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Automate Customer support with Chatbot Apps

Get Robust Chatbot App Development to Automate Customer Assistance

Automate Customer support with Chatbot Apps

Robust Business Assistance through Chatbot App Development

As the customer interest in Chatbots (app) increases, many businesses embrace these apps that solve product-related inquiries and help in buying guidance. These apps are useful in handling user requests and also assisting with intelligent conversations. Apps created by us are multilingual and help to leverage top platforms like Facebook, Slack, Bot, Intelligent Bots, and much more. Our Chatbot App Development Services empower your business.

How we do it

Ideal Process for Chatbot App Development

Chatbot App development services complement your business system by adding value to your customer interaction and services. We create robust apps and ensure a personalized process given your product or offerings. However, in the common scenarios, our appl development process includes the following steps:

  • Understanding & Finalizing Scope
  • Wireframing & User Experience Design
  • Code Engineering & Third-Party Apps
  • Testing & Publication

Top Frameworks Used In Chatbot App Development

Microsoft Chatbot

Atharva specializes in Microsoft Azure Bot that creates, tests, installs, and manages intelligent bots. Our bots provide language, speech, understanding, and Q&A.

IBM Watson

Watson assistant is created, installed, and optimized by our team. It provides data discovery, automatic predictive analytics, and language-based dialogue for your bot.


Atharva specializes in Dialogflow to build conversational interfaces for mobile apps, web and IoT devices. Dialogflow users can access Google Cloud Support.

Facebook Bot

Facebook’s Messenger Platform allows organizations to create robust and personalized experiences. It adds controls to improve user experience in bot apps.


Atharva’s Chatfuel specialists help users to generate bots for Facebook Messenger. Chatfuel development helps with solid engagement and better retention.

Amazon Lex

We are the experts in Amazon Lex Chatbot development which help to build strong conversational interfaces with deep learning functionalities.

Industries that use Our Chatbot Solutions

Our development team is used by clients from various industries. These services give them a first-mover advantage by adopting this technology. At Atharva, we help our industry-wide clients to increase customer interaction with their Chatbot services. We have built such applications with robust technology.



We help our eCommerce clients with chatbot development services to help their customers make strong purchase decisions. This is a major advantage of our services for e-commerce businesses. It guides their customers with the purchase decisions and helps them while browsing through their products. A Chatbot helps them to obtain detailed information about products and land on the right page while navigating through these websites while shopping online.



Customer service is the focal point of the hospitality industry as it helps to ensure the success of your business. The hospitality industry is dependent on customer service in these technology-driven times. We help you to create such apps that provide customer service digitally to all the customers. These apps play a huge role by assisting customers with bookings, additional information, and hotel services. They also get information about discounts and deals.

Banking Industry

Banking Industry

We develop apps that help our banking clients by assisting customers with basic transactions. Chatbots will revolutionize the finance and banking sector by improving their customer assistance and services. As the banking industry is transactional in nature, these apps help any banking or financial institution which is looking to improve customer service that is inclined towards better digital interactions.

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

As the healthcare sector needs round-the-clock assistance, it has a lot to benefit from this technology. We develop such apps that help them to book appointments, send medical information and provide a host of other services to the health care staff. These services prove to be hugely beneficial by giving medical assistance to the patients at all times. These apps help patients by continuously monitoring their health.

Real Estate

Real Estate

The chatbot services are redefining the real estate market and it helps the customers with their unique requirements. These customers get customized services through our services and this guides them through their property buying process. We develop these apps that offer exact information to their customers. They also interact with visitors through predetermined questions and also offer the relevant information as per their needs.

Embracing Chatbot Development Services

How We Do It

  • Simple UX/UI
  • Human Alike Approach
  • Personalized User Experience
Changing the Gaming industry with ChatBot App

Automated Assistants

At Atharva, we use advanced frameworks and technologies for your business. With our services, you can offer an excellent customer experience to your customers

Case Studies

A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

Case Study
Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

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Online Bike & Instruments Shop Development
Premium Bikeshop

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Create the best possible experience for your clients

Create the best
possible experience
for your clients

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