7 Ways AI is Influencing the Mobile App Industry

September 21, 2020
7 Ways AI is Influencing the Mobile App Industry

Artificial Intelligence is making some drastic progress in terms of technology especially when it comes to the mobile app industry.

Many people have utilized this technology to enhance the engagement level of the app and increase the sales and conversation rate for the business.

Although there hasn’t been much progress in the AI part of the mobile app industry, progress is constantly being made towards creating more predictive, usable, and revolutionary apps.

We are utilizing the predictive analytics’ engine to enhance the apps and other coding methods to make them more experienced. 

Artificial Intelligence has enhanced mobile app development in many ways. Some of those ways in which they have progressed the mobile app industry and revolutionized them are given below: 

1. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial intelligence and IoT have changed the mobile industry combined and enhanced it. There have been a bunch of unique and new opportunities for mobile app developers and entrepreneurs.

The customer utilizes the device using Internet of Things while the AI collects information. The real-time information streamed in this device can personalize the user experience. AI also safeguards users’ privacy and helps to improve security. 

2. Personalization of Mobile Apps

Influencers and inspires can help to enhance engagement. However, if you want to instill the right motivation inside the right minds you need to understand them better by having insights that cater to their thoughts.

Hence, it is quite important to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your apps. 

This technology has not only revolutionized but also changed the process of using mobile apps and engaging with them.

AIs that are built with deeply rooted learning techniques can comprehend what is going on in someone’s mind.

This also lets them extract the insights that offer you better recommendations and a more relatable experience. 

Personalization of Mobile Apps

Netflix also uses AI to recommend TV shows and movies to its users. The algorithm built in this platform recommends the users analogous series/movies to the ones that they have previously watched.

The algorithm comprises ML which is a part of the AI that filters the series similar to what the user has liked the most. 

After that, based on the preferences and history it recommends programs. The app usage time by a user is hence increased and better engagement and conversion have been made for that particular person. 

3. Personalized Content with AI

Machine learning is one of the most utilized and widespread applications of Artificial Intelligence.

This technology can be efficiently utilized by businesses to collect huge amounts of information and derive solutions from them.

These days, instead of advertising for everyone, businesses want to entirely focus on potential customers.

Machine learning and Big Data helps businesses reach their buyers in a limited time and achieve their goals. 

Businesses also offer personalized content to their clients so that they are updated with the product/brand. This increases their trust in you that you care about what they buy and choose only the best products for them.

AI integration helps them to find the products that they love and eliminate the ones they don’t. Customization also helps businesses to improve customer experience, generate sales, and increase satisfaction. 

4. Better Sales Forecasting

Salespersons are always fixated on what the current demand is ongoing all the time. It is also the only thing that most of them are unable to manage properly or define.

However, we hardly ever know how or what demands will be changed or evolved for the New Year. 

However, you can easily understand the demand for a certain product with Artificial Intelligence integrated with your mobile app. You will also be able to recognize the new product’s demand before launching it. 

You are instantly turned to many products that are sold in the first attempt in sales. For such a product, the forecasting can be quite difficult.

Artificial Intelligence looks beyond the sales figures when it comes to a known product. It recognizes how, when, and why of sale conversion. 

It will also look into other aspects as well as the demographics patterns of the sale. An algorithm is then built instantly which in the coming times forecasts the sale for the product.

You will be able to keep up with the inventory needs by understanding the demands. 

Before a new product is forecasted for its demand, the trend of it is observed for some time. 

5. Enhanced Security with Face Unlock Feature

Back in the year 2017, Apple introduced the face unlock feature. You can see this feature in every latest version of Apple and Android smartphones.

Many mobiles enhance their security using the face recognition feature. Smart photo filters on Instagram, Snapchat, and other apps are also a means of facial security identification. 

Enhanced Security with Face Unlock Feature

Using this feature users can easily unlock their smartphones. AI integration in smartphones helps users to identify their faces from different angles and in different looks.

The smart camera surveillance feature helps in detecting the face of the user in both dim and bright light. 

6. Retail Assortments

You can understand the placement of products in a better way and also see new store layouts when you apply AI to retail through mobile app development.

There is a certain way of purchasing goods when you enter a store. This is also true for other online stores.

AI can help you with this process. It will help you to design layouts according to the exact way the users strive to shop products online/offline.

For example, there is a good chance you might be able to convert both shampoo and oil placed side by side and gain more profits through AI. 

You need to understand and develop an algorithm based on the style of purchase of your customer like what engages them with the store and how shopping is routed. 

7. Improved User Satisfaction

There are many inquiries by customers to the business owners daily. However, as they revolve around a particular product, most of them have a similar background and nature. This is a major good thing about these inquiries.

However, some customers keep on repeating the same questions and issues about your product. Their inquiries may also not be related to business hours.

They can call you up at any time of the night or day. Business, as a result, needs to answer them otherwise they will change companies. 

Hence, to retain customer satisfaction, there is a mobile app that assists their customers which now are integrated with AI and can increase the positive user experience.

For instance, based on the email you received, Google recommends custom responses. 


Artificial Intelligence will up the ante of the mobile apps and will guarantee a better user engagement within the mobile apps.

Hence, considering the wide scope of AI in business, big industries are now incorporating AI in their mobile app development.

It is a great start for them, as it will offer an improved user experience and will lead to increased conversion and ROI. 

If you want to enhance your business productivity and earn better customer acquisition, hire an expert mobile app developer or contact a mobile app development company to get the most out of this technology.

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7 Ways AI is Influencing the Mobile App Industry
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