12 Factors that Makes Ruby on Rails the Ideal e-Commerce Web Solution in 2021

March 22, 2021

Ruby on Rails is considered to be one of the best web development frameworks to build web apps. Although RoR has boomed already, it’s still recommended by developers all over the world.

In 2020, e-commerce services are at their all-time high. The pandemic, ease, and safety led multiple companies to look at e-commerce platforms. Ruby on Rails framework is quite a robust and powerful platform to build e-stores.

For website development, Ruby on Rails is the best fit as it is quite an affordable framework to develop web apps. On top of that, it offers much quicker development compared to other frameworks.

You can create business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and subscription-centric web-store projects without any issues.

SpreeCommerce is a strong e-Commerce system run on Ruby on Rails. By fusing both, you can receive a high-end and powerful e-commerce app to help all kinds of businesses.

Shopify is also a popular eCommerce platform, which relies on Ruby on Rails to serve its clients. 

Right now, e-commerce developed on Ruby on Rails is more mainstream than ever before. Because of sudden losses, you might wish to become cost-effective and still approach more customers.

You can reduce this load from your shoulder using a mobile eCommerce app built by Ruby on Rails. 

Factors making Ruby on Rails Web Development the most Suitable for E-store Solution 

1. Performance and Static Nature:

For companies that are looking to lead the process and want to improve their online business, RoR development is the best fit.

Because of its simplicity and user-friendliness, its syntax is preferred by many developers. It is easy to configure propelling its performance.

2. Flexibility: 

This is extremely flexible. You should hire developers who can efficiently edit websites later on and can start with the code where it was left and much more. The online store developed on RoR can be quite easily updated.

3. Easy Deployment:

It can be quite difficult to deploy eCommerce website development, hence, it should be done smoothly. By automating the process, Ruby on Rails focuses on easy deployment at all probable corners.

It offers automatic testing that eases the process. The easy coding is a bonus while deploying eCommerce website development.

4. Security:

It is simple to digitize, which led to high cyber attacks. Hence, it is quite necessary to make security a priority. In most eCommerce websites, security is crucial due to money transactions.

Most of the time a customer might store their payment details on the e-store. You need to opt for a safe and highly encrypted transaction system to earn the trust of your customers.

This is where RoR comes into play. It provides secure codes to avoid any kind of data leakage. Using a REST API that lets developers focus on security.

It provides an auto-generated testing system for developers that lowers the odds of security threats.

The normalized set of policies makes the framework more stable and dependent. Its performance is quite amazing due to its easy or minimum configuration. 

5. Fast Development:

RoR development services are popularly used by eCommerce web development companies due to their specialty in fast and simple coding.

Its speed is the primary cause behind its ever-expanding popularity amongst developers. As per research, it has been established that it takes minimum time to configure a project utilizing Ruby on Rails compared to any other framework.

The time for RoR development services is cut down to around half of the actual time consumed by its contemporary tools. 

Two major causes of the quicker configuration are Ruby on Rails Development company takes less time for coding and they need to write fewer codes.

RubyGems also help in fast development. The most popular RubyGems utilized include Draper, Rubocop, active merchant, Rspec Rails, and more.

6. Available Integration: 

Ruby on Rails provides many plugins that make a combination of additional features quite easy in web development services. Integration of multiple features through plugins helps the website to go worldwide efficiently.

The already created plug-ins make the system more efficient and help a lot in dealing with complex obstacles.

7. Cost-Effective:

This technology is an open-source system hence it can be utilized by anyone around the world without any fees. It is built to reduce costs on development and maintenance.

Ruby on Rails Development Company needs to pay less in licensing and various other needs. A decent saving is done here. The framework is deployed to create great performing e-stores packed with multiple features.

This makes it the best choice for developers to make eCommerce website development. It is widely deployed by startups and medium firms, to develop right and fast CMS and social networking platforms.

8. Reliable: 

This system is utilized by many successful businesses for many years. The expanding business and decent services make sure of its great dependent framework.

Some of the successful companies utilizing Ruby-on-Rails include Crunchbase, Shopify, SoundCloud, Airbnb, Zendesk, and more. This technology enables building dynamic and robust websites.

9. Neat and Reusable Codes:

RoR framework lets the developers develop clean and optimized code. This is a great convenience for them; it can quickly and easily be maintained as well.

If your business experienced a nice growth in the upcoming days and now you wish to scale up your websites, it can easily be done. 

As RoR allows simple future modifications as well. The framework has a rich repertoire of libraries and tools. Experts can reuse code libraries.

Such codes not only reduce the complexity but also act as a great time-efficient. It is great to search for the best Ruby on Rails Development Company for any of your RoR projects.

10. High Compatibility:

Ruby on Rails is applicable to almost all browsers over the internet. It runs smoothly, efficiently, and is quite responsive.

Businesses looking up to develop e-commerce projects are largely considering Ruby on Rails because of its compatibility feature.

It makes the web development services quite scalable and device or platform-independent.

11. Adopting and Demand in the Future:

Due to the dynamic environments and the placement of new technology every other day, there is no room for static websites.

You need a dynamic website to adapt to the new environment. Ruby on Rails abides by this demand and lets the website quickly adapt to the newer updates.

There is a large room for websites to be scalable and change in the future if built by Ruby on Rails.

12. Consolidated and Large Ecosystem: 

This technology is free to use as being an open-source framework. This is yet another reason for its having decent and high-end community support.

There are many smart brains that work behind it. The community keeps it updated. Modified, armed with new elements. Every single tech geek is encouraging others to use this framework. 

Huge community support helps users to find the right and the best solution at their convenience. If some problems arise in the meantime, you can instantly get solutions to ward them off.

There are sufficient resources available to come to your help. The large ecosystem consistently delivers help. This technology has one of the biggest developer resources on GitHub.


It is wrong to say RoR development services are obsolete. Rather, it is in high demand because of above-listed features.

It is always great to hire Ruby on Rails Development Company to make the best out of this platform for your future projects. 

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