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Atharva is a robust provider of Microsoft .NET web and application development with superior technology. This aids in the superior development of products. Our services are secure, feature-rich, and scalable. We have a superior development methodology that creates a rich experience that meets your business requirements.

ASP.NET Development Services

Trust Atharva to get superior quality Microsoft application development solutions

C# and Visual Basic

We provide type-safe, productive, multi-purpose, object-oriented, and open-source C# and Visual Basic programming. The programming languages are designed for a variety of apps that run on .NET. These powerful languages are type-safe and object-oriented. This .NET Compiler Platform provides rich code analysis APIs.


F# is an efficient, simple, data-rich, and functional-first programming language. F# is a cross-platform programming language that enables developers to challenge computing problems with simple, robust, and maintainable code. F# has many tools and libraries that are available for the F# community.

.NET Productivity

If you want maximum productivity for your web applications then you can use Microsoft. Our Visual Studio leads you with assistance while writing Visual Basic and C# code. We provide world-class diagnostic and debugging tools to maximize your business productivity.

Cloud Apps In Azure

Our team of developers quickly employs critical apps. These apps help you scale as you grow. We help you run ASP web apps as well as programs in the cloud with the help of Azure Web Apps, Cloud Services, Functions, and VMs. Keep pace with the changing world of technology for best results.

Web Applications With ASP.NET

It provides flexible and open tools that help to deploy and create modern web apps. Being an open-source web framework, it helps to build great web apps or services. We help you build responsive and beautiful web UIs with C#. We help you create web APIs along with mobile sites that use real-time technologies.

Windows Desktop Applications

We enable you to develop a modern and data-centric line of business with Windows Forms, WPF, .NET and Visual Studio. We help you create stunning user experiences with WPF. You can quickly develop enterprise-class applications with features like data binding, controls, animation, templates, and styles.

Cross-Platform Mobile

We help you use progressive platforms like Xamarin and Visual Studio. We help you build rich native apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS with C# in the Visual Studio. Now you can leverage Xamarin and Forms to create native cross-platform UIs across platforms for a better user experience.

Universal Windows Platform

With the Windows platform, you can use multiple devices and leverage skills in Visual Basics and C# to benefit from the power of Windows 10. We help you to build next-generation apps. Windows 10 has a single and unified core that works across mobile, Xbox, and desktop.

Interactive web UI with C#

Our team at Atharva helps you utilize the best features of this technology. One of these is Blazor which is a feature of this technology. It helps to build interactive web UIs that use C# rather than JavaScript. Blazor provides real .NET in the browser on the WebAssembly.

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A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

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Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

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Matphoto Products Website Design & Development

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Hire Dedicated Microsoft ASP .NET Developer

Hire our Microsoft ASP .NET developers, and they will do the job efficiently according to your business requirements. Atharva System offer flexible hiring of developers that can provide flexible solutions for our clients’ requirements.

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“The solution is poised to be an innovative addition to the market. Atharva System organizes the project in two-week sprints, using GitHub and other tools to manage the code.”

Yves Rausch

CEO | Germany

“We extend our heartiest thanks to the Atharva team for a great job in helping us develop our software. Everyone was highly professional, friendly, and hard-working. Thanks to the team, we were able to achieve our objective just on time, and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future also.”

Abraham A


Why Choose Atharva for Microsoft Web Application

Why Choose Atharva for Microsoft Web Application

You can profit from our robust Microsoft ASP .NET web application building services. We have complete visibility on your goals, and we help you achieve them.

Seamless Integration With Data

The widespread library for Entity Framework lets our users interact with these databases. The popular databases including SQLite, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and DB2 are supported.

Build Secure Web Apps

This framework is the provider of a built-in user database that supports multi-factor authentication. It also helps with the external authentication with Twitter, Google, and more.

Support Forms And Validation

We support strong user interfaces that help you to interact with a data model, including updates and queries. Vigorously generate strong HTML forms that are based on the powerfully typed data model.

Support For JavaScript UI

Microsoft framework helps to participate seamlessly with the most popular JavaScript frameworks. You can get underway quickly with this framework and Angular or React frameworks.

Model View Controller

MVC is one of the most popular design patterns that is used to decouple the user interface (view), application logic, and data. ASP.NET consists of built-in support that is used for the MVC pattern.

User-Centric Platform And Tools

It is open source and it allows the users to develop web apps on any OS. The Visual Studio provides a robust .NET development involvement on Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Why should I choose Atharva for Microsoft ASP .NET Development?

Microsoft is preferred, secure, feature-rich, and scalable. This development methodology is superior and creates a rich experience.

Is HTML5 supported by ASP.NET Web Pages?

Yes. Such Web Pages are HTML pages that contain codes that run on the server.

Can the ASP.NET Web Forms controls be used on the Web Pages page?

No. the WebForms controls only work in the Web Forms pages as they require Web Forms page framework.

Do I need to use the WebSecurity helper for login-related support?

No. Then you can use the security providers which are part of this framework.

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To connect with our developers or sales team, you can get in touch with us through:

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