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What is Google Cloud?

Google cloud is cloud computing platform which is provided by Google. Google developed Google Cloud Platform in 2011, and it is written in: Ruby, Go, Python and Java. Google Cloud is intended for users and developers to access the services of Google Cloud Platform that provide data storage, networking, management tools, application development, developers tools, etc.

Google Cloud Platform include:

  • Google Compute Engine- offers services for users who can create virtual machines on Google infrastructure
  • Google Container Engine-is used by developers for creating and testing applications
  • Google App Engine- services for building applications
  • Google Cloud Storage- offers you storage options

Google offers over 50 services that can be used depending on your needs for your business. You can purchase them follow a pay-as-you-go model. Google it helps the developers to use the visionary cloud tools, devices, maps, infrastructure, and apps in order to set and achieve the next goals.

Why Google CloudPlatform?

  • Next Generation Infrastructure

    Next Generation Infrastructure

    Highly secure, scalable, customizable, low in cost and continuously evolving. GCC built cloud for the long run.

  • Powerful Data & Analytics Services

    Powerful Data & Analytics Services

    Explore big data possibilities with your finger tip and grow your business different level.

  • No server

    No server, yes your heard right Serverless, Just Code!

    Think serverless approach and process with speed without worrying for infrastructure.

All you need to build and scale

A global fiber network, connecting you to the world. Analytics that crunch petabytes in minutes. No-ops services that just scale. Here's a taste of what's next, available now. World wide strong network, enables global reach. Process and analyse petabytes in minutes. You are going to see future of infrastructure services, available now.

  • Serverless Apps

    Serverless Apps

    GCC enables server less architecture to meet business need.

  • Customize your machine

    Customize your machine

    Google Compute Engine, make your own customize machines by you for you.

  • Containers made very easy

    Containers made very easy

    Google Container Engine - easiest way to implement containes.

  • Analyse/Process terabytes in minutes

    Analyse/Process terabytes in minutes

    Google BigQuery: Select, Load, and process. No server/cluster require.

Why Google Cloud Platform ?

Google Cloud Platform is excellent to use because it enables fast results, smooth run, redundancy, backups, failover techniques, scalability, integration, and ease.Google Cloud Platform improves your business regarding managing its infrastructure and providing services in order to scale them and configure high-quality networks.

It characterizes with multiple different advantages such as:

  • Google Compute Engine creates machines customizable according to your business preferences
  • Analytics and data services (improve your business by exploring data options)
  • Easy containers created by Google Container Engine
  • Secure, evolving, and customizable infrastructure
  • Scale and build (global fiber network)
  • Apps and code approach
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