How to become a Successful SAP HANA Consultant and Grow your Career?

July 7, 2021
How to become a Successful SAP HANA Consultant and Grow your Career?

One of the most promising careers recently is that of SAP HANA consultant. In data processing, SAP is the abbreviation for Systems, Applications, and Products.

It is in high demand and has gained prominence in the day-to-day processes. It has become a hugely successful brand in the IT market and it has gained global recognition.

The SAP development services market has enhanced quickly and there is a huge demand for professionals with its certification.

SAP ERP consultants who want to build their careers are seeing a huge option in the field of SAP consultancy as they are getting higher compensation.

SAP Course in Multiple Domain

These courses are available in many domains including Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Product Life Cycle, Supply Chain, Material Management, Business Applications, Customer Relationship, Business Intelligence, Quality Management, and Project Management.

If you want to improve your career with these courses, then you should gain knowledge and experience in a domain.

There are multiple job opportunities in such courses once they have achieved proficiency as well as comprehensive knowledge in the domain.

Vast Job Opportunities

Many job opportunities are open for such candidates. This certification provides the candidates with knowledge of this ERP which bridges the gap between the planned strategies and execution.

This makes this certification one of the most lucrative career options for the candidates who want to be successful as consultants. Such jobs provide complete job satisfaction and higher salary.

This system works in different areas and the candidates can work in any field based on the kind of career that they want to adopt.

What is SAP HANA consultant?

There are many essential roles in SAP HANA projects consultancy as detailed below:

  • Business Consultant: The role focuses only on getting projects on the client’s side. They don’t need to have higher knowledge about this system.
  • SAP Basis Consultant: The qualified consultants have the responsibility to provide support in installation, maintenance, and performance tuning of servers and databases. 
  • Developer Consultant: Developer consultants are responsible to develop Java or ABAP programs.
  • SAP Functional Consultant: Functional consultants are responsible to evaluate the demand of the customers. The role needs recognition of use cases and they convert it into technical and logical views. Such consultants work with a developer to create custom ABAP programs.

What Roles and Responsibilities of SAP HANA Consultant?

What Roles and Responsibilities of SAP HANA Consultant?

The role of such consultants generally includes the following roles and responsibilities:

  • SAP HANA consulting services look after the planning, implementing, designing, and maintaining of SAP-based solutions.
  • They make decisions on topics like security, performance, product shipment, and installation.
  • They develop the technical and functional skills of the project team.
  • These consultants have excellent verbal communication and writing skills as they interrelate with technical and business participants.

How to become a successful SAP HANA consultant?

Such a consultant needs to be dedicated, committed, and an expert to be successful in the role. The career is profitable and they need the below-mentioned qualities to be successful:

  • Knowledge of Business Process 
  • Excellent Configuration Skills
  • Team Player
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Understanding the Business Requirements
  • Good Documentation
  • Allocating Knowledge

There is a long and tedious process to become successful as a SAP HANA consultant. They need to learn new things regularly to update their knowledge.

This system is developing with the latest technologies and the consultants need to keep updating themselves throughout their career. These consultants have to keep learning innovative things. 

What are the requirements for a successful SAP consultant?

A professional SAP consultant candidate should have the below aptitudes:

  1. Planning: Planning is important to achieve success. This is also true for such consultants. To become successful as a professional, the candidates should understand the scope, challenges, and expectations. SAP development services have emerged as a great career option. Apart from the expertise, time, skills, and interest, there are other reasons why this career is preferred. 
  2. Training: A consultant needs to undergo proper training from a reputed training center. This gives them primary knowledge of this system. To bridge the gaps, it is essential not just to indulge in self-study but undergo extensive programs. A huge range of programs for SAP training is available globally. Candidates can select online training programs or they can choose classroom training. Many options are available and candidates may choose as per their need and their choice.
  3. Certification: Although it is not mandatory to achieve certification it helps to become a certified consultant. If one doesn’t have experience in any relevant field, then becoming certified will help you become a suitable candidate even when you have no experience. Certification helps to bridge the gap between a candidate and their skills. It improves marketability. It largely impacts building a career as a SAP HANA consultant. Certification also supports the lifelong professional journey of a candidate.
  4. Good Education: One of the basic foundations for a knowledge-based profession is strong education. A professional consultant doesn’t only need to pursue an MBA or be a graduate. They should have access to the best and most professional courses which take the knowledge levels to a better range. A good candidate is driven towards knowledge of new subjects, technologies, and skills. Becoming a great Consultant is possible if the candidate is driven towards learning and education.
  5. Excellent Communication Skills: Such a consultant needs to prepare many presentations in his career, therefore good communication is essential. They will also be communicating with clients and business users. Such candidates also have excellent communication skills and this helps them to convey the ideas transparently and briefly. Having good communication skills not just involves speaking with intelligence but includes being confident in the manner of speaking.
  6. Continuous education: A candidate has to be updated with existing developments in this technology. This helps them to get a great position in the corporate world. There are multiple ways in which one can follow and stay updated. This also requires the need to subscribe to SAP newsletters, magazines, and training programs. This helps them to stay updated. They need to ensure that they are focused on good quality knowledge.
  7. Define many domains: They should have expertise in multiple domains and should not be limited to just one particular area. They should also explore the skills and knowledge that fall beyond their limits. For professional growth, a candidate should enhance their skills and functionality. It is also ideal to become an expert on improving and implementing the architecture. This makes learning a greater number of domains one of the essential steps towards a successful career.
  8. Create your network: To become a successful consultant in this technology, candidates should form a network. This helps them to connect within their industry. Building strong networks helps to gain popularity and reference. It also increases the skills and keeps the candidates informed about the happenings in an industry. Social networking websites, discussion forums, and social media help them to connect with SAP experts.


To get profitability in business and achieve more success, many businesses take advantage of SAP basis consulting services.

These services help businesses achieve greater heights and better profitability in the long run. This helps to take them to better heights professionally.

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How to become a Successful SAP HANA Consultant and Grow your Career?
How to become a Successful SAP HANA Consultant and Grow your Career?

One of the most promising careers recently is that of SAP HANA consultant. In data processing, SAP is the abbreviation Read more

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