robust LMS solutions to interactive e-learning, skill development and virtual classroom platforms.

Finance & Banking Software

Using LCNC, we deliver secure, agile solutions for mobile apps, portals, CRM, and advanced analytics software in banking and finance.

HR Software

Transform HR operations with custom software solutions built with LCNC tools that scale and evolve alongside your organizational needs.

Social Networking Platforms

Create engaging networking , collaborative, and community apps while reducing time, costs, and complexity of manual coding.

And Many More

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Build with Popular LCNC Tools

To create cutting-edge apps for you, we harness the capabilities of the most popular Low-Code/No-Code platforms listed below:


Power Apps


Salesforce Lightning



Quick Base

Zoho Creator








Google App Maker

Our No-Code Platforms

Shopify No-Code
App Builder

Convert your Shopify store into mobile app in minutes!


Odoo Theme

Build powerful online presense with Theme Alan!


Hire a Low-Code/No-Code Developers

Hire a Dedicated Developer or Team of Developers

  • A specialized group of seasoned low-code and no-code developers.
  • Experienced in extending the functionality of LCNC platforms through custom coding or integrations.
  • Excelled at crafting creative solutions within the confines of LCNC platforms.
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