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One of the leading Solar Manufacturers, Springers needed Performance Excellence

Springers, a leading solar provider based in Australia, has been powering energy independence to Queensland homes and businesses for years. With a commitment to quality and backed by industry-leading warranties, Springers has become a trusted name in the industry with a string of awards and certifications from some of the largest solar manufacturers in the world.

However, the company faced a challenge in meeting urgent needs. Springers needed a fully digital transformation leaving traditional processes behind. A reputed leader in the industry, the customer experience was its primary focus. Atharva’s team was up to the challenges to redefine Springers’ System and deliver Performance Excellence.


Limited functionality and Decreased Performance

When Springers came to Atharva, they were managing operational and data activities with Odoo 10 Enterprise ERP. But, it was not mission-critical to achieve organizational efficiency. They still relied on some manual processes including sales and invoicing. Springers were also facing issues with conversions due to an unoptimized website and low performance. Springers needed a new strategy, advanced implementations, and a data-driven culture to move to the next level and beat the intense competition.

Huge Data Management

Springers had to handle an enormous amount of data, and they needed integrated systems to organize data workflow and manage the vast pool of data for analysis, decision-making, and process improvements. They needed a comprehensive solution to manage special solar-related data with STC Forms and solar certificates.

Making the award-winning Springers mission-critical


ERP System integration with huge modifications

To streamline Springers’ business processes, we developed a customized Odoo system that’s faster and easier to use. We studied their workflow and departmental processes and built a system with inter-connectivity between sales, purchase, inventory, POS, HR, and helpdesk modules. Our team made significant modifications to the system, making it more efficient for their specific needs. We also integrated complex flow for different types of solar systems used in residential and commercial areas, which manages maintenance and equipment supply.

Performance and Speed Optimization

Our team worked on improving the speed and performance of Springers’ website and custom Odoo system. We analyzed the system to identify any bottlenecks and areas of improvement. We optimized the database, configured caching, and minimized the use of unnecessary modules to ensure faster load times. Our experts also optimized the front-end of the website and optimized code to enhance the user experience.

Auto compute calculations

To automate the calculation process, we integrated engineering and manufacturing calculations into the Odoo system. Our team worked on creating algorithms that automatically calculate the required data based on the given inputs. The calculations included a range of factors like sizing, panel capacity, energy output, installation area, and much more. With the auto-compute calculations, Springers could now quickly and easily calculate the specifications for each solar system project.

Useful Integrations

We integrated various third-party applications with the Odoo system to increase the system’s functionality and ease of use. For instance, we integrated the Shippit API for e-commerce, allowing Springers to manage their shipments and deliveries. We also integrated the Prisync API for AU-Payroll, which enabled them to manage their employee salaries and tax deductions easily. Furthermore, we integrated the Campaign Monitor API for Email marketing, enabling Springers to run effective email campaigns and reach out to their customers in a better way.

Migrating Springers from Odoo v10 to v16

Our team worked on migrating Springers’ custom Odoo system from version 10 to version 16. We created a plan to ensure that the migration process was smooth and did not affect Springers’ business operations. We migrated all the data from the old system to the new system, ensuring that no data was lost or corrupted during the process.

Continuous Evolution

Over the years, we have worked closely with Springers to continuously improve their Odoo system and enhance their business processes. Our team has implemented several advanced features based on Australian rules for solar systems, ensuring that Springers stays ahead of their competition. We have provided regular maintenance and support, keeping their system up-to-date with the latest software updates and security patches. Our team has also conducted regular training sessions to ensure that Springers’ staff are familiar with the new features and functionalities. As Springers’ business has grown and evolved, our team has been able to adapt and customize the system to meet their changing needs.

Technology Stack


Odoo 10 / Odoo 16





Words from the Director, Springer Solar

“We required an expert who can assist us in implementing new modules or making changes to existing ERP. Atharva has helped us successfully implement several modules in Odoo with speed, accuracy, and excellence. The team work is really impressive.”

Result / Outcome

Springers Gaining Deeper Insights

Springers Gaining Deeper Insights

Deeper insights, faster decisions

Springers now has a more in-depth understanding of their business operations, enabling them to analyze their supply chain and make quicker and more accurate decisions that positively impact their bottom line. ERP implementation has enabled Springers to gain more transparency into their customers’ needs and challenges, which has helped them identify service gap and make necessary changes to improve their business processes.

Running at optimal performance

Nurturing climate and communities has always been a Spingers Vision. With a strong online presence and process automation, Springers is running at optimal performance and constantly delivering user-focused services. Atharva is making continuous evolution of their system and providing critical technology needs to help Springers create a valuable difference.

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