Ensure Ecommerce Success with These 10 Magento Development Insights

March 29, 2019

The growth of the ecommerce industry is astounding, with the pace increasing year on year. Selecting the right platform for setting up your online store is the key to achieving success.

Offering a great user experience is important, or else you could end up driving potential customers away. Magento is one of the top platforms for ecommerce stores, with more than two million online stores on the platform.

However, there is a chance you might not be happy with the results you gain from your store. Perhaps a few tweaks to your Magento website development can help.

Here’s a look at 10 things to improve your chances of success with effective Magento ecommerce development:

1. Go Responsive

A majority of people browse the internet on smart mobile devices instead of on desktop computers and laptops. In terms of ecommerce, over 50% of traffic comes from handheld devices.

Despite this, Magento development services don’t communicate to store owners that responsive design is crucial. You have to make sure that your store renders well on any device, regardless of screen size.

The user experience you offer via Magento website development will affect your ability to generate leads and convert them into customers.

2. Choose a Custom Theme

There is no shortage of free themes that you can use for a Magento store. However, you should instead opt for a premium theme, where you have plenty of customization options.

Your store has to stand out from the rest, and using a custom theme is important for this purpose. You don’t want to have a store design that is even remotely similar to any other store.

So, choosing a custom theme enhances your brand’s reputation. Moreover, you get better functionality than you would with a free theme.

3. Optimize Your Shopping Cart

Make it convenient for users to complete the checkout process. Often, because of a simple mistake, users have to reenter all the information.

You can make the process efficient by reducing the number of required fields, as well as adding an option for ‘guest checkout’.

4. Customize Your Shopping Cart

Continuing from the previous point, the sales cycle is almost complete by the time a user gets to the shopping cart. You have to make it convenient for users to check out.

But unfortunately, the standard Magento layout does not complement this process. You need to find a Magento development company that can make the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button prominent. Make it easier for users to check out and you can boost conversions.

5. Simplify the Checkout Process

As mentioned, the default Magento template isn’t conducive to boosting sales. The checkout process is extensive, and often causes users to lose interest.

In fact, you might lose more than 10% of potential conversions simply because users have to fill multiple forms or go through extensive requirements.

Professional Magento ecommerce developers can help you simplify the checkout process, using certain extensions or tweaking the layout.

6. Localize Your Store

This tip is important for Magento stores targeting a global audience. You should localize your store for each location you offer your products and services in, for example by using IP identification to change the language.

Effective Magento website development can enable you to personalize the experience for each region you are targeting.

7. Improve Loading Speed

The last thing customers wants is to wait for your store to load. Remember that people online don’t have a lot of patience and will not wait for more than a couple of seconds.

Emphasize high performance when designing your online store on Magento, which also boosts your chances of improving rankings.

Each page of your site has to load instantly. Talk to your developer about removing all frills that can lead to a logjam.

8. Optimize Images

In addition to the core coding, you also need to optimize the images you add to your Magento store. Consult a professional Magento development company to seek ways to reduce the rendering time for images. Also, don’t overload your site with images.

9. Define USPs

Why should a person buy from you? Given the cutthroat nature of business competition today, you can safely assume that several other stores are offering what you offer.

You need to offer customers reasons to make a purchase from your store, which is why you need to define some unique selling points (USPs). For example, you can offer a money-back guarantee or free shipping.

10. Upgrade Product Search

Improve the product search feature, enabling users to find what they are looking for, regardless of the keyword combinations they use.

The search suggestions should make life easier for customers, leading them to the products they are seeking.

So, there you have it, 10 Magento development insights to ensuring ecommerce success. Seek professional assistance and guidance for Magento website development for optimal results.

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