Shift from Service to Value

While human interactions are undoubtedly valuable in terms of empathy, The advent of AI has transformed chatbot interactions. It seamlessly emulate personalized communication, complex problem-solving, and human-like experience. At Atharva, we assist companies in moving from service-oriented approaches to delivering real value.

Through unique bot strategies, we foster effective communication and support systems across diverse service segments of industries. We help businesses and organizations unlock new opportunities by elevating customer interactions through seamless, omni-channel experiences. With our wide spectrum of chatbot solutions, companies can drive a significant impact and enhance their overall value proposition.

Our Offerings

Chatbots Consulting

Witness high-value results with our strategic guidance. Our expert team identifies the most impactful use cases of chatbots and provides a development guide tailored to your needs.

AI-powered Custom Chatbots

Drive value with personalization. Build intelligent virtual assistants with NLP and Machine Learning to deeply understand your customers and deliver the utmost satisfaction.

Enterprise Chatbots

Implement effective AI-powered customer support system across your organization. Our solution brings together multiple channels ensuring unified experience across all the touchpoints.

Social Media Chatbots

Boost your brand's social media impact with custom chatbots. These intelligent bots serve as reliable brand advocates, elevating engagement, support, and overall brand experience.

Chat Apps

Unlock infinite opportunities with collaborative team and community. Get started with our offerings that include a team communication tool, customer support chat app, and community-based chat platform.

Voice Bots

Reimagine customer interactions with voice-enabled experience. We design and develop scalable voice bots and deploy across multiple platforms to enable efficient support at scale.

Chatbot integration

Integrate your chatbot with internal systems, popular platforms, and external services, making it a dynamic force for customer engagement and business growth.

Chatbot Testing

Our comprehensive testing solutions identify and address any issues before deployment to provide your users with a reliable and engaging chatbot.

Enhancement & Support

We continuously enhance functionality and user experience of your chatbot, ensuring it remains a valuable asset to build loyal customers.

Reimagining Customer Service

These are a few examples of bots we provide to cater to the various needs of different domains.

  • E-commerce Bots
  • Banking and Financial Bots
  • Healthcare Bots
  • Travel & Hospitality Bots
  • Appointment Booking Bots
  • Customer Support Bots
  • Virtual Assistant Bots
  • HR Bots
  • Social Media Bots

Hire ChatBot App Developers

Hire a Dedicated Developer
or Team of Developers

  • Strong understanding of NLP concepts.
  • Ability to tailor the chatbot app for diverse platforms and channels.
  • Specialize in chatbot development frameworks such as IBM Watson Assistant, Dialogflow, and more.
Hire ChatBot App Developers

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Case Studies

Online Grocery Store that put sustainability at the core
Springer Solar
ERP Solution for Australia’s Change Makers
White Wolf Nutrition
Taking White Wolf Nutrition to the Next Level
Highly secure and satisfying Privacy Management SAAS

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