AngularJS Development Services

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AngularJS is a leading web application framework which is based on javascript for building single page application. Single Page Application or SPA means that the entire content of the web is contained in a single page, which means when the page is loaded will not reload by clicking on the links only will update the section that is clicked and contained in the page itself.

AngularJS Development Services

angularjs development services


Our experience and success in AngularJS development is a guarantee for creating the most quality web applications. We have the best developers at affordable rates. Our team will make sure that your project will be finished on time with high quality.

  • Dynamic Web Application Development

    We follow the latest Web Application trends. It includes Node Package Manager, Progressive Web Apps, Google AMP, and materialization of CSS Framework. Thus, we help you to enlarge your business and establish your firm as one of the best in the industry.

  • Enterprise App Interface and Development

    We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Tally, etc. to develop application interfaces. These services are for small and enterprise-level companies. You get seamless integration with technologies like GPRS, Geo-Fencing, and QR code.

  • Angular JS Upgrade and Maintenance

    We update the latest plugin updates in the AngularJS framework. We remove outdated functions. Clearing the useless coding is necessary. Using the latest tools and technology can improve the user experience. Constant quality and timely services are our forte which is our value addition.

  • Application Migration

    We provide different application migration services. These include CMS migration, Database migration, Code migration, and many more. We use an open-source cloud migration strategy and move your applications faster. We do this without any risks and with minimal cost.

  • User Interactive Module Development

    We provide you great user interactive module service by making things appealing. Our services are easy to scale, navigate, and responsive to multiple-platforms. This would make your company skyrocket in appearance and readability.

  • Custom Widget Development

    We specialize in creating both web and app widgets, given specific business needs. We design and develop apps that are easy to use and help you access information from the custom widget.

  • Custom Angular JS Development

    Our custom AngularJS development services are simple to us. It includes custom widgets, application migration, Angular JS consulting services, and many more. We provide development services that can speed up your ability to deliver products.

  • Third-Party Integration Services

    We provide several integration services. It includes payment gateways, SMS gateway Social Network API, and Shipping Gateway integration. Integrating with third-party applications and websites helps you develop better internal connectivity. It aligns with your business processes.

  • Real-Time Solutions and Data Streaming Apps

    We provide you with our best of the ability Data Streaming Apps that can shape your business for the better. These apps will provide distributed computation over streams of data. They will also be linked with many open-source data processing ecosystems.

  • Chatbot Application Development

    Our chatbot development services include automated customer support. It also offers better business experience thus improved customer experience. For improved ROI, we use the best quality processes to deploy and build specific solutions for specific industries.

angularjs development


Our dedicated angularjs developers have delivered some of the most exceptional Angularjs based projects over the last 10 years, across a wide industrial domain. Some of the most notable projects using this framework we have crafted in the recent part.


Requirement Gathering

high knowledge and experience in Angularjs Development



our projects are evaluated to make sure they are with the highest quality


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Select Dedicated Resource



our work is planned carefully and intentionally to be perfect



just the best projects can make a way to their realization



We deliver all the project on time

hire dedicated Angularjs developer

hire dedicated Angularjs developer

We provide effective AngularJS developers who will be dedicated to their work to achieve our clients’ needs. Atharva System is a place to find AngularJS Developers with over 5 years of AngularJS Development experience with a team of Certified and Experienced developers. We are a rapidly growing AngularJS Development company providing services for medium and large organizations in the public and private sectors.

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Edward N, UK

Edward N,

"Working with Atharva System has been an absolute pleasure. They are reliable, quick to comprehend complex functionality, and always deliver top quality work. Communication is great, they listen to my needs and regardless of the size of project, I always feel like an important customer, not just a number."

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