Introduce Your Clients to Scalable Virtual Reality Development

Atharva helps you establish a business ready VR environment for future growth

Introduce Your Clients to Scalable Virtual Reality Development

VR Help Your Customers Connect with your Business Offering

As VR has increased exponentially, it is fast becoming the most prevalent trend for global technological advancements. Companies from all industries including retail to gaming to education are now implementing or planning for VR development experiences in these fields. Businesses consider AR/ VR from the starting of their life cycle for better results.

How we do it

How Do We Immerse VR Into Your Business?

We help you to transform your business by merging your ideas and converting them to the virtual immersive reality interface for your websites. With VR, your customers get a next-generation and scalable customer experience through AR/VR software. The custom VR app development solutions involve:

  • Immersive and engaging user experience
  • Comprehensive user preference analysis
  • Custom VR content for unique customer requirements
  • Improving brand awareness through social platforms

Our VR Services Help you Connect with Your Users

VR App Development

We use the latest VR headsets like Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and Samsung Gear VR to create robust virtual environments for your mobile apps or your dedicated hardware.

VR Design

Atharva VR designers contribute to VR technology’s future and we also provide design-based support in prototyping, visualization, and 3D modeling for your VR project.

Computer Vision

Computer vision in VR, it opens up the possibility to create “merged reality”. In this case, the Virtual Reality environment is updated based on the real-time images that are captured by the headset.

Google VR

With Google, virtual reality solutions have been pushed through Daydream and Cardboard. The SDKs in Google VR help the Atharva VR developers to quickly develop applications on these platforms.

Oculus Rift

Oculus VR was the first to foray into VR hardware and since then it is popular with all its users. By using native Oculus SDKs, our developers at Atharva maximize the functionality of their apps on its headset.

Unity Support

Unity is primarily an advanced-level game engine and it powers VR applications. The Senior Atharva Unity, Unreal Engine and Unity 3D developers generate incredible graphics for all your apps.

Virtual Reality Development For Any Industry

Virtual Reality is one of the most popular technologies and many industries are embracing it. As many companies have started implementing VR into their respective sectors and organizations, this trend has facilitated new developments.



Atharva is highly focused on the path of VR technology and our team brings in innovations along with technology. As VR is offering excessive growth in eCommerce, our VR developer team develops unmatched VR apps for the e-commerce industry. Our team provides superior e-commerce business services by developing VR apps that improve brand awareness and increase customer experience.

Education and Training

Education and Training

VR has seen a huge advancement in the academics and training sector. There have been many advancements including the addition of VR headsets in schools. This helps in facilitating learning in a 3D simulated environment which helps the students to understand the basics clearly. The students get to learn the practical issues and the advanced VR technology helps them in academics.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

VR has revolutionized the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry as well. All the traveling enthusiasts are now using advanced VR gear which helps to take 360-degree photography while traveling. Many such advancements in the hospitality sector by integration of VR have helped to enhance the traveling experience.



One of the biggest advantages of VR technology has been seen by the Healthcare sector. As many different health and fitness apps are now being used by doctors and patients, it has become much easier to get better treatment online or in person. It gives additional value to the users in their fitness journey. Our team of app experts optimizes healthcare solutions.



VR technology is used to detect or eliminate threats in industries, give instructions to employees and reduce onsite accidents. VR technology increases the precision of all aspects of the industrial manufacturing process. This ensures quick time-to-market for all your products and also improves the quality of the manufactured goods.

Changing the Gaming industry with VR

Our VR solutions include

  • Astute analytics that comprehends the user preferences
  • Customized content in line with user needs
  • Social shares for better mindfulness
Changing the Gaming industry with VR

Our Technology Fortes

We excel in VR software development services that have updated technologies for better business solutions – as per the client’s needs.

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Create the best
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