Ten Reasons to Believe Android App Development is Transforming Our Life and Business

May 13, 2019

Apple might be a trillion-dollar tech giant, but Android leads the way in terms of number of mobile devices powered by an OS.

Android users prefer the platform due to the availability of apps for practically every purpose.

Google Play is moving towards housing 3 million apps, with Google also constantly updating Android to better serve the needs of their users.

If you’re planning to build an app, Android application development can prove the ideal choice.

Your chances of success increase when you design an app for an OS used by billions of people.

Here’s an overview of the reasons why Android app development is transforming our life and business:

Benefits for Everyday Life

1. Better Communication

Social media runs the world. Originally emerging as a means of enabling people to connect with one another, social media is now the battleground for marketing.

Android apps make it convenient for users to stay signed in to their different profiles, allowing them to stay in touch with their social circle.

More significantly, Android mobile app development allows you to incorporate any social network you want. In fact, even corporate apps now include social media integration.

2. Enjoyment Galore

The variety of genres of apps on Google Play is constantly growing. You can find plenty of opportunities for fun and entertainment, including gaming apps.

In particular, games designed for the Android platform tend to attract people of all ages, not just avid gamers. In addition, Android application development is now compatible with emerging technologies, like VR, AR, and AI.

3. Efficient Scheduling

No more sticking sticky notes on your fridge. You can simply download an app that allows you to schedule the tasks you have to complete on that day.

Android offers a plethora of utility apps, with plenty of features. You can schedule appointments, with enterprise-level apps allowing you to peruse data and files on the go.

You can even set up reminders to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.

4. Enhanced Convenience

People are using Android apps for a number of tasks that previously required them to wait in lines or make appointments.

For instance, you can now pay your bills using an app rather than going to the bank. And an increasing number of banks are offering apps that you can use for conducting transactions.

Moreover, businesses are opening to the idea of automation, compelling them to invest in Android mobile app development. Thanks to the growing trend of automation, users enjoy greater convenience.

5. Greater Comfort

Comfort is an important aspect of Android application development today. Consult the Android app development company you work with regarding improving accessibility and providing comfort for users.

You can also find a number of healthcare apps on Google Play, using which you can seek medical advice from the comfort of your home.

Also, you can now buy practically everything you need online, and the seller will deliver the items to your doorstep.

Benefits for Business

6. Wide Reach

More than 2.5 billion people use Android OS. For you, this means you can design an app to target a wide, global audience.

You can promote your products and services to your target demographic via your app. In this scenario, you cannot afford not to have an app.

If you don’t consider this option, your competitors certainly will, and they might already have an Android application development company on board.

7. Quick Launch

You don’t have to spend months and months developing each and every aspect of an Android app.

You can have the app ready to launch within a matter of weeks, thanks to the option of adding features down the line.

This means you don’t have to keep investing money before introducing the app into the market.

Once the app starts delivering results, you can invest more resources into updating and upgrading it.

8. Superior Collaboration

As mentioned, social media apps allow people to stay in touch. Android also offers a number of apps that facilitate collaboration.

Users can share files and have discussions while working on a project together. Businesses can benefit from these apps and improve productivity.

9. Customization

A key benefit of Android application development is customization. You can alter the design and layout of the app to improve user-friendliness and also improve the overall user experience.

The customization options allow you to change or add features, as and when required. Hence, business apps remain user-friendly and modern.

10. Cross-Platform and Cross-Device Compatibility

An increasing number of businesses are encouraging a BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) culture at the workplace.

Android apps are compatible with different platforms and devices, enabling all users to download and deploy the same applications and programs. The open-source infrastructure of Android facilitates this compatibility.

So, there you have it, ten reasons why Android application development is transforming our life and business.

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