Enhance Odoo Experience With Theme Alan – Best Odoo Theme For Your Ecommerce Business

May 10, 2022
Enhance Odoo Experience With Theme Alan - Best Odoo Theme For Your Ecommerce Business

Odoo is the most eminent business management software in the present times. It gives immense cost-effectiveness and is quite easy to implement. Surprisingly, there is a gamut of Odoo themes available in the market. Some simplify your business operations while some generated higher site engagement.

Among all kinds of Odoo themes, Theme Alan is a promising option that can boost your eCommerce business by taking over all the operational and functional tasks with the smartest tools, features, and abundant benefits.

Spare a few minutes to understand some of the core functionalities and features of Theme Alan which is designed exclusively to accelerate your eCommerce business.

What Is So Good About Theme Alan Version 1.8?

Alan is one of the most powerful, flexible, and outstanding themes available in the Odoo store. Suitable for any kind of business and website, this theme is highly professional and has a multipurpose bootstrap base. The code is well established and highly modular with an aim to build a variety of layout structures according to your imagination.

Available in the latest Version 1.8, the theme comes with added features like the newest header and footer options, dynamic gallery snippet, back to top button, hotspot static popup option, several categories search enhancements, and much more. In addition, the theme provides 50+ features, 340+ static snippets, and 15+ dynamic snippets that are embedded with several other benefits. With so much on the plate, you must know how each of these aspects will help you in making your operations seamless and productive.

The blog enumerates some of the top benefits, features, and newest functionalities of Theme Alan that are available for your eCommerce business. Spare a few minutes to read the blog to get better insights.

Benefits of Theme Alan To Your Business

Benefits of Theme Alan To Your Business

Quick Page Loading

Your eCommerce store needs a quick boost along with super-fast loading time. Odoo Theme Alan does it all seamlessly. You can easily enhance your search rankings and amplify your conversion ratios.

Brand-Centric Theme

You can tailor the selected theme based on your requirements with a few drag and drop options. Consider it as a platform that gives you the liberty to explore your creative ideas with unlimited options for your layout.

Dynamic UX Optimization

The software ensures your customers get a seamless user experience all round the clock. Our experts perform regular and constant updates in designs and other functionalities to help improve your business.

High Configuration Build-in Snippets

The software gives you single and multi-tab customizable product slider snippets that are highly powerful with best-in-class configuration available for the users.

Customized Themefor Niche Business

With Theme Alan, you can quickly customize with pre-ready templates available exclusively for your store. All this will help you get a perfect fit that suits your brand style and pickup ready-to-use things.

HyperFast Build-up Option

There are pre-designed demos available for you to choose from. In addition, the theme contains enough drag and drop features that will enable you to build the store as quickly as possible.

Amplifies Store UX

The software is carefully designed to give you a successful store business by infusing all the necessary tools that will spike your sales as per your expectations.

Mobile Optimized Designs

The designs are unique and diverse. Each of the designs is created with a different display that is based on the kind of device. With mobile, the software gives memorable user experiences to the users.

Offline Mode Availability

Being a Progressive web application (PWA), you can navigate through the store without an internet connection. The mobile app with this Odoo theme is self-contained and allows the users to access the entire store online.

Smooth Installation

For PWA installation, all you need is to download the app directly onto your mobile device directly from the website. The app will fetch its own icon on the phone or selected device, all similar to any other mobile app

No App Store Permission

You will be free from the hassle of publishing your app on various app stores. Being a PWA app, you will be able to channelize those resources into your business development and get away with the long and tedious submission process at the app store.

The Most Powerful Features Of Theme Alan

Take a quick read of the most impressive features available in Theme Alan. Also, take a look at the other hundreds of features available in the link.

Exclusive Shop Layout

Influence your customer’s buying behavior with the right and enriching designs for online store displays. Because the key strategy to a store’s prosperity is when the layout is done right for the users to access. With Theme Alan, get rest assured that every customer will go back with a memorable shopping experience.

Rating Filter

Upgrade your feedback mechanism with the latest rating filter feature that serves to be the main way to direct your customers to browse relevant areas of your store. Allow your users to shortlist products based on the rating parameters. The software gives you several filters that you can avail for judging the product after use.

Multi Website Configuration

Launch and manage multiple stores from a single platform with Theme Alan. Build your eCommerce store that is grand enough to give a diversified variety of products and services to the users.

Quick Add To Cart Popup

Help the users to visit the cart in no time, soon as they finish their shopping from your online store. The popup gives the customers enough time to check out with the payment processes that are going to be a bit time-consuming thereafter.

PWA Support

With Theme Alan, you can use the latest web capabilities to deliver a native app-like experience to your users. The PWA support will help in getting enough consistency between the web and native apps that can be replaced in a single instance.

Similar Product Views

The theme provides a seamless view of similar products that can be bought instead of or along with the selected product. This feature will help users get several insights into the product quality, features, and functionalities

Product Tag Filter

Help your users navigate through the site’s inventory and find out what they are looking for. The theme is built up from the customers’ viewpoint and so the theme uses the exact words that the shoppers use to find and describe the products.

Dynamic Hotspot Snippet

This feature allows users to display all the hotspot images that are linked with the Odoo website. These hotspots can be linked with the URL and offer several other sub-features such as mobile compatibility, popover, and quick view popup options, etc.

6 Fonts Combination

Improve the content aesthetics with a range of font combinations that you can use in several probabilities to make the product more interactive and highly engaging.

Dynamic Theme Color Chooser

Choose the suitable color palettes for your brand from the biggest range of abundant colors options available for the display

Check Out The Newest Display Styles Available In the New Version

Display Styles Available

Advanced Attribute Search

With the advanced search bar given in the all attribute section, go ahead and search any attributes

Attribute Search Popup

The popup displays the categories and brands in the advanced search model. The users receive an amazing experience while searching for the desired brands and categories.

Attribute View More

Decide your own number of attributes that you want to display in each attribute section.

Bubble Category Styles

Select the most suitable category styles from the most sorted three options.

Clear Filter Styles

Give your users the ease of removing all the filters at one go or any one of the sections that they do not wish to filter.

Product Sticky Cart

With three options, we make the users comfortable and provide them with the most exclusive and trendiest product sticky cart designs.

Gallery Snippet

This snippet displays the section wherein the users can view several images, pictures, and photos that they want to refer to in the future.

New Header and Footer Options

There are 12 New Header and 12 New Footer Options just to ensure you get the best design keeping in mind the brand perspective.

Looking for A Complete Ecommerce Solution?

With Theme Alan, your eCommerce business will scale to the highest level with great consistency as compared to other Odoo themes. What sets us apart from our competitors are the maximum advanced features supporting the quickest run-time of operations, functionalities, and transactions. In addition, the theme boosts the search engine optimization for your website leading to maximum traffic with higher conversion ratios. Make your eCommerce business more visible to the users and get the optimized configuration of your choice to deliver enriching user experiences to your customers. Visit our link to know more about the awesome theme designed for smart eCommerce businesses like yours.

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