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AI's revolutionary impact is reshaping digitalization, empowering businesses to operate more efficiently while preserving a human touch in their customer interactions. Surpassing all others, the growth of AI enablers is undeniable. At Atharva, our profound AI and ML expertise lay the foundation for businesses to cultivate smarter processes and services that yield precise outcomes, without much-needed human intervention.

Step into the AI transformation with us and unlock the maximum benefits that AI has to offer. With our deep sense of data science and expertise in AI model development, we infuse AI to create customized applications that cater to your specific requirements. Explore our diverse range of AI-powered services and ML capabilities to redefine growth, efficiency, and resilience for your business.

Our Offerings

AI-powered Mobile & Web Apps

Embrace AI-powered innovation across your business with intelligent apps that deliver personalized experiences, automate processes, and drive intelligent decisions.

Natural Language Processing

We employ advanced NLP algorithms to create sentiment-aware and insightful NLP solutions, including chat applications, virtual assistants, speech recognition, and more.

Predictive Analytics

With deep industry knowledge, we build and deploy advanced AI models like regression, decision trees, and neural networks to help various segments to make proactive decisions.

Recommendation Systems

With deep sense of data science, we can help you build highly- personalized content and product recommendation systems that catapult your selling potential.

Voice-Based AI

Tap into voice-led transformation and achieve par excellence in productivity and engagement with voice assistants and voice- powered scalable applications solutions.

Data Mining & Analytics

AI & ML accelerates data realization, delivering valuable insights, predictive analytics, and prescriptive recommendations. Reinforce your future decisions with Atharva.

Self-Learning Systems

Build self-evolving smart software that autonomously adapt to deliver better customer services and data-led decisions. Rapidly grow with our business-specific AI automation solutions.

Data-Driven IoT

Transform your business with data-driven IoT. Our AI-powered IoT solutions enable you to collect, analyze, and use data from connected devices to innovate and improve.

Process Automation

Reduce human intervention and deliver value faster with our with cutting-edge technology services like RPA, BPM, and custom software solutions.

Infusing AI Innovation across Industries

Here is a list of segments or functional areas of businesses where we enable AI innovation.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Process Automation
  • Product Development
  • Data Analytics & BI

Hire AI & ML Engineers

Hire a Dedicated Developer
or Team of Developers

  • Strong analytical mindset to select and build effective AI Model.
  • Experience working with tools like TensorFlow, Keras, scikit-learn, or Apache Spark.
  • Best practices in Python, R, C++, Java etc.
Hire AI & ML Engineers

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Case Studies

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Taking White Wolf Nutrition to the Next Level
Highly secure and satisfying Privacy Management SAAS

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