What‌ is‌ the‌ Best‌ Choice‌ for‌ Developers‌ Among‌ ReactJS‌ vs‌ NodeJS‌ vs‌ ‌AngularJS‌

May 19, 2021
What‌ is‌ the‌ Best‌ Choice‌ for‌ Developers‌ Among‌ ReactJS‌ vs‌ NodeJS‌ vs‌ ‌AngularJS‌

JavaScript commonly called JS is one of the most prominent scripting languages. People prefer to use it as it is both lightweight and can create lively content on the web.

Among all the JS frameworks, some frameworks rank the highest when it comes to their performance. ReactJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS are the top JS frameworks that are used by the developer’s community at the highest scale. 

The choice is dependent on the features and performance along with the compatibility of the platform. These frameworks have their own limitations and benefits.

Here we discuss ReactJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. In the below article, these frameworks are explained and compared to find the best ones as per the developers.

Understanding JavaScript Frameworks in Details

To understand ReactJS, NodeJS and AngularJS better, we need to understand what JavaScript frameworks are. A JS framework is software for any application which employs JS language.

When it comes to website designing, it is essential to pick the best frameworks. 

Many options are available for website designers and choosing the right frameworks depends on business requirements.

The frameworks also depend on the type of business chosen and this leads to choosing a particular JS version for a website.

Any JS frameworks that are chosen by a business depend on the prevalent norms of the software industry. The 3 frameworks mentioned above are the most prevalent in the software industry.

Although there are some other JS frameworks, here we are discussing these 3 frameworks as they are the major ones.

What is difference between Nodejs and ReactJS and AngularJS?

Developers choose some specific frameworks consistently regardless of their professional experience.

These frameworks are written in JavaScript and the platforms NodeJS, AngularJS, and ReactJS are the ones that have gained the attention of the developers.

They are a good choice for all the developers as they fit all criteria in the field of web and application development.

1. What is AngularJS? 

AngularJS is a JS framework that was launched by Google in 2009. It is a client-side framework and is an open-source framework too.

AngularJS helps the developers to resolve various challenges that come up in the case of the single-page web application.

The applications usually contain shell pages and come with multiple views. It also combines with other libraries.

Thus, it also helps in encompassing an HTML vocabulary for web & application development.

Why choose AngularJS?

AngularJS is a popular framework and there are many reasons for the preference of this framework:

  • The framework has a large support community
  • AngularJS has an inbuilt dependency and injection subsystem
  • The framework has an angular data binding with simple routing
  • This is a framework that allows the creation of a customized document object model (DOM)
  • AngularJS helps in creating remarkable user interfaces
  • It helps to synchronize data must between the model view and components view
  • The frameworks are an extension to HTML syntax and it creates reusable components as per directives
  • AngularJS gives spectacular angular libraries with great solutions for template building

The unit testing process along with AngularJS helps in the injection of sample data. This data is injected into the controller.

After this, the output is measured with the behavior. It helps to create individual test pages that can be tested one after the other.

These pages then interact with various components and this helps them to be tested later.

Many web developers use AngularJS Development Services to ensure they are going on the right path with their products.

Atharva Systems is the best AngularJS Development Company that developers invest in. They provide the most superior Angular development services for all types of web development services. 

2. What is NodeJS?

Node.JS is a framework that is both open-source and it uses JavaScript on the Server. NodeJS developers run it on different platforms including Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS X.

NodeJS has been built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine. It has a runtime on JavaScript and this uses a non-blocking, event-driven I/O model.

This makes the framework both efficient and lightweight. Being one of the biggest combinations of open-source libraries, the Node.JS package is highly efficient and useful.

NodeJS Development Services is a huge investment and this makes it popular among developers.

Why Choose NodeJS?

  • NodeJS is a JavaScript runtime framework 
  • It is lightweight and fast 
  • It helps to create scalable networking applications quickly 
  • It has client-side data rendering 
  • It has an upper configuration

3. What is ReactJS?

One of the main ideas behind ReactJS development is to create a framework that builds a dynamic library and has higher performance.

The development process is optimized and it was an important requirement for using JavaScript. It is a JavaScript that is open-source and not a complete framework.

The framework helps to build great user interfaces and this also helps to render better performances at all levels.

It uses reusable components which makes it easy for the native rendering of hybrid applications. The UI components of React Native can be useful without the need to re-writing the code of an existing application.

Why Choose ReactJS?

It has a virtual DOM that is much faster which helps to refresh some specific parts of the page compared to the conventional refresh model. It eventually helps to improve the SEO of the webpage.

ReactJS development is the future of creating hybrid mobile apps and some of the reasons why it is to be used extensively are detailed below:

  • This technology makes it simpler to make UI Test Cases
  • It helps to reuse components of the code
  • The framework displays its components in higher amounts 
  • It helps to display components efficiently and quickly
  • The framework also specialized in chrome extension
  • The framework is easy to be debugged and improves the speed of de-bugging
  • There is a need for manual processing for data changes
  • It is a framework that is oriented on view and covers Android and iOS
  • It helps in the easy rendering of the code from the server to the browser
  • It supports front-end side as well as server-side

There are certain cons of using this framework. They use JSX that allows the mixing of HTML with JavaScript. This is a disadvantage for the ReactJS application developers.

It is a complex framework and it has a steep learning curve. It releases new tools which results in the release of incomplete documentation.

This makes it problematic for the new developers who want to learn and understand coding.

ReactJS development companies help users to learn new customs of development due to its high pace. But it is not easy for all developers to keep pace due to fast evolution.

ReactJS vs NodeJS vs AngularJS

NodeJS, AngularJS, and ReactJS have their features. AngularJS is a framework with full features but ReactJS is the library.

With ReactJS, the developers need to write fewer codes, and implementing virtual DOM helps with better performance. The community of ReactJS has been continuously growing.

ReactJS vs NodeJS vs AngularJS

NodeJS is both fast and lightweight and thus is a popular JavaScript Framework. NodeJS helps to create scalable websites and applications.

It helps in data rendering on the client-side and helps with upper configuration. This makes it an obvious choice for JavaScript developers.

Feature-based Comparison between the 3 Frameworks

To understand these frameworks better, let’s compare them feature to feature. This comparison will help developers with several factors which influence the performance of the frameworks i.e., AngularJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS.

1. Acceptance of Framework – ReactJS is one of the most popular frameworks among developers. This is as per the number of ReactJS downloads as per NPM trends.

When ReactJS is compared with Node JS and Angular JS, its popularity is much higher. 

So, if we look at just the criteria of downloads, ReactJS is the best framework among the developers. 

2. Performance of Framework – When it comes to performance, it is one of the major factors in the success of application development.

When comparing ReactJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS, one of the priorities is DOM in the application UI.

AngularJS makes the app performance slower. This is especially helpful when developers deal with heavy applications.

When we compare it with the frameworks of ReactJS, NodeJS, they are not good for heavy apps.

ReactJS is a framework that gives the developers a deep learning curve. It also provides the flexibility of options change.

It also provides features as per the choice of the developers. As the developers need to work comfortably, ReactJS helps to implement new things flawlessly. The apps that are based on ReactJS perform better in Node and Angular. 

3. Migration Features – The feature of migration helps developers to adapt to new framework versions.

Between Node, Angular, and React, NodeJS is the simplest to update and it provides a better adaptive tendency to the developers.

AngularJS helps the developers with updates cycles.  Its regular update cycle is once in six months.

ReactJS is better when it comes to migrations and updates. It helps with seamless migration to the new version in a stable manner.

Node JS has been providing quick migration tools for developers. This helps them to adopt newer versions of the framework effortlessly. This is possible as 90% of the APIs don’t require changes.

4. Learning Arc – If comparisons are made between the 3 frameworks in terms of the learning arc then NodeJS is the best followed by ReactJS and Angular.

As developers have the highest experience in NodeJS, it increases the proficiency of the development team. 

5. Size of Framework – Depending on whether you want lightweight or smarter applications, both NodeJS and ReactJS are suitable.

But when it comes to heavy applications, AngularJS is the best choice among the developers.

6. Speed of Development – The speed of development of apps is dependent on how many libraries are accessible by the NodeJS developers.

The best platform for deployment speed is through AngularJS and it also provides developers for deployment speed.

ReactJS has numerous libraries and its JS architecture is also scalable. In NodeJS, both speed and scalability are possible.

7. Community Support – AngularJS is maintained by Google while ReactJS is maintained by Facebook.

This makes them good frameworks with high community support but NodeJS has an open-source community which makes it time to gain popularity.

AngularJS, NodeJS, and ReactJS are all high-performance frameworks and they all help in supporting app development. 


Depending on the needs of the apps, developers choose the frameworks which suit their requirements.

There are many features in each of these frameworks that might not be present in others. But all these are highly useful in their way. 

As per different parameters, the frameworks stand out, and thus they are all equally useful. These popular frameworks have stood the test of time and in their way have helped the web development communities.

Therefore, they have their applications in the web development industry. Better hire ReactJS Development Company to get the best results.

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What‌ is‌ the‌ Best‌ Choice‌ for‌ Developers‌ Among‌ ReactJS‌ vs‌ NodeJS‌ vs‌ ‌AngularJS‌
What‌ is‌ the‌ Best‌ Choice‌ for‌ Developers‌ Among‌ ReactJS‌ vs‌ NodeJS‌ vs‌ ‌AngularJS‌

JavaScript commonly called JS is one of the most prominent scripting languages. People prefer to use it as it is Read more

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