Top 8 Reasons behind Rising Popularity and Benefits of Google Cloud Hosting

June 10, 2021
Top 8 Reasons behind Rising Popularity and Benefits of Google Cloud Hosting

The Google Cloud Platform is one of the most dependable and efficient cloud platforms that help companies to accelerate their speed and gain a competitive edge with their scalable and secure solutions.

What exactly is Google Cloud?

This system gives highly reliable, efficient, and scalable cloud computing services for its users. These cloud services help clients in data storage and online computing.

These services help the developers test, build and deploy mobile applications. It gives coverage of storage, application, and cloud computing services for mobile, backend, and web solutions.

The platform is reliable and has nearly 4 million users. The categories within Google Cloud computing services are Computing, Big Data, Storage, and Services.

This search engine maintains its backend and keeps it simple with a modest system of file management. The system forms the basis of this technology.

The requests handled by it include fundamental commands like read, write and open. The system of computing is a distributed one.

This system has acquired cornerstone technology which assists their customers in migration of their mainframe workloads to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Increasingly, many small, medium and large enterprises are adopting this platform.  This helps as it separates systems and makes them more secure at reasonable costs.

The indication by trends shows that many enterprises are migrating towards Google Cloud Computing Services as it is secure with adaptable and practical solutions.

The platform helps to save money on various departments like IT staffing and it helps in the quick scaling of online platforms and solutions.

Why is Google Cloud Computing gaining Popularity?

Google Cloud Hosting (Compute Engine) is a significant service provided by the GCP. Other services include storage, App Engine, CDN, DNS, and a host of services.

GCP has many physical servers and virtual resources including virtual machines. These are globally contained in the Data Centers managed by this search engine.

GCP also offers multi-deployment services i.e., users can choose different Data Centers for different websites.

Many big companies use GCP (App Engine or Compute Engine). These companies include HSBC, Spotify, Home Depot, HTC, Snapchat, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Philips, and Domino’s.

Big companies like Apple have moved some of their services to GCP. Apple uses it for its internet services for data storage. Even companies like Twitter and GitLab have moved to this system.

The benefits with Google Cloud computing services are immense once the users aggregate network differences and flexible resources.

This internet system has many benefits. It allows users to access the biggest networks globally and also ensures that the customers get less downtime. It allows for the live migrations of the virtual machines.

Thus, hosting of this search engine is one of the most efficient solutions when it comes to cloud hosting.

What are the advantages of Google cloud?

What are the advantages of Google cloud?

When it comes to cloud hosting solutions, many businesses and users unanimously agree that GCH is currently the finest solution in this market.

It relates to the performance, stability, backups, scalability, and security of these services. Below are certain advantages of employing Google Cloud computing services for your business:

1. Cost-Efficient Services

The best thing about GCH services is their cost-efficiency. As it charges in terms of minute-level when it comes to increments, users only have to pay for their computing time.

A minimum charge of 10-minute ensures that the users pay for just the time that they use the services. This search engine also gives discounted prices if the workloads are long-running.

This does not require any up-front commitment. Thus, these services are perfect for enterprises and start-ups to cut costs. 

Google Cloud computing services when compared in terms of features as the price vs performance against Azure and AWS shows this trend as well.

The costs are much lower on GCP as compared to other service providers. Their Compute Engine is 40% – 50% cheaper as compared to Azure and AWS.

Comparison between the pricing services of AWS vs Google Cloud

This system gives more IOPS and the costs are less than one thirds as compared to the others. The configuration with AWS costs $1,102/month when compared with Google Cloud $470/month.

The performance improves higher as the input/ output operations measurement per second (IOPS). This also determines how often any device performs the IO tasks. The performance improves with the higher number of IOPS.

Comparison between the pricing services of Azure vs Google Cloud

Azure is slightly different from previous systems. Users need to attach SSD storage for the persistent storage attached to the network.

We do all the comparisons based on their features and costs, but the cost to use the GCP is almost one third as compared to the other Platforms.

The cost to use Azure configuration is $1,602/month while for the GCP is $532/month.

2. Better Performance as compared to competitors 

Small and medium enterprise-level are the host users . They have received great results by using this platform.

Many users who use its servers have seen flawless performance and great average response times. It also ensures minimal errors with no spikes.

The top-tier performance ensures great uptime and perfect load tests. If you move to GCP the load time decreases significantly.

The spikes range can be decreased from a 1-second range to fewer than 500 milliseconds. By migrating to GCP, users have seen a 50% decrease in their load times.

The VMs can do a great job of handling data and everything else. It improves downtime and this hosting solution also saves time. The load time decreases significantly on client sites once they move to GCH.

The servers for Google Compute Engine ensure instinctive scalability. Thus, rather than being constrained to the 2 to 6 CPUs per VPS, GCH providers let the container scale the website to a large number of CPUs in case of a surge.

In the case of the clients who are load-balanced, there might be a need for infinite CPUs as the system spins up multiple machines and it scales back as the traffic subsides.

Certain sites that migrated away from GCP met with increased load times. Some clients also leave due to this issue. They also come back after restoring the services.

GCP has made a lot of progress in fixing the huge dent in cloud computing services. Users can now also leverage GPUs for scientific computing and machine learning.

They have also released VMs using 64 virtual CPUs. This has immensely helped in increasing their performance.

3. Live Migration Feature 

One of the major advantages of GCH is the live migrations of the Virtual Machines. Azure, AWS, or any other smaller providers do not provide this functionality.

This is an important factor that discriminates against Google Cloud when compared with the cloud providers in the market.

This means that the VMs are always up and there is no degradation in the performance due to the live migration of VMs between the host machines.

There are many benefits of live migrations that allow Google engineers to address various issues. The issues include repairing, patching, and updating the hardware and software.

Users do not need to worry about reboots in the machine. It has high-level live VM migration and this live migration of the virtual machines helps it in reducing downtime.

They also offer the resizing of persistent disks. The CLI or the portal can help in the resizing of the live disk.

4. Continuous Global Expansion

Google is an organization that has continuously and rapidly built its infrastructure when it comes to the GCP. They keep including new Google Cloud Regions to improve their services.

They are slowly and steadily covering all locations around the world to improve the cloud solutions of Google. This will dramatically decrease the latency for hosting customers globally.

With such continuous expansion globally, hosting solutions of this system reaches the length and breadth of the world and provide great services in any remote corner of the world.

This is great news for the enterprises that wish to expand in various locations and looking for secure and dependable partners in terms of hosting solutions.

5. Strong Global Fiber Network solely owned by Google

The strength of the GCP lies in its Network. This is one factor that keeps GCH separately from other players. The solely owned network of GCP is its biggest advantage globally.

The network is extremely fast and it has an isolated and distributed backbone between the data centers. The backbone provided by it is the best advantage of this platform and it ensures speed and efficiency for the system.

Google had recently announced an investment in FASTER Cable System. This gives Google access to 10Tbps. The platform uses this access for Google APP and Cloud customers. 

As this system is a sole provider that has its fiber-optic cables, it helps with the network speed and this helps in decreasing the total costs for the users. This speed also helps in better and higher data processing in lesser time.

This huge infrastructure and enormous network capabilities provided by Google allow the users to provide their users with cheaper computing services.

GCP has launched a distinct standard tier and premium tier network. This facility makes it a major public cloud service that offers a network with the tiered cloud.

This premium tier provides traffic over the well-provisioned, highly reliable, low latency, and well-provisioned global network by Google.

The key to this success is redundancy and this is why there are three independent paths between two locations on the Google network. This ensures that traffic flows continuously between any two locations even when there is a disruption in the internet services.

The network quality provided through this standard tier is comparable to other major public cloud services.

The outbound traffic is delivered from GCP to the internet over ISP networks and not through the network provided by Google.

6. How secure is the Google cloud?

One of the biggest advantages of Google’s cloud computing services is its security. If you choose GCP it means that you will get the benefit of a security model which has been built over 15 years.

Its current security takes care of products and services including Search, Gmail among others.  Google has over 500 security professionals who look after the security features.

Below are some security features of Google Cloud:

The data over its cloud is encrypted between Google, its data centers, and its customers in transit mode along with its data in the Cloud Platform.

The data available on the persistent disks are encrypted in their 256-bit AES. The encryption key is encrypted with master keys that change regularly.

Below are some security features of Google Cloud:

Google has strong relationships with the major ISPs globally. This aids in improving the data security in transit which means lesser hops across the internet.

The clients of Google cloud computing services maintain security precautions that are in line with best practices in the industry. The use of GCP doesn’t ensure similar security certifications.

This service ensures commitment to enterprise security certifications and has regular audits. These certifications provide independent validations from third-party for Google’s commitment to best quality security and privacy.

This also helps Google cloud’s customers with compliance efforts. Many companies hire Google Cloud developers to increase their security over the clouds.

The enterprise-level firewall from this search engine filters out malicious traffic before it enters the server network.

7. Continuous Backups

Storage of this search engine has been designed in a way to ensure maximum durability. Google cloud has 4 types of storage: nearline storage, Cold line storage, regional and multi-regional storage.

The platform stores the data redundantly and the automatic checksums ensure the integrity of the data. Multi-regional storage that is geo-redundant ensures cloud storage stores data redundantly with the bucket’s multi-regional location.

Google Cloud computing services ensure that you never lose data, even in the worst of situations.

8. Does Google Cloud have future?

It has been forecasted that cloud traffic will represent 92% of data center traffic by 2020. Google Trends has also predicted that the interest for GCP has been rising rapidly over previous years.

Many companies have migrated to Google cloud computing services as it provides a secure, cost-effective, and flexible solution with higher scope for scalability.

This helps companies to save money on IT staffing and it allows for instant scaling of online solutions and online platforms.

This system has spent more focus and money focusing on the capitalization of novel web opportunities. They are not just restricted to its current standards. It is expected to also get access to reasonable internet services.

They are also working towards including quick mobile internet services globally along with fiber connections within homes and offices. This also brings a viable opportunity for Google.

Google has high hopes as broadband has started making it to the remote areas as it expects rapid expansion of the digital world. It may also face stiff competition in many markets while trying to achieve this goal.

But the impact of it and services are visible when it comes to the digital markets. The subsidiaries of Google including the internet have been revolutionizing the way business is done online.

There are some trusted Google Cloud development companies that are Google Platform Partners and provide end-to-end consulting and services and consulting for the enterprises that want to develop and manage solutions on the GCP.

If companies want to hire google cloud developers they can get extensive expertise that helps to implement solutions for their clients. These services can be for the existing applications and also in terms of building cloud-native solutions.


There are many advantages for the enterprises that use GCH and GCP. It is not just cheaper but it has a strong backbone due to one of the most professional and largest networks globally.

This ensures more accurate prices and less latency as the data can be processed in less time. The live migration of these virtual machines is a unique service and it is a crucial feature that differentiates the cloud hosting providers from Google cloud.

The other features like better performance and state-of-the-art security help to handle multiple concurrent connections.  This is a platform that helps your business in reaching long-term success.

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