How Data Analytics Will Play An Important Role In Businesses?

April 20, 2021
How Data Analytics Will Play An Important Role In Businesses?

Every business wants to carve its growth curve by employing the best methods. This growth can be further boosted by optimizing the distribution of businesses’ resources.

The most favorable method for doing this is by implementing and incorporating techniques that involve big data analysis. Analytics is much needed as the business data that is acquired is extremely complex.

This data can’t be easily processed through conventional applications that are used for data processing. Thus, the management uses superior ways to extract vital information. 

Many small and medium businesses use big data technology to leverage data sets and to attain better outcomes for their company.

The insights thus get help in decision-making and also help to uncover valuable information from the heap of business data received. The central idea of big Data Analytics is based on this concept.

How are Businesses Employing Big Data?   

Price Differentiation Strategies

Many big companies are utilizing pricing strategies at the customer and product level through big Data Analytics. This helps them to achieve targets.

Studies have shown that a 1% price increase can raise a business operating profit by about 9%. Therefore, it is vital to implement the correct pricing strategy using big data.

Growing Customer Responsiveness

Many marketers use big data to achieve better insights into the behavior of their customers. They use data mining techniques along with big data in doing so.

To derive such insights, it is vital to use data analytical techniques in the right way. The right approach helps businesses in developing relationship-driven marketing strategies.

This also prompts a higher level of responsiveness from customers which results in higher sales.

Integrating Big Data Into Marketing And Sales

As companies have started investing more and more into customer analytics, fraud and compliance monitoring, operational analytics, enterprise data warehouses, and R&D.

As these are becoming an integral part of marketing and sales, customer analytics is still a major area of such investment. As companies invest in these areas, they have seen higher revenue per customer.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Big Data Technologies 

As the needs of clients evolve, businesses need to bring in some changes through big data. This is also incorporated in the service and sales channels and thus the existing systems accommodate to manage tasks.

To meet challenges, businesses need to turn to artificial intelligence and automation technologies. Big data Insights helped to create more scalable systems that are used in contextual marketing.

Employing Geo-Analytics for the Target Audience

As companies start to focus on geo-analytical data for their market strategies, they can capture the territories with higher sales potential. This also reduces the market costs for these businesses and helps them target the right areas.

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization 

If there are two areas on which the effect of big data is most apparent, then they are SEM and SEO. The data analytical techniques used by marketers bet highly on SEM, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and mobile marketing.

How do Businesses Benefit from Technology-Driven Big Data Strategy?

How do Businesses Benefit from Technology-Driven Big Data Strategy?

Increasing Efficiency of Business 

When it comes to increasing organizational efficiency, big data is one of the most important investments. Big data strategies have their set of benefits and these benefits allow companies to achieve a competitive advantage. 

As analytics increase a business and its workforce’s awareness, analytics becomes the basis of decision-making for everyone.

In any organization, people gain by using the right analytics techniques. Thus, by deploying big data strategies, organizations gain an edge in different ways.

Reducing Costs within an Organization

As big data solutions assist in creating efficient processes within the manufacturing division, they help reduce costs through demand-driven production.

It also helps in the optimum utilization of businesses’ raw materials. Artificial intelligence and automation reduce manual work which also helps to achieve cost efficiency in operation and production.

Increasing Productivity and Efficiency in the Workforce

Boosting the confidence of the workforce through data-driven technology also helps in increasing decision-making capability among them.

As employees get a chance to become productive and proactive while taking their own decisions through quantifiable data, their efficiency increases. Through this, the efficiency of the organization as a whole.

Creating a Competitive Price Technique

Data Analytics services help to create differentiated pricing strategies which help to develop competitive pricing.

This brings in better revenue and cost-related benefits for businesses. Organizations also gain a price advantage through the use of big data technologies.

Sales Strategies Based on Demographics 

Although demographics split the markets, customer classification split the market on a larger scale.

Big data strategy helps to categorize the customers into various tiers based on customers’ probability of actual purchase. This increases solid leads and helps sales reps to convert them.

Increasing Brand Loyalty

As customers respond in a better way to relationship-driven marketing, big data helps to leverage their knowledge of the needs of a client.

Their expectations are thus met and services are offered accordingly. This significantly increases the chances of long-term relationships with customers.

How Small and Medium Businesses Benefit from Data Analytics? 

How Small and Medium Businesses Benefit from Data Analytics? 

In the case of medium and small businesses, they usually lack resources and can’t invest in their big data requirements.

Thus, these businesses need shrewder strategies to jump on the big data trend. For this, businesses need some tips as described below:

  • Small and medium businesses should initially invest in small-scale analysis techniques. They should lay focus on data technology analytics for enterprise decisions using optimal business datasets. Datasets help to save resources hence rather than assembling a pile of business data, SMBs should instead focus on acquiring datasets.
  • Another significant way to save costs for SMBs is through cloud computing. This helps to implement big data solutions effectively. Cloud computing helps to connect various services on unified platforms. It also helps to cut costs for small businesses through cloud-based big data processing solutions.
  • Small and Medium Businesses can also benefit by focusing on customer analytics. Through personalized services, product marketing, and targeted offers SMB’s get a substantial cost advantage. This helps these businesses in getting more powerful and useful insights at lesser costs.

As Big Data technology is evolving every day, it will encompass many fields in the future. Tools like Power BI, Tableau, and ELK(Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) are now being used more and more within big data.

With the increasing rate of data generation, smaller and medium enterprises might find the need to maintain data sets and use different technologies. But analytics is going to become the controlling principle for all business activities. 

As more and more companies are automating; they are becoming data-driven to survive. With the evolution of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and personal assistants, all businesses are now reliant on big data. 


Data analytics plays a huge role in the future of manufacturing processes, business management, marketing, sales, and other organizational processes. Businesses will be investing progressively in Data Analytics services.

These tools and technologies will help them to be future-ready. With the development of this technology, it is expected to become less expensive. This might help more and more companies in adopting big data.

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