Explore High-end Software Development Services

Unearth our capabilities of custom software development for your business. We deliver full-cycle development services helping you soar high with a futuristic performance.

Explore High-end Software Development Services

Our Range of Software Development Services

We have a dedicated team of experienced and skilled developers with expertise in various technologies and systems. Irrespective of the technology you want, our experts can deliver the best results. With 8+ years of experience in creating over 30+ software platforms, we are the experts in crafting and developing technology solutions.

Custom Software

Custom Software

At Atharva, our team of experts offers tailor-made software solutions to design and create a system, catering to your business’s unique needs. Our solutions boost your functioning, boost revenues, and improve business operations from start – development to deployment.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application

We are the best app partner when it comes to mobile app development. With the past 7 years of experience with a variety of businesses, our mobile apps have a huge impact on your business. Having delivered Many projects, we understand each app is unique that needs special attention.

Cloud & DevOps

Cloud & DevOps

We offer solutions for cloud & DevOps also to help in the automation and standardization of your business processes, which in turn leads to better operational efficiency, rapid and quicker innovation, and enhanced integration and deployment process. We know what it means.

Software Testing & QA

Software Testing & QA

It is one of the most vital and important aspects of development. We offer stand-alone and robust testing services, delivering supreme quality assurance via a deep understanding of your business objective and your market strategy. Our testing and QA keep your apps high-performing.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

From keeping a check to effective issue resolution and dedicated maintenance – it all requires expertise and experience. We offer three-tier expertise, scalable managed solutions to complement your internal dev team to keep all systems effective and working.

Database management

Database management

We are experts in delivering the best in the market database management solutions. These solutions would help you to organize your critical data with optimum utilization while avoiding all the complications that can block the process. Get the help of our database experts for smooth functioning.

Popular Software Development Solutions

Considering the changing landscape of the global market and evolving technologies, there are some specific tools and solutions that are most in-demand amongst diverse businesses.

Popular Software Development Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

This software development solution offers endless odds for any company. Technologies like Deep and Machine Learning are the trendiest ones changing the entire way of business processes and day-to-day operations.

Cloud Computing

This system has become a necessity for every business. It is a required booster for innovation and business transition. The cloud-based system quickly increases business agility, reducing costs and technical complexities.

Mobile Apps

We all know how popular and necessary mobile apps have become. It offers engaging experiences and connects users with brands. Hybrid, native, and cross-platform mobile apps offer fresh and lasting competitive edges.

Internet of Things

This is yet another popular development solution, especially for businesses. This tool improves your strategies, functioning, and overall interactions by taking engagement and communication to a whole new level.

Data Analytics

Capitalizing data is a smooth way to identify actionable insights on your business operations, customers, and service and products. Business Intelligence and Analytics help make data-based decisions for improved performance and development.

UI/UX Design

Robust and interactive UI/UX designs accelerate conversions, cutting down customer churn, and improve loyalty. A unique and engaging UI/UX design can turn your software into a great experience. Get the most astonishing and prominent designs for great conversions.

Why Select Atharva?

In all these years, we have delivered high-end technology solutions to our clients. Here are a few of the differentiators that make us better than others.

Why Select Atharva?

Our Differentiators – keeping you ahead of others

We have an A-class dedicated team you can bet on. We have a customer-oriented approach and build long-term bonding. We have exceptional domain expertise with updated knowledge of evolving technologies. Our development processes are fast thus offering you sufficient time to market offering you faster market entry. Finally, our 360-degree approach helps us cover the complete life-cycle of development with ease and faster. All these are the USPs that help us deliver the best always.

Diversified Industry Experience

Ecommerce Ecommerce
Healthcare Healthcare
Real Estate Real Estate
Media Media
Finance Finance
Security Security
Insurance Insurance
Education Education
Sports Sports
Logistics Logistics
Agriculture Agriculture
Food Food

Dedicated Team of Experts

Our developers work within your time zone. This helps you connect with them anytime anywhere as per your convenience, thus improving real-time collaboration. Our team is dedicated to infuse transparency and take accountability into our business model with regular progress reports. Our highly skilled experts have deep know-how of how to leverage the popular languages, frameworks, and platforms to create the most suitable software development solution for your business. It all keeps them ahead of the competition.

Dedicated Team of Experts

The range of Technologies We Use

We leverage the most updated and feature-rich technologies, frameworks, and tools to deliver you the best enterprise solutions:

Case Studies


A Cloud-based Patient Data Management Software

Case Study

Zero Waste/Emission ethic based Online Shop Development

Case Study

Matphoto Products Website Design & Development

Case Study

Insights & News

Get the latest news and technology updates to stay ahead.


What are the benefits of engaging a Software Development Company?

Outsourcing software development services is a great option and part of corporate strategies for many businesses. This business model is gaining a lot of traction and is being used by companies that adopt strategies focusing on their core business. But it requires more agility, specialization, and quality in all processes.

You can build great partnerships with agencies and not simply contract services. You can also easily optimize time for managers and experts and focus on your other core business in a managed way.

How to cut down on software development costs?

By deploying best practices of coding you can save costs and improve the quality of work. It is easy to unveil and to adopt by the Agile team. Moreover, having the right planning can prevent teams from getting swayed due to unclear needs and wrong speculations, thus focusing on deliverables keeping in view the expected goal to achieve. It all helps to cut costs and time.

What are some in-demand software development services?

The most popular software solutions include:

  • Web development
  • Data science
  • Mobile development
  • Application development
  • Security software development
  • API development
  • Back-end solutions
  • Software tools development
  • Cloud computing solutions
How do you determine the ownership of the app developed?

We during the initial stage, sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and also Service Level Agreement. In this agreement, the complete IP rights and ownership of source code and other project-based rights are offered to the client.

How can we contact the sales and support team at Atharva?

You can get in touch with our sales team at Atharva using below details:

Phone: +91 79 4898 8801

Email: contact@atharvasystem.com

Skype: sales.atharva

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