Complete Amazon Cloud Hosting Services

Atharva is the topmost consultancy and hosting service provider for Amazon’s AWS cloud-based solutions. AWS offers flexible and scalable infrastructure. In the last 7 years our team has helped clients from diverse industries.

  • Flexibility


    Amazon Web Services and excellent AWS systems bring flexibility to the business and operations of our clients. The services enable employees to access data from off-site as well as from home with high-end assistance.

  • Scalability


    Top quality and advanced online storage services from Amazon Web Services help to easily upscale and downscale the IT requirements of clients and they can easily scale resources from applications for better customer management.

  • Security


    The first concern with server hosting services is security. We offer Amazon service with Amazon Cloud hosting Services Provider to ensure high standards. This helps to prevent data loss, with data encryption, access control, and key management.

  • Performance


    At Atharva, we have a reliable partnership with AWS which provides performance optimization for supporting companies in processes with faster speed and higher availability, cost control, and faster delivery.

  • Consulting


    We also offer consultancy with our AWS Managed Services. Our advisory system enables clients to make most of the latest server technology. This helps clients to make scalable application solutions that are available at optimum cost.

  • Migration


    The most common AWS solution that we specialize in is cloud migration. The AWS managed service providers as Atharva analyze current IT infrastructure to help you move apps, content, and data seamlessly to the Amazon Web Services.

Flexible Cloud Services

Our team of experts at Atharva empowers businesses from all industries by delivering flexible engagement models that are based on unique customer needs. Our biggest strength lies in providing top technology and consulting services in a cost-effective way.

Flexible Cloud Services

On-Demand Cloud Computing

Our on-demand cloud computing services help you in assessing the right tools for your business and in executing ideal plans which are as per the industry needs and also based on the resource-related demands to work with huge data in a flexible manner.

On-Demand Cloud Computing

Use Flexible Engagement Models with Atharva

Many businesses invest in our Amazon web services globally as it is flexible and helps to engage clients in the cloud-based culture by integrating intelligence into app infrastructure.

  • Fixed Price Model

    Our fixed price model is great for those who want to invest in a one-time project or fix-time project. The plans can be chosen as per your budget-related requirements.

  • Hourly (Material & Time)

    These plans are built to suit the ad-hoc needs and other tech-related requirements of your organization and it needs minimum monthly hours for your project.

  • Dedicated Resources

    We provide a team of 100% dedicated developers and engineers as per your selection and they aim towards continuous development for your projects.

  • Bucket Hours (Monthly/ weekly)

    You can also choose to buy weekly or monthly buckets from us and this is the best-suited plan for multiple projects for 100, 150, 200, or more hours.

  • Maintenance & Support Plans

    We help you to relax with all your technology-related services and products by providing tech support plans which can be upgraded and they can be used to maintain all your apps.

Industry-specific AWS Services

We deliver server services like never for various industries as per the client's requirements. These solutions improve automation and monitoring ensuring compliance.

  • Financial


    The online trends are driving business in the banking industry and the financial institutions are adopting this system for back-office support. We help them stay competitive.

  • Retail


    Our online solutions are built for e-commerce platforms which make retailing consumer-friendly and increases access, reduces the price, and helps to support new business.

  • Healthcare


    This system is playing a crucial role in the healthcare industry through the application of advanced health monitoring technologies allowing doctors to manage distant patients.

  • Education


    The Education sector has benefitted hugely from the cloud and as students are moving towards online learning courses the latest cloud technology helps to transfer their overall curriculum on the server.

  • Automotive


    One of the biggest benefactors of cloud technology solutions has been the automotive industry for better interaction with the customers with a common cloud environment for the automotive suppliers.

  • Manufacturing


    The manufacturing industry requires this system for the embedding of physical equipment including sensors, or GPS markers and other manufacturing and development related processes.

Cloud contributes to the greener planet

Cloud contributes to the greener planet

Let’s put green at the core of our business

AWS enabled System for Safety, Management & Sustainability Developed

When any of our clients need to fulfill the industry-based standards for safety and compliance along with higher sustainability in terms of the cloud-based solution including consultancy, monitoring, and migration, we make sure to leave no stone unturned. This helps increase business opportunities powering them with the right set of solutions. Hire AWS cloud developers for superior cloud services.

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A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

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Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

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Shift your business to the Cloud and see what happens

Shift your business
to the Cloud and see
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