Top 15 Reasons to Rely on Ruby on Rails in 2020

May 8, 2020

Ruby on Rails development is immensely popular for web-faced application development.

It is an efficient backend developing technology enabling users to have many different features in a single program.

It is responsible for maintaining the default structure for web pages and a database.

Due to its endless potential of database creation, it allows the rapid development of an application. It is the third-best programming language in India.

RoR is Still Reliable

Although it’s one of the best in the field, it is facing a tough time. Over the years many other new technologies are there on the market claiming to be better and more effective in this industry. This article talks about whether Ruby on Rails has gone obsolete or is it still reliable as a programming language in 2020! RoR is a rather old language, still, there are many different areas where Ruby on Rails development is difficult to beat. Hence below are the top 15 reasons why it is one of the most recommended programming languages in 2020:

1. Makes Business Logic Execution Simpler than Normal

Due to its simplicity to execute the code, ROR makes it easier and faster to validate a rather complex business logic. API is a must for an application that you can ask the developer. The developers of Rails can create it quickly and efficiently. The front-end framework is put like Vue and React and you are good to go.

2. Asset for Start-ups and Irrefutable Proof of Concept

You gain a 30-40% increase in the programming speed and you save time which is a high priority for a start-up and the newbies in the area. It also works as a prototyping tool if you require a concept of proofs in a very short duration. It is a valuable asset for bigger projects and it is also great for start-ups being open-source.

3. Evolving Security Measures

Evolving Security Measures Ruby on Rails development has very encrypting security which can fight off against impending attacks such as that of SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, etc. The instant security updates and installation of new patches are there in this program. Security is one of the most crucial importance when it comes to transactions done for e-commerce daily.

4. Reliable and Huge Community Support

For any programming language, there needs to be a reliable source of community support and Ruby has it all. The programming community always keeps itself updated and aware of the issues that one might be facing daily and work on it. Its gargantuan community diagnose the issues early on and resolve it fast so that there is no delay in the programming and the developer can keep up the good work.

5. Steady Evolution

One of the major achievements that a programming language can accomplish is the steady evolution of itself instead of a rapid one. In the coding world, this is one of the best traits as the developers can point out the issues within the language and work on it. And, Rails is no different than any other language as it is still facing performance issues. In 2020 with the release of Ruby these issues might go away.

6. Rails Programmers Holds Expert Certification

Rails Programmers Holds Expert Certification The majority of the developers in ROR have a great deal of expertise in many other languages as well. This is because of the advanced nature or ROR programming language. Hence it is remotely possible that a newbie is an expert in RoR. This cannot be his first programming language as a developer. The Ruby on Rails developer needs to conversant with the best coding practices and programming languages.

7. Benefits in the e-Commerce Field

Due to the low-budget and widespread use of the RubyGems library, Ruby on Rails has an increase of demand in the e-commerce industry and websites due to its widely used network development framework. The simplicity of the ROR programming makes it easier and efficient for developers to save time and execute the code with brazen straightforwardness. In addition to this, the e-Commerce websites demand the existence of all the tools inside a framework which is beneficial with Ruby. Some of the popular tools to integrate an e-Commerce website with CMS are Sharetribe, Ror-e, Solidus, etc.

8. Exponential Development and Budget-friendly

Also with its wide range of libraries, Ruby on Rails has added a somewhat newer software development pattern called Convention over Configuration. With this facility, the coders are free from their responsibility to write the boilerplates. There is no need to write necessary lines of code as the developer maximizes the use of techniques such as the DRY principle. This principle can give the programmer an end version of what the program would look like. Hence it becomes easier for the developer to eliminate the endless boilerplate coding everywhere. This helps them focus the coding only on the genuine programming section. This paradigm works efficiently when someone is working on a low-budget with short deadlines.

9. Perfect for MVP Development

Due to its high speed and time-saving efficiency, ROR is the perfect choice for MVP development. This is because it has built-in development tools and solely focuses on mainstream business activities. Different other features that ROR provides include object-oriented programming, free plugins, multi-platform compatibility, etc. Highly invaluable for any start-up the most important reason for the use of ROR is budget-friendly expense.

10. Top-Notch Quality

To build a bug-proof high-quality web application, RoR makes the use of TDD- test-driven development and BDD – behavior-driven development. For the further improvement of software architecture; BDD and TDD are applied with definite code coverage. Because of multiple benefits like the proof of the excellence of the application and low development cost issued due to a bug-proof environment, both of these approaches are reliable.

11. Simple and Effective to Create Mobile Apps

Restful architecture is the key to build most mobile apps using Rails technology. The major merit of this Restful architecture is that it validates the creation of API. This helps mobile app developers, as well as end-users. There is no need for a separate developer for building mobile applications due to the open-source nature of the architecture.

12. Enhanced Web Applications Built with ROR

Due to the RoR framework running on Linux which is open-source, it directly becomes one of the most effective benefits which is equally affordable. It helps in the elimination of major developing applications that can be leveraged by many startups around the world.

13. Simple to Learn

Due to its simplicity and trend in the industry, everyone can learn the Ruby programming language. There is no need to learn the language as it offers already optimized code, classes, and methods. As it’s available in the English language; even a novice can learn the language in a few days. The user-friendly framework in RoR helps even the professionals to write short-codes. They can now focus on the ones that require genuine coding expertise. Due to the high demand for RoR in the industry, the new applicants can apply easily to the top development companies.

14. Documentation Availability

Just because it has a high demand in the top development companies; it does not forfeit its authenticity in the small companies. You can develop from scratch at an underdog company and gain popularity. This will help you create a powerful web application using Ruby on Rails and gain immense profits.

15. Reliable Testing Environment

For any software to linger on, it needs a good testing environment and RoR provides just the perfect one. This testing is important to ensure the well-being of the web application. It is a very time-consuming procedure in the web development area. The applications that RoR has developed have three environments i.e. testing, development, and production. In all developing stages, the developers can test their web applications. While testing an application, there is no need to modify or edit the data. RoR is a popular framework on which many businesses and developers reply to build web-based and mobile solutions. This programming language is gaining a lot of traction and enthusiastic following. It has become a preferred choice to develop an application.


Above are the reasons that have made RoR the top-notch technology for programmers. If you are looking for the right technology for your next app development project; hire a professional Ruby on Rails Developer with sound expertise and experience in RoR. All product and company names are trademarks™, registered® or copyright© trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

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Top 15 Reasons to Rely on Ruby on Rails in 2020

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