Why Rackspace Hosting Services

We are the pioneers in Rackspace web hosting solutions and our computing solutions are scalable with multi-cloud solutions that are useful across business apps, data, and security. Our experts determine the location for your server including on or off-premises.

  • Reduced Costs

    Reduced Costs

    Our Rackspace cloud hosting solutions help to remove the cost of managing the data infrastructure and reduce the operational burden with such operations. This helps you focus on your business.

  • Ecommerce Know-how

    Ecommerce Know-how

    Rackspace is a superior server hosting platform that comes with huge experience in hosting and it supports the leading e-commerce environments like Oracle, Magento, and others.

  • Web Content Management

    Web Content Management

    It is a scalable provider of web content management solutions to different companies that helps them to get the most out of the platforms like Adobe, WordPress, etc.

  • Private Cloud Support

    Private Cloud Support

    This platform is one of the best in fully managed private servers and it supports Microsoft, Private System, OpenStack, and many other private platforms.

  • Managed Data Services

    Managed Data Services

    It is an expert platform when it comes to the managed data solutions. It offers analytical help for the database with managed data, relational databases, and big data.

  • Productivity with Collaboration

    Productivity with Collaboration

    Our experts provide work round the clock to deliver better maintenance and support for the popular productivity as well as the collaboration tools including SharePoint.

Rackspace for Optimized Solutions

Our solutions help you to optimize the network, storage, compute, and cloud-based operations with higher investment services. You can scale our services while assessing misalignment and monitoring resources for minimum expenditure.

Rackspace for Optimized Solutions

Manage Data Anytime Anywhere

We help you manage, assess and execute system scaling plans which are based on developing resources. We work as per your demands and our team works with huge data on this platform and we provide flexible data integrity with security for better business operations.

Manage Data Anytime Anywhere

Cloud Solution to Ensure Comprehensive Solutions

Businesses around the world believe in Atharva as we have experienced Rackspace developers who help to create a server-based culture by integrating cloud intelligence with automated infrastructure.

  • Flexible Workload Placement

    We have a rich experience and flexible hybrid model, offering flexible workload placement to the server. You can access a silo of managed Rackspace systems for Rackspace-based solutions.

  • Secure Environments

    Our team helps to deliver solutions that are built on the best industry-based technologies with custom configurations. Our solutions help you to deploy this system to meet the regulatory needs across various industries.

  • Safe Multi-Cloud

    Hire Rackspace developers to assist clients in accelerating the path to leveraging industry experience with strategic alliances through VMware, Google, AWS, and others. Access cross-platform expertise with simplified operations.

  • Better-Quality

    We help to optimize the costs for better savings with private cloud customers for better savings. With cloud services, you can take advantage of flexible consumption models and improved resource management.

  • Public Cloud

    Now you can get lower costs that can be afforded by the benefits of multi-tenancy and we benefit from consumption-based pricing of services and infrastructure. Our infrastructure helps in self-service and operating your VMs.

Our Rackspace Capabilities

We provide world-class Rackspace cloud hosting services, which allow the clients to collaborate with all the stakeholders. Hire Rackspace developers and their capabilities to access data from anywhere and anytime.

  • Consulting & Advisory

    Consulting & Advisory

    We develop innovation that helps to move your business forward. With our partnership, you will realize breakthroughs and we work closely with your team to understand your requirements and ensure best practices and opportunities.

  • Professional Services

    Professional Services

    We help to eliminate and fix security to bring together disparate data with our IT security solutions. When the technology environment is working well for you, you can focus on focusing on what is right for you.

  • Managed Services

    Managed Services

    As any organization embraces a modern and server-native environment and the teams have to learn or embrace entirely to embrace architectural methodologies. We provide expert solutions like managed security solutions.

  • Platform Optimization

    Platform Optimization

    Our advanced Rackspace Technology helps the clients in moving towards the future with better success. Our services are designed to help you achieve your goals for increasing efficiency and delivering the best solutions.

  • Dedicated Experience

    Dedicated Experience

    Our team has a continuous dedication to cloud-related services and this helps us to provide updated Rackspace solutions that come with huge experience and we support your business at every step of the way.

  • Rackspace Fabric

    Rackspace Fabric

    We cater to different interfaces, with multiple capabilities and insights to manage multiple cloud environments otherwise it may get resource-consuming. We help to juggle multiple processes, interactions, and applications across interfaces.

Cloud contributes to the greener planet

Cloud contributes to the greener planet

Let’s put green at the core of our business

The Superior Cloud Services Work towards a Sustainable Future

Our Rackspace cloud services help you to ensure sustainability in your business by promising less wastage and huge scale and speed. The cloud solutions ensure greater growth, flexibility, and agility. Avail sustainable technology with on-site servers to reduce wastage and cloud servers reduce the energy consumption.

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A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

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Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

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Shift your business to the Cloud and see what happens

Shift your business
to the Cloud and see
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