Walkthrough your customers to AR Software Development

Establish a business ready for future growth with the evolving modern augmented reality technologies

Walkthrough your customers to AR Software Development

Let the users connect with your business offering AR development service

At the moment, augmented reality is exponentially increasing in becoming the most popular trend of the technological advancements of the world. Every company, from gaming to retail to education, is opting for Augmented Reality experiences in their respective fields. Even though many would still consider Augmented as well as Virtual Reality in their infancy, these technologies are subsequently gaining enough attention and are just days away from going full mainstream.

How we do it

How we do it

We transform your ideas into virtual immersive reality on your websites. You can offer your customers a next-generation customer experience via Augmented Reality software development. These are all about redefining the future trend of shopping and doing business. Our custom Augmented Reality software development solutions imply:

  • Immersive and disruptive user experience
  • We help getting the comprehensive analysis of user preference
  • Specific personalized AR content for the unique needs of customers
  • Boosting brand awareness using social platforms

Our Augmented Reality (AR) Software Development

AR Software Development Apps

Given the specific industry, we create industry-driven workflows, supply chain management, catalog management, invoicing, and CRM applications.

Custom AR

Our Custom AR Software Solutions add value to the overall functioning of your business workflow, day-to-day working, project, and data management – we create as per your choice.

Projection-based AR Development

We make graphical presentations, unlike a general lighting system to project your high-definition videos and images for a better user experience.

Image Recognition based Augmented Reality

We deliver unique image recognition-based AR solutions that are widely used in Point of sale, payment gateway, e-wallets, and payment security compliance.

Location-based AR Development

Our location-based AR solution can help your customers find interesting places of their preferences powered by reading data from GPS, accelerometer, and digital compass.

Support and

You get round-the-clock-support and excellent maintenance for all your AR systems and solutions for seamless functioning and offering the best user experiences.

Augmented Reality App Solutions

Our Augmented Reality software development is based on how you think to connect and engage with your customs and help them try before they buy. You can enhance your customer experience by using our AR solution in any sphere of your business yielding better results.

Retail Augmented Reality Apps

Retail AR Apps

From furniture and cars to fabrics and jewelry, your sales will see a big boost due to our AR retail applications irrespective of the kinds of stuff you sell. You can build virtual dressing rooms as well as catalogs displaying 3D simulations of your products on the required surface. You can also get AR-driven navigation applications for supermarts as well as malls or even build a virtual store by yourself.

AR Software

AR Software

The AR industry at the moment is trending in every industrial sector possible. Hence, this is the best time for new companies to start implementing this sector into their organizations because of the rising trend of this sector. We, at Atharva, provide many AR facilities that can help our clients



Walking on the path of Augmented Reality technology, Atharva is quite focused on bringing innovations and technology together. To make a lasting impression on our clients, our AR developer’s team is very determined to develop unparalleled AR apps for e-commerce. AR in e-commerce is offering excessive growth as well as an improvement when it comes to the e-commerce business services. Corporations are using AR apps to improve brand awareness as well as increase the customer experience hand-in-hand.

Education and Training

Education and Training

When it comes to academics and training, there have been many advancements in them when AR were introduced to the schools. It helps the student to learn in a 3D simulated environment that helps them to understand the basics more clearly and effectively. They are also able to learn much of the practical issues by putting on the headset on their heads. We can provide them with advanced technology that would help them a lot in their academics.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Just like multiple other fields, AR has also revolutionized travel and tourism for many traveling nerds. We provide advanced AR gear when it comes to taking 360-degree photographs while you are traveling and want to capture the spherical spectacle with you at home.

Changing the Gaming industry with AR

How we do it

  • Insightful analytics to understand user activities/preferences
  • Customized content, given the specific needs of users
  • Use social shares for better brand awareness
Changing the Gaming industry with VR

Technology Specialties

Our Augmented Reality software development services are packed with the most updated technologies for better enterprise and business solutions – as per your specific needs.

Case Studies


A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

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Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

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Premium Bikeshop

Online Bike & Instruments Shop Development

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Create the best
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