Ensure the Business Success with AI & ML Services

Establish your business for tremendous growth with AI ML Development Services

Ensure the Business Success with AI & ML Services

Connect Users with Your Business Through the Integration of AI & ML

We help you leverage Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and data science expertise for driving robust business results while minimizing downtime and identifying outliers. Our AI ML development team includes consultants and Machine Learning experts at Atharva to guide you through the developmental stages to generate bespoke AI solutions.

How Does AI ML Help Businesses?

How Does AI ML Help Businesses?

AI tools complement your business apps and systems with intelligence. It helps to automate business systems and replace repetitive learning with big data. With AI, your applications and machines can analyze images, understand speech, business data, and make accurate predictions.

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AI & ML Development Services

Machine Learning

We help you build, organize and implement robust Machine Learning models and strong algorithms for your business. The tools help you to process huge volumes of data which makes your apps smarter and your business stronger.

Language Processing

We help you to generate information from human language and help you to speed the analysis on the language and reporting for the information. The information can be in the form of voice, text, figures, relationships and names, relationships.

Computer Vision

We help you to develop customized solutions that help you to generate better digital images, content, and videos. We use the process to analyze various objects, track them, and classify these into proper groups.

AI-Driven Chatbots

We help you to integrate a chat-bot into your mobile applications with various services that you are using. We help to extend these use cases for the users and employees.

Data Science & Research

Our data science and research services include excavating into raw datasets, creating predictive models, data processing, and converting them into information that is actionable and useful.

AI Product Development

We have capabilities in commercial as well as open-source AI solutions that allow our clients to use tools or frameworks as per their choice to develop robust AI products.

Industry-wide AI ML Solutions

They help to increase their growth rate and help them become leaders in their industry. Artificial Intelligence technology is gaining huge traction and with the surge in AI/ ML investment, many businesses are using these applications. Our AI ML software development services are useful for various businesses in different industries.

Financial Services

Financial Services

The Financial and Banking industry has been undergoing a massive transformation with the onset of AI and ML technology in web and mobile applications. AI is used in many scenarios in this industry. Many human agents have been replaced by intelligent software robots. They help with different services like loan processing apps. We help you to develop many products for your companies like Robo-financial advisors and many other advanced applications.

Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry

We help our clients in the transportation and logistics industry to infuse AI into their products and services. Many advanced machine learning tools and predictive analytics are now transforming supply chain management in these industries and making it seamless. The warehouses in these industries use robots powered by AI to sort and package products in the warehouses. The AI algorithms are also used to find quick shipment routes and provide better support.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry has received significant benefits from AI-enabled chatbots. These chatbots have improved customer service because of their round-the-clock presence and quick query resolution. The AI algorithms power chatbots and increase efficiency. We use this technology to enable accurate responses to their customers. We have helped many of our clients to turn to AI companies and to build AI-based mobile applications for them.



Many technology giants like IBM, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have started to invest hugely in the healthcare sector. They are integrating AI ML technology that has a significant reputation in the industry. Our team helps to incorporate AI and MI technology in different healthcare services. The services like data mining for identifying patterns, ensuring accurate diagnosis of medical conditions, better treatment, and medical imaging, robotic surgery, or drug discovery.



We have helped our clients in the manufacturing industry to create advanced AI-powered tools. These clients have become leaders through the adoption of AI technology in the manufacturing process. We develop applications with AI technology that are employed across operations including workforce planning, product design, maintenance of industrial equipment, restoration of equipment, and many more industrial operations. We help the companies in the manufacturing sector to become AI-powered and we build advanced AI-based apps for them.

Adding Value with AI ML Development Services

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Changing the Gaming industry with VR

AI ML Solutions

At Atharva, our AI ML software development Services help to better your business data by using the latest tools and systems. We help to better your data with the help of our Advanced Analytics software.

Case Studies


A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

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Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

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Premium Bikeshop

Online Bike & Instruments Shop Development

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