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Executive Summary Power BI

Executive Summary

Manufacturing Power BI


Shipments Analysis Power BI

Shipments Analysis

ABC-XYZ Inventory Analysis Power BI

ABC-XYZ Inventory Analysis

ABC Inventory Analysis Power BI

ABC Inventory Analysis

Retail Sales Analytics Power BI

Retail Sales Analytics

Airport Analysis Power BI

Airport Analysis

Income Tax Analysis Power BI

Income Tax Analysis

India-Europe Trade Power BI

India-Europe Trade

Coal Mines of India Power BI

Coal Mines of India

Clinical Trials Power BI

Clinical Trials

Mental Health Crisis Report Tableau

Mental Health Crisis Report

Website Log Analytics ELK

Website Log Analytics

Team Performance Analysis Dashboard Power BI

Team Performance Analysis Dashboard

Solar Energy Dashboard Power BI

Solar Energy Dashboard

US Advertising Spending Dashboard Power BI

US Advertising Spending Dashboard

Requisition Overview Analysis Power BI

Requisition Overview Analysis

Digital Marketing Analytics Power BI

Digital Marketing Analytics

Wind Energy Report Tableau

Wind Energy Report

Financial Advisor Performance Analysis Tableau

Financial Advisor Performance Analysis

Tweet Analysis Power BI

Tweet Analysis

Insurance Claim Analysis Power BI

Insurance Claim Analysis

Help Desk Analysis Power BI

Help Desk Analysis

Financial Reporting Power BI

Financial Reporting

Enrollment Analysis Power BI

Enrollment Analysis

Executive View Tableau

Executive View

Successor Analytics Power BI

Successor Analytics

Cryptocurrency Analysis Power BI

Cryptocurrency Analysis

Music Analytics Power BI

Music Analytics

Sales Analytics Power BI

Sales Analytics

Financial Complaint Analysis Tableau

Financial Complaint Analysis

Mutual Fund Trends Analysis Tableau

Mutual Fund Trends Analysis

Furniture Bank Analysis Tableau

Furniture Bank Analysis

Security Log Analytics ELK

Security Log Analytics

Billboard Analytics Power BI

Billboard Analytics

Hotel & Occupancy Analytics Power BI

Hotel & Occupancy Analytics

Nifty 500 Stock Analytics Power BI

Nifty 500 Stock Analytics

World Economy Analysis Power BI

World Economy Analysis

Retail Store Revenue Analysis ELK

Retail Store Revenue Analysis

Call Center Analysis Tableau

Call Center Analysis

Passenger Car Sales Analysis Power BI

Passenger Car Sales Analysis

Human Resource Analytics Power BI

Human Resource Analytics

Eatries Analytics Power BI

Eatries Analytics

Movie/TV Show Analysis Power BI

Movie/TV Show Analysis

IPL Analysis Power BI

IPL Analysis

Apache Access Log Analysis ELK

Apache Access Log Analysis

Crunchbase Aquisition Analysis Tablueau

Crunchbase Aquisition Analysis

Travel Analysis ELK

Travel Analysis

Healthcare Analytics Power BI

Healthcare Analytics

Ride Share Statistics Tableau

Ride Share Statistics

Olympic Athlets Analytics ELK

Olympic Athlets Analytics

Application  Performance Monitor ELK

Application Performance Monitor

Dairy Farming Analytics Power BI

Dairy Farming Analytics

App Store App Usage  Analysis ELK

App Store App Usage Analysis

Bank Executive Summary Power BI

Bank Executive Summary

Online Order Analytics Power BI

Online Order Analytics

Agriculture Analytics Power BI

Agriculture Analytics

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