12 Web Development Trends in 2021 and Later to Consider

January 7, 2021

As new technologies are on the rising curve, the web development field has evolved which leads to the progress of dynamic website and web app solutions.

The next year and after that, there will be many possibilities in web development which will form new trends in this field.

Web developers will explore new possibilities in the web development field using new tactics and strategies. 

Small businesses are having a difficult time finding a place in the market. Hence, they follow the most recent trending technologies to experience a competitive edge in the market.

Small businesses can stay ahead of the market with ease if they pick the right web development company that provides updated web solutions to them. 

What are the current trends in web development?

1. Single-page Apps

With SPAs you can find everything in one place. There won’t be any need to change or wait. 

It can be quite annoying when a single click redirects you to some different page downloaded from a server.

It leaves a bad impression on the users and consumes a lot of time. Due to this, SPAs have been trending lately. 

With the help of a SPA, you can avoid lengthy interactions with the server. It provides enhanced page performance and offers greater security of data protection. 

In other words, an SPA is an app that functions inside a browser and does not need any page reloading time while it’s working.

Some of the examples of these types of applications are Google Maps, GitHub, Gmail, or Facebook. 

2. AI and Bots will evolve further

Chatbots sponsored by AI have been a crucial part of web development trends last year and it will be the same this year as well.

AI and chatbots will advance a step further in the year 2021. This kind of technology-driven solutions will play an amazing role to provide a smoother and enhanced experience. 

3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Everything at your thumb sounds quite convenient, simple navigation, faster and less loading, and smooth working.

That is everything that progressive web apps provide. Smooth user-friendly experience and faster reliability. 

This isn’t a myth that PWA is not that new. Since the day it has arrived, it has been the talk of the town that it is going to trend in 2021.

Due to its ability to pull off a high-quality user-experience, modern investors and developers are interested in it. Due to its mobile-friendliness, it can be said without a doubt that it is going to dominate in 2021. 

PWAs are created and improved with modern APIs to provide better reliability, installation, and capabilities.

It can also reach anyone, anywhere, on any device that has a single codebase. This makes it compatible with cross-device compatibility. 

Not only are they fast and load quickly, but also provide users to utilize services offline, performing the features of a native app alongside. 

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are sort of a software program that has been designed to decrypt and simulate human interactions. Chatbots can be built depending upon the business needs.

You can either have a complex one to answer user queries or a simple one to answer a simple question to the user. 

They utilize machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing to provide answers to the requests.

Businesses can not only save money but also increase operational efficiency by picking chatbots. Chatbots can answer unlimited queries that come their way which decreases the need to hire customer service professionals for the business. 

According to Gartner, artificial intelligence-based chatbots will handle 15% of customer service communications by 2021.

5. Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly websites are developed in such a way that will work similarly well across devices of different resolutions and sizes.

Web developers will concentrate more on the mobile-friendly aspect of a website because Google now focuses on the ‘mobile-first index’. 

6. Artificial Intelligence Development

According to a report, the Artificial Intelligence market will cost USD 39.9 billion in 2019 and can reach USD 190.61 billion around 2025

If the content is disorganized and unattractive, around 38% of people leave the website.

Greater than 75% of the customers judge a business’ credibility on their website design.

It just takes 0.5 seconds for users to have an opinion about a website. Hence, technology must get involved in the web development world.

This is where AI enters the picture of web development trends in 2021. 

In a web ecosystem, AI can help you predict the customer choices which you use to create the overall layout of your enterprise-level site. AI grants you to understand,

  • The things your customers are out to purchase now
  • The perfect time frame when a customer plans to make online purchases. 
  • The type of products that attract customers the most.
  • The products that seem not that enticing to the customers. 
  • The clients that are looking to buy your products.

7. WebAssembly (Wasm)

WebAssembly is developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). It is a portable binary instruction format used for the compilation of complex languages and the development of web applications with great performance.

Developers prefer Wasm because they can compile the code into bytecode which can be done in any programming language. 

8. Native Apps 

It becomes quite annoying when there is a net issue out of the blue when you are working on the internet.

It becomes irksome to rely on the internet all the time. This is where Native Apps sweep the stage. They provide offline interaction as well. 

A native mobile app can be installed directly on the smartphone and can function with no internet connectivity based on the nature of the app.

It is already in demand and software developers can expect its release in the year 2021. 

As they are independently designed for certain platforms, they usually provide an enhanced user experience and high performance relative to the other apps.

This is why many businesses are investing in native apps for Android and iOS to provide their users with an enhanced experience. 

9. 3D Elements

Regardless of the business, you are in, the customer is the king. 3D visuals are an important part to entice customers and keep them engaged on a site for a long time in any business.

It can be an expensive choice for many startups to choose Virtual Reality so they achieve realistic experiences for customers choosing 3D visuals.

It also helps the customers to experience something greater like not realizing the difference between real and digital space.

Startups can incorporate the best 3D elements to their websites if they pick the right web developer or Web Development Company. 

10. Voice Search and Navigation

As humans are getting lazier day by day, new technology is approaching the digital market. This is the “voice-oriented hands-free” technology. Command oriented services are the talk of the town nowadays. 

Navigation and voice search is going to be one of the most used web development trends in 2021. They have already taken over our daily routine.

They are amazing and also have eased the way we search for information, notes, and everything else. 

Apple, Google, and Android have Text-to-Speech trend in their UI/UX design process. Hence, this is a rapidly evolving technology that you just cannot ignore. 

11. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages are the HTML copies of the existing web pages. These pages load faster and are lightweight. AMP utilizes stripped-down HTML, CDN-content delivery network, and stripped-down JS to increase the speed of the code of mobile pages and cache them. 

AMP technology enhances the performance of the mobile web. Content in smartphones will load faster for the pages that utilize AMP. Mobile-friendliness will also increase in the websites that use AMP. 

More and more websites are adapting with AMP, hence, it is one of the quickest trending technologies in the market. Each year, AMP domains are increasing which can also be expected in the coming years. 

12. Motion UI in Web Development

Another trend that you will experience in 2021 is the Motion Design UI. It is used to develop websites with improved animation.

Although it is still in its early stages, you will see improved growth in this particular field by 2021.

Web developers would no longer need to animate content on a website using JavaScript and jQuery.

Web developers can develop websites that are based on minimalist design with improved interactions. This would provide maximum satisfaction to the users. 


Considering the above trends of web scenarios, it is easy to understand how fast the latest technologies are going to take over the web landscape.

Better to associate with the right technology partner to make the best of these evolving tools and technologies.

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